Good News for Mobility Scooters in Unley

The City of Unley has good news for users of Mobility Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs. We just joined this scheme the RECHARGE Scheme Australia Ltd through the Community Passenger Network Program. This scheme is about businesses signing up to be identifiable recharge points for mobility scooters.



RECHARGE Scheme Australia (RSA) was officially launched in 2006 in the Shire of Nillumbik in Victoria, it was developed to support people who use a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair.  An increasing number of mobility scooters and motorised wheelchairs are being used in our communities but the people who use them often worry about becoming stranded due to flat batteries, therefore possibly becoming isolated within their communities.  Most electric wheelchairs and scooters can recharge at a standard power point for a very low cost (the cost to recharge an electric mobility scooter or wheelchair for one hour is under 30 cents).  Councils and businesses across Australia are choosing to partner with RSA to offer accessible recharge points in public areas and businesses.

Scooter charging up at home

Scooter charging up at home

The Project:

The Eastern Metro Community Passenger Network (CPN) Coordinator (auspiced by and based at the City of Unley) looks after the transport information and coordination needs for six Council areas being, Unley, Burnside, Norwood Payneham & St Peters, Prospect, Campbelltown and Walkerville.


The CPN coordinator will be responsible for implementing the RSA across five council areas (Walkerville have already joined the Scheme) using the comprehensive Start Up Guide and Better Practice Kit provided by RSA.


Recharge points would be introduced across the eastern metro area of Adelaide beginning with Council buildings ie libraries, Community Centres etc and expanding to include local businesses.  The Recharge points will be recognizable by stickers in the windows of participating buildings/businesses. All RSA branding and associated information is consistent, thereby ensuring that the community can recognise this initiative wherever they live, work or visit.  The RSA website lists the recharge points in the participating councils and businesses and a phone app is also being developed to enable residents to easily locate their closest recharge point. In Unley we will be starting this in the Community Centres and the Libraries, the next step will be to encourage local businesses to participate.


If you would like further information please contact the Eastern Region CPN Coordinator, Sue Aplin, on 8372 5472 or [email protected].

Aroha Terrace Disabled Parking Bay

I am happy to report that the disabled parking bay I pushed for, adjacent Stop 5 of the Tram line has now been provided.

In my early days on council I became involved in the final stages of the Aroha Terrace reconstruction authorised by the previous council and promoted by my predecessor Les Birch and current co-councillor Jennie Boisvert.

It was apparent to me during the community consultation at the time that the interests of the disabled were not being addressed. Whilst it has taken some time for my input to be put into effect I can say that now it has.

Disability access to tram stop 5 on Aroha Terrace

Providing a disability access has required more work than even I realised when pushing for this at a street meeting not long after I started as a councillor.

The work requires a ramp and associated works.

The design has been completed. The costs of the project are being calculated as we speak.

I expect therefore that it will not be long before I have some positive news on this one.

Delay in providing for disability access to tram stop 5 on Aroha Terrace

Aroha Terrace is a marvelous project that the previous council should be proud of. Jennie and my predecessor Les Birch deserve praise for their work on it. I was happy to participate in the final stages of the project to ensure residents needs were taken into consideration in the final stages.

As a result of my involvement a disability access to tram stop 5 has been recognised as important. A design to provide access to the station ramp together with the required signs and line marking has been completed and is currently being costed.

I hope to report the results of this soon and look forward to the implementation of appropriate access for those of us who require it.

Disability Discrimination in the News

Matthew Abraham and David Bevan of ABC 891 fame broadcast from the W2 bus stop on Pulteney Street in the city on Thursday – taking a special look at public transport access for disabled people.

There are many challenges faced by those of us with disabilities.

We can take heart that there are those among us who are taking the challenge of making life as normal as possible for people who are faced with things like having to wait for 7 buses before being able to catch one that is designed to allow you to board it.

The City of Unley for one is taking it seriously. The Council only last month approved a recommendation for our City Strategy & Policy Committee for a program called “Access for All”, unanimously.

The Anglican Diocese of Adelaide at its annual Synod last month likewise passed a motion, seconded by myself as a representative of St Augustine’s Church of Unley, recognising the teaching of Jesus in Luke 14 in treating all people the same.