Greater Adelaide 30 Year Plan Forums by the City of Unley

The City of Unley will hold four community information workshops regarding the Greater Adelaide 30 Year Plan.

Come along and have your say on the future of your city.

Tuesday 22 March, 1.30 pm at Goodwood Community Centre
Tuesday 22March, 7.00 pm at Unley Town Hall
Wednesday 23 March, 7.00 pm at Unley Citizens Centre
Thursday 24 March March, 9.30am at Unley Town Hall

RSVP to Kelley Jaensch on 8372 5107 or [email protected]

The Greater Adelaide Plan moves ahead

The Sunday Mail has revealed that the State Government is going to the Councils with its thoughts on how their goals can be achieved; to provide councils with an opportunity to participate, notwithstanding Unley has already done much work with a view to protecting and indeed enhancing our own unique city of villages.

Well done Sunday Mail in alerting the public to what has been a confidential document.  Elected members of Council are yet to be briefed on what has been reported but will soon.

The City of Unley Administration has contacted DPLG and enquired whether they can give elected members a copy of the report in preparation for the commencemnt of our public consultation.

We will then get to see how the Government’s thoughts compare with our own.

In the meantime, as I indicated in my earlier blog today you, the residents and ratepayers of Unley need to express your thoughts and contribute to the exercise of creating Unley’s own future.

Go to the Council’s web site and follow the links on the home page (bottom left corner) to find out more and to have your first say.

The Greater Adelaide 30 year plan – A Challenge for Local Government

The greatest challenge facing local government during the current term is working with its rate payers to find a way to achieve the goals set by the State Government’s 30 year vision.
As can be seen by yesterdays article in the Sunday Mail inner city councils including the City of Unley are faced with a special challenge to implement a strategy for encouraging population growth via multi story development in a way that will be readily embraced by the rate payers of the City.
Whilst the Minister of Planning is suggesting they are now, after 12 weeks of design work, offering councils a draft plan designed around stimulating discussion with councils, the City of Unley has been working for some time now on a draft plan of it’s own.
The previous Council recognized that it was important that they accept ownership of the process of behalf of their ratepayers so that the lifestyle of the current family of citizens of the City is enhanced. They believed that to do otherwise they ran the risk that the State Government, who do not know the true heart of the City of Unley, might impose a Development regime that would in the eyes of the current family detract from the area they call home.
We must all remember that at the end of the day the Minister of Planning is responsible for our Development Plan and makes the final decision.
So we need to be proactive and determine what we believe to be the answer or he can and will do it for us. The current Council is keen therefore and this Councilor particularly so to hear from all interested ratepayers of the City of Unley as we all consider the merits of the concepts that have been developed on our behalf as one possible solution and/or how we can build on or modify them to get what will truly work for the Unley family, current and future.
To do this we will need your help.
There will be more on this so watch this space.
Probably very soon … as elected members get briefed on what the Government is now suggesting, even though they know we have been working for some time now on achieving their goals for them.   

Hi Everyone

Thank you to all those people who voted for me at the recent Local Government elections.

I am now one of the two elected members, along with Jennie Boisvert, for the Goodwood South Ward of the City of Unley.

This first post is just to say Hi, thank you all and to confirm I am your elected representative on Council. 
If you have any issues you can raise them with me and I will be your advocate. If you live in another Ward I am happy to assist you in partnership with your local ward members.

The aim of this web site is to keep you all up to date with what is happening on council, to keep you abreast of all the issues that Council is addressing.