About Your Deputy Mayor, Don Palmer

I first became a resident of this beautiful tree lined Unley City of Villages way back in 1989.

This was when I married my wife, Dianne, who was born here.


I am a family man and proud grandparent. I am also a sole director of a small business, Reliable Home Inspections.

Throughout my life I have had a sense of serving my community. I have done this through many avenues.

A long time ago now I umpired some 600 games of AFL football. These games included senior and junior football grades.

For some 11 years I coached umpires in the Glenelg, Sturt, South Adelaide High Schools Association. The umpires I coached were young people, still at school.

In my early adult life I was a member of Adelaide Jaycees. I have been Secretary of a Caravan Club and had a short stint as President of the Association of Caravan Clubs. I was also Area Coordinator of the Woodcroft Neighbourhood Watch group in its formative years.

More I recently I was a Parish Councillor and Warden at St Augustine’s Anglican Church of Unley. These roles I had for some 12 years.

I have been your Councillor, Councillor for the Clarence Park Ward. Last December I was also elected by my peers as your Deputy Mayor. In the Mayors absence I now am Acting Mayor.

My Vision for Unley

The Unley City of Villages, its Council and today’s Community have a challenge, perhaps its biggest ever.

I believe we all want to see Unley’s City of Villages remain a place that our kids and grand kids and beyond will want to live, work and play, and raise their families like we have.

We are challenged by the current State Government’s 30 year plan and their population assessments/targets. This is evidenced by a growth of just under 2,000 people since the last Sensis.

This requires an empathetic approach to designing our future housing stock, our future streets, our green cover and our parks and gardens. It requires also ensuring that the community can continue to access the range of community services they have now and more.

I trust Council, it’s management and staff, its elected members, and its community are up for the challenge to design the future of Unley so this vision can be realised.