Bring our own digital systems into the 21st Century

It is absolutely necessary that we bring our own digital systems into the 21st Century. Only then can we aspire to the claim to be leaders in this space.

We should no longer be reluctant to move to a preference for digital communication in fear of missing those in our community still not using smart technology.

Unley Digital use

With those using smart technology being in the vast majority our primary communication focus cannot afford to be other than digital. Communication Cost

The cost per person to access those not yet using technology is far greater than reaching those who are. We must take advantage of this if we are to be efficient in our communications.

All staff should be able to operate “current” technology “on up to date” equipment. Windows 10 and Office 16 is essential.

My experience with the Surface Pro satisfies me that it is an ideal tool for elected members. I suspect staff as well. A portable computer, it can be used as a tablet. It avoids having to have a computer AND a tablet.

If using one machine only, it is preferable that we use a computer pretending to be a tablet rather than a tablet pretending to be a computer. Such provides those of us who prefer having only a computer or only a tablet to have their needs met.

Cloud technology is also a must.

The cloud allows everyone to access files they are authorised to access from anywhere. Not just physically at a Council facility. This includes the public.

Digitalisation allows us to make use of data (if and when collected) unlike ever before in history. That said, we must seek to understand and adopt the management of data. Incorporating this into our system going forward is a must.

We must be in readiness for the State Governments digitalising of the planning system. Developers (including mums and dads) should be able to lodge DA’s electronically. Rate payers under cat 2 notifications should be able to view proposals without physically having to come to the Civic Centre.

One area where much can be gained by a Digital approach is in processing Development Applications.

The smart use of data allows anyone who selects a particular site within the City of Unley to know immediately pertinent facts of that property.

This includes title information, the m2 of the allotment, the zoning, and automatically identifying such things as encumbrances and easements etc.

The ability to identify immediately the amount of roofed area will be possible. Private open space likewise. It will automatically indicate 2nd storey opportunities whether in the roof space or not. It will not only also identify such things as permissible set-backs from front, side or rear set backs. We will be able to readily see such things as the required number of under cover carparks.

All at the touch of a button. No need now to understand the planning in order to navigate manually the printed development plan.

The challenge will be to know what data to keep and what data is of little or no value. This is something that must be appreciated now before systems are developed.

Mapping is another area that can make so much difference to helping us make informed decisions. From showing the impact of shadowing from potential new development to knowing what is happening to our tree canopy.

Car parking likewise. The use of sensors, data bases, cloud technology etc can provide us with opportunities to alert drivers as to where there may be available parks. It can also alert our rangers to those who have overstayed their welcome.

And so much more!

Unley Leads the Way Again

Last Wednesday evening the City of Unley, Find Your Everything E-Magazine was awarded the Digital/Online Marketing Awardand the King William Road Traders Association was awarded the Events with Expenses over $50,000 Award for Variety on King William Event at the Mainstreet SA Awards 2014.

It was a great night for the Unley region with a number of other Unley events being shortlisted as finalists including the Double Shot Coffee Fiesta, the Goodwood Groove and An Evening Under the Stars. It is great recognition for all the hard work we all put in to promoting Unley’s Mainstreets! 
Check out the Mainstreet SA website 

20 Unley Businesses Dished Up As Finalists in 2014 Restaurant & Catering Awards

Finalists of the prestigious 2014 Restaurant & Catering Awards for Excellence have officially been announced, with an outstanding 20 businesses from the City of Unley nominated across 23 categories.

This is fantastic news and one that shows that the businesses that are apt of th changing demographic of businesses along or shopping strips are of the best class in what they do. Our CEO, Peter Tsokas obviously agrees in being quoted as saying the announcement was a great reflection of the flourishing food and coffee scene in the City of Unley.
“Our City is blessed with a diverse range of restaurants and cafes which is hugely important not only to create vibrancy but also as a key economic driver,” he said.
“One of the great benefits of living in and around the area is that a short walk will take you to a number of dining options. This is why so many visitors are attracted to our City.”

I agree whole heatedly.
Our Business and Economic Development Manager, Matt Grant attributes the increased awareness of Unley restaurants and cafes to the Council’s creation of digital and online marketing initiatives such as the ‘Find Your Everything’ website.
Matt also said “Initiatives like the ‘Find Your Everything’ website and the recently launched FYE free quarterly digital magazine provide a fantastic platform for our main street businesses to market themselves, and greatly assist in promoting destination businesses in the City of Unley.”

As a member of the Unley Business & Economic Development Committee I concur also with Matt. The Find Your Everything digital strategy is helping to produce great results for our businesses.
The City of Unley was also named as a finalist in the ‘Best Service Provider’ category for the ‘Find Your Everything’ campaign supporting the region’s hospitality sector.
Winners will be announced at a gala dinner on Monday 4 August at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.
For the full list of 2014 finalists please visit
To visit ‘Find Your Everything’ please go to

The Future is Digital

Unley’s Digital Economy Strategy continued last night with an invited group of local business attending the Unley Mainstreet Digital Economy Strategy (Element 3): ‘Unley Social Signals at Rawsons Elite Appliances on Unley Road.

At that function we heard about the progress of our Strategy and what is planned for the immediate future. Part of the Strategy is setting up a free wi-fi opportunity in Goodwood ahead of the planned setup of the Governments NBN role out, which reaches the western part of Unley next year.

Unley is proving yet again a leader with other councils watching our progress with keenness.

In the meantime I wake up to read the following article. Cut and past this site into your browser and you tell me if we are on the right track. Provide the reason for them to come and they will.