Page Park update

Users of Page Park will be heartened to hear that:

1       New prefab toilets are due for installation in Page Park this month.
2       New gates are planned for the western side of the park.
3       Improved signage I have requested to better advise the public as to when the Fairmont Tennis Club has legal right to the courts.
4       I am continuing to followup on much needed maintenance to the existing building, including repairing rot and rust.

Yes. I am still nibbling away at local issues while addressing the big ticket items on the east side.

Budget Nearing Completion

The elected members and the administration met again in a workshop last night to consider the final issues in the budget, ready for consideration in the upcoming June Council meeting (June 27).

This is my first budget and it has certainly been an opportunity to get to know intimately what Council is all about and what it is up to. Getting the balance right between providing the right amount of service verses keeping rate increases in check is definitely a challenge.

It would appear our rate increase will be the lowest or close to the lowest of any metropolitan council, which leaves me feeling good.

Kelvin Avenue raises some issues

Written responses to the Kelvin Avenue closure are due in 9 days.

Having door knocked the immediate area I believe I now have a good feeling for how my neighbours view this project. I keenly await however the results of the consultation arranged by Council’s administration, which I expect to receive in the week prior to it being considered by Council.

Watch this space for news of this.

In the meantime I can say that my own consultation has revealed some very legitimate concerns surrounding access to and traffic flow at the Mills Street, East Avenue intersection. I can say to you all that these issues have been pointed out to our Manager for Transport & Traffic.

I have just returned from the intersection having spent some time with him observing traffic behaviour.  A number of initiatives were discussed and I expect that we will see action taken to address these, no matter what the result of the Kelvin Avenue survey.

They include:

1    The need to ensure the no right turn sign (into Millswood Crescent) in Mills is visible to drivers.
2    Another no turn right sign is installed on the east side of that intersection as extra warning.
3    Yellow line marking (to provide no parking) to be provided on both sides of Mills Street to ensure access/egress to/from East Avenue into Mills Street. This will assist west bound cars to be able to turn north and south with more ease.
4    A possibility of providing a keep clear on East Avenue, immediately opposite Mills Street, designed to allow Mills Street traffic turning north to enter East Avenue.
5    Requesting the Department of Transport, Engineering and Infrastructure (DTEI) to line mark the rail crossing as there is a risk of queuing across the line in peak hour traffic.
6    Requesting from DTEI also, repairs to a loose rail track.

This should make life better for us locals. 

Working Closer to Home on the Kelvin Avenue Pocket Park

After helping others on the other side of the City I am now embracing the wants and needs of people in my own Ward with an issue that is very close to home, again concerning open space.

Kelvin Avenue, Clarence Park POCKET Park

After an initial public consultation 12 months ago Council, with the approval of a majority of residents approved a pocket park for the eastern section of Kelvin Avenue, Clarence Park. With the need to obtain DTEI approval for the road closure to allow construction of the park, we are again engaging the public.

Affected residents have been written to by Council’s adminsitration and a public notice was placed in the Eastern Courier inviting submissions.
Residents having an opinion, having anything to offer, or with suggestions to make, should send in their written submission to Council’s administration, prior to the 15th June.
To ensure that those affected by this project do get a say I have commenced door knocking in the area.
I have met a number good people today and heard a number of observations, both for and against, regarding the park. I appreciate the opportunity of being made aware of these varying views.
Thank you to all those people who have given me their time and shared their views. I await those who have an interest, who were not home and who have an interest enough to ring me in the near future.

30 Year Plan and traffic

I attended a workshop last night with representatives from the DPLG and with the Integrated Design Commission bringing Council up to date with the Governments progress with the Inner rim strategy, which is of prime interest to the City of Unley.

 As I pointed out to them one of the major concerns expressed by residents of Unley and indeed other inner council area is how will we deal with the increased traffic that must flow from increased property density. They recognised and acknowledged this feedback.

 It sounds like we may not have as big an issue as we think in Unley in 10 or 20 years. In increasing the density of the inner suburbs in favour of pushing the suburbs of Adelaide further North and South may actually assist our traffic woes. An interesting concept!

