Micro-chipping of dogs & cats compulsory

On 6 July 2016 amendments to the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 were passed in Parliament making, amongst other things, Micro-chipping of dogs & cats compulsory.

The main changes to the Act include:
·         Micro-chipping – introducing the requirement for all dogs and cats over a certain age to be micro-chipped from a future date.
·         De-sexing – introducing the requirement for all new generations of dogs and cats over a certain age to be de-sexed from a future date.
·         Breeders – introducing a requirement for anyone who breeds dogs and cats for sale to register as a breeder with the Dog and Cat Management Board.
·         Council Powers – councils to have greater powers to administer and enforce the Act.
·         Assistance Dogs – changes to who can accredit animals and recognition of dogs in training.
Before the amendments become operational the regulations containing the details of the provisions will be developed and undergo public consultation later this year. The regulations are the teeth of any Act of Parliament. They prescribe how the Act is to be administered.
Developing the Regulations will take some time. It is likely they will not be implemented until late 2017 or even 2018. As part of this public consultation I understand will be undertaken later this year.
With Councils having to administer and enforce the Act Unley staff will be keeping abreast of the formulating of the Regulations and will keep Council informed. As I learn more I will look to this blog page or my Facebook Page to keep you informed.

Dog and Cat Management Program Review

Council received a report from our staff last night providing information on how our dog and cat management program is going.


We have completed the third year of a four year Animal Management Plan and it looks to me we are doing quite well.

This Plan was developed to guide the City of Unley’s management of dogs and cats from 2012-2016. It complies with Section 26A of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 (“Act”) which requires every Council in South Australia to prepare a plan relating to the management of dogs and cats within its area. The report summarises the third year progress.

The City of Unley Animal Management Plan outlines Council’s goals for animal management as being:
• To improve Council’s management of its responsibilities under the Act; and
• to achieve an improvement in responsible pet ownership.

Four of the five key performance indicators have been met for year three as shown below:

Dog and Cat

Dog and cat management


Dog Registration Due

Don’t forget to register your dog before the end of August.

All dogs of three months of age or over must be registered each year with the City of Unley. The annual Dog Registration Fee is $60. No fee applies for blind, disability or hearing dogs that are trained and certified Disability Dogs.

First time registration

When you register your dog for the first time with The City of Unley you will need to complete theDog Registration Form. Please attach a copy of your driver’s licence (or proof of identification/age)  and include any relevant  information including copy of concession cards and any certificates eg Microchip, Desexing & Training . 
Please note the registered owner must be over 16 years of age.

Registration Renewal

All dogs must be re-registered each financial year. Payments are to be made between 1 July and 31 August each year.
It is the responsibility of the dog owner to ensure that their dog(s) are registered each year.
  • Registrations after 31 August attract a late fee of $10
  • Non registration: Failure to register a dog may incur a fine of $80

  How to Pay:

  • Pay Dog Registration (renewals only) online follow the prompts and enter your animal reference number.
  • Pay by phone  –  please contact our Customer Service Centre on (08) 8372 5111
  • Pay in person at the City of Unley, 181 Unley Road, Unley
  • Pay by mail – send your cheque or money order payable to:  City of Unley, PO Box 1 Unley SA 5061

Your chance to reduce your dog registration fee

It wont be long now and you will be required to pay your annual dog registration fee. Those residents who have had their pet micro chipped will be aware that their fee is less.

Well guess what, you have the opportunity to get this saving too by getting your pet micro chipped this coming weekend. Cats are welcome too.

Lost Dogs – What to Do!

Ever wondered what to do if you lost your dog or you found a lost dog? 