If I hear correctly they will not be pushing Adelaide any further South as to do so would destroy one of the world’s premier wine districts, McLaren Vale.

Although I do not remember hearing how they intend to but they are also looking to encourage the creation of jobs where the development is to occur OR vice versa. The theory of this it appears is there will not be the need to commute as much as is the case now???

These two strategies may therefore actually reduce through traffic flow in our streets and IF they can develop a public transport system that the public will buy into we may have reason to rejoice – a pedestrian friendly road network in Unley.

What I can say is they are working on the strategies right now, will hold some forums in the next couple of months on this and other issues that the public have identified and that they will be seeking public consultation on their modelling later this year.


And I understand that when they come back for further consultation on the development plan amendments we are working on that the public will be provided with some 3D imagery to help us all better evaluate what is on offer.

With hope that I have heard and understood correctly I suggest you watch this space. Don’t forget also to post your comments on this blog site or go to the Unley website

100 Years of Footy at Goodwood Oval

Goodwood Oval Lights
Goodwood Oval celebrated 100 years of football under lights last Saturday night. The current team using the ground as their home ground and the most successful of the home teams put on a great celebration apart from one small but significant fact. They went down to arch rivals Sacred Heart Old Collegians 11.11 77 to 11.10 76.
The atmosphere at the ground was great with lighting in the north eastern sky and the odd sprinkling of rain having the crowd fill the stands.
From what I can ascertain local residents attended the match and were impressed.
I will be attending a meeting of the Goodwood Oval Advisory Group next week where I will find out more about how the game impacted on local residents.

And yes – the Mayor, Lachlan Clyne, was there too and presented a plaque to the club to commemorate 100 years of football at Goodwood Oval.

The Goodwood Saints Football Club deserve congratulations for their contribution to the health and welfare of the community of Goodwood and surrounding areas.

Byron Road Traffic Calming Devices

Residents along Bryon Road have picked up on the announcement in the recent Goodwood South newsletter distributed by my co-councillor Jennie Boisvert and I recently indicting we have sought funding for a traffic study in the Bryon Road precinct of Black Forest. Jennie was handed a petition over the weekend which she presented at last night’s Council meeting.

There is 100% rejection of the method used by Council to solve speeding vehicles on this road.

This is not news to Jennie & I as we learnt from a number of Byron Road residents during the election campaign that all was not well on Byron Road. It was this information that prompted us to seek funding for a new traffic survey in this precinct.

Thanks to all those who took the trouble to advise their concerns during the election last November.

The petition is clear and gives both your elected members the reassurance they need to pursue a solution.

I look forward to meeting with not only Bryon Road residents but others in adjacent streets who indicated concerns since accessing the local school has been compromised by the recent under and over passes on South Road.

Goodwood South Ward the Centre of International Attention

Now that I have recovered from my little mishap back on April Fool’s day I can reveal that I called by the Millswood Crocquet Club on my way home that night after attending the presentation of jumpers for junior players at the Goodwood Saints Football Club.

Visiting the Croquet Club therefore indirectly set me up for that fall.

Millswood Croquet Club will next year host an International Tournament. This is a great coup for the club who is recognised around Australia as one of the more prominent clubs. 
They deserve congratulations on this achievement and we look forward to their hosting a successful tournament.
An example of the Community in Goodwood South making a difference.

Speeding in East Avenue in the News

There has been suggestions from outside the Goodwood South Ward that we have excess traffic speed.

I have lived 100 metres off East Avenue now for 9 years and I must admit I am not aware of any speeding. That does not mean it is not happening however.

Should anyone subscribing to this blog have an observation to make that confirms or denies these rumours I would love to hear from you. If you have witnessed irresponsible behaviour by drivers in our neighbourhood I need to be aware of so I can advocate on your behalf to see positive steps to eliminate such behaviour.

If we all believe we have a safe neighbourhood that is great. If we feel we don’t we need to do something about it.