If your dog becomes lost you should act quickly to
§  Phone the City of Unley on 8372 5111
§  Contact local vets
§  Contact Allpets Boarding Village (8379 1995, 9am-6pm Mon-Sat, 4pm-6pm Sun)
§  Contact the Animal Welfare League (8348 1300, 10am-4pm, Mon-Fri)
§  Contact the RSPCA (8382 0888, 10am-5pm, Mon-Fri & 10am-2pm, Weekends & Public Holidays).
§  Place an advertisement in your local newspaper, shopping centres, vets
§  Do a letterbox drop in your local area.
Under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 any dog that becomes impounded is required to be held by the animal shelters for three working days only and may be sold or put down if not claimed.
Dogs that are properly identified need not be subjected to this process as they can be quickly returned to their owners. A current telephone number on another disc on your dog’s collar is also advisable.
If you find a stray dog, try to contain the animal safely if you can, and phone 8372 5111 and ask to speak to a City of Unley Ranger, who will collect the dog. If you are unable to contain the animal, advise the Ranger of its whereabouts. Every endeavour will be made to reunite the dog with its owner.
It is important you do not keep a stray dog you have found as the animal may have been reported missing and you will be preventing authorities from returning the dog to its rightful owner. Only Dog Management Officers appointed by Councils are empowered to deal with stray or wandering dogs.

Unley Mayor applauds State Government direction on the Parklands

The State Government’s Housing in the City Policy, revealed on the weekend and reported on this blog site (I agree with you Mr Rau), has struck a positive chord with City of Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne, who has spearheaded the Council’s push to have a role in determining the use of the Adelaide Parklands.

City of Unley first decided in February this year to lobby for a change to the Adelaide Parklands Act 2005 to allow representation of councils that surround the Adelaide Parklands.
“Residents of inner-rim councils should be recognised as important voices in how the parklands should be used”, says City of Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne. “Therefore councils bordering the parklands have an obligation, and a right, to have a say about their use”.
Mayor Clyne believes that the Adelaide parklands could be amongst the best in the world, and that the inner-rim councils should contribute to the achievement of this vision.
 “The City of Unley envisages a greater strategic role in planning for the parklands as well as the opportunity to invest in projects that are of direct benefit to the City’s residents”, says Mayor Clyne. An example of one of these projects is the recently endorsed Dog Park, proposed to provide an inviting community meeting place for owners and their dogs, offering features such as seating, shade, dog exercise equipment and drinking fountains for people and dogs.
While there is a clear intent in the policy to allow councils to participate in determining the future of the parklands, the detail of the proposal is yet to be released. Regardless of what form the final structure ultimately takes Unley’s Mayor remains optimistic of a seat at the table.  

Dog Park for South Parklands

Council last night determined to consider an allocation of up to $150k in the 2014/15 budget deliberations for partnering with Adelaide City Council in the establishment of a fenced dog park in the South Park Lands. 

With open space so precious in Unley and community debates rage every time there is a proposal for dog use in any of our parks this is a timely initiative.

Certainly it takes the heat off of some parks in Unley that were being investigate as possible future dog parks. This in included Goodwood South’s very own Page Park. Page Park being made an exclusive dog area would no have been good as far as this little puppy is concerned. The news that we will look at the South Parklands comes therefore as good news.

This means Council’s administration can progress discussions with Adelaide City Council regarding a funding partnership to establish a fenced dog park in the South Park Lands.

It is far from a fait accompli however as all we have done is get it into the budget process. Therefore. Watch this space.

Sponsorship to Solve Perennial Poo Problem

Use of sponsorship was the suggestion put last night at Council to solve the perennial problem of our park located poo bags being always out of stock.

We received last night a report on the progress of the first year of our current three year Animal Management Plan.The poo bag situation was an opportunity to provide some levity into the night.

Features of the report included we have passed our goals for micro-chipping of dogs, and for the numb er of complaints received about dogs. We had a 100% enforcement  success rate where prosecutions were pursued, a total of one case that is. 20 dog attacks were reported for the year (0.05% of the population; our goal being 0.01%). The rate for reclaiming dogs found, or new homes being found was 84%, up from the goal of 70%.

There was also the some total of one complaint against a cat.

So all in all it seems we have moved along pretty well with our 3 year management plan.

And who knows, coming to a park near you, some bright spark in our administration might pick up on the sponsorship thought.