DSP Committee to consider revised DPA2

As alerted in my blog post in the evening of 9 April the Development Strategy & Policy Committee (DSP) will consider this coming Monday evening the revisions made to DPA2 after your observations were taken on board by Council.


The first issue to come before this committee is the return of Development Plan Amendment DPA 2.

Our administration have compiled the responses from our community and have responded in turn with these observations to the Minister via his department, DPTI. Council has, in other words, taken on board the majority observations made during the public consultation. Our administration has worked diligently to document the results of the consultation, to implement them into a revised DPA, and to consult with DPTI over these changes.

Having said that, they (DPTI) are not particularly keen with the changes that the public consultation has prompted.

Keen to not miss out on the opportunities however this DPA2 presents in the eastern suburbs of the City of Unley DPTI have in a letter to our CEO recommended “that the policy that received limited objection through the consultation process be finalised for approval as a priority”. They go on further to say “As previously discussed it is recommended that the DPA2 be split to enable this to occur. This will allow progression of uncontentious development opportunities in the short term”.

So one of the first jobs our committee has is to determine what they will recommend council do; persist with the changes now or agree with DPTI and put the western components on hold while we deal with other more productive opportunities.

The options we can consider are as follow:

  1. Recommend endorsement of the revised DPA2 and splitting into 2 parts. The 1st part for submission to and approval by the minister. The 2nd part to go back out to public consultation limited to the western area.
  2. Recommend endorsement of the revised DPA2 and splitting into 2 parts. The 1st part limited to the smaller eastern area for submission to and approval by the minister. The 2nd part to go back out to public consultation to all araes except a limited eastern area.
  3. Abandon the DPA2 entirely leaving it to this minister to determine, noting it is his plan and he can, at the end of the day, do as he chooses.
  4. Any other option the committee, in its wisdom, may consider.

Should be a good night.

This is a public meeting so you are welcome to come along and hear the debate. It will be held in the Civic Centre commencing at 7.00 pm.



Have Your Say of the Belair Rail Timetable to incorporate Millswood Station

As you are no doubt aware, DPTI will soon be reopening Millswood station. As part of the project, DPTI is seeking community feedback on a proposed Belair train timetable. 

Yes! DPTI is looking for your feedback before looking at the time table as a result of re-opening the Millswood Station.
This is your chance to influence the service you and your neighbours have been pushing to get back. I encourage you to take it up – be part of the solution.
Please refer to the attached flyer for more information on ‘how to provide your feedback’. The flyer will also be displayed at the  Council office ‘front counter’, Unley website and at the library alerting community if they wish to provide feedback.
Thank you DPTI.

Home Owners must take responsibility

A startling fact was provided to a small group of home owners in Goodwood and surrounding suburbs at the wildlife preservation presentation at Goodwood Primary School on Thursday night.

That was the revelation that it is us, those who own property in the area known as the City of Unley, who are responsible for the loss of native fauna and flora. As the map below shows very little is owned or under the control of governments, whether Federal, State or Local. The remaining 61% is owned by you and me. And before you say it does not add up to 100, roads account for the other 23%.

The areas in pink on this map are you and me.

After the original settlement of Unley most of the blocks were built on only to around 30%. In recent times the larger blocks have been carved up and we are covering regularly 50%, 60% and even up to 70% with housing stock.

This invasion is long before the recent invasion by DPTI of the electrified rail corridor.

DPTI, to their credit, were a key stakeholder in the recent wildlife project along the corridor. Before the project started they listed the expertise of Zoologist James Smith (see previous Wildlife post) with their concerns about wildlife degradation.

Council has information for anyone who wishes to do their bit to help our local environment. Or ring DPTI on 1300 443 198

Attracting Native Wildlife to YOUR garden

Goodwood Primary School students gave a presentation along with James Smith, Zoologist and founder of fauNature, as to how we might not only protect our native fauna and flora but increase it within the boundaries of the City of Unley.

The presentation was at the School and was most informative. The students of this school, and indeed nearby Black Forest primary School have been leading the way in nature preservation. We can all be proud that our little neck of the woods are so proactive.

Part of the promotion covered how both schools have been helping to reduce the impacts of habitat loss along the rail corridor. This project was done in conjunction with DPTI, City of Unley and the Toys workshop at the Clarence Park Community Centre.

This project fits neatly into Councils Greening component of our Strategic Plan (from the Community of Possibilities).

Our future is in the hands of these young people, which is encouraging. I jut hope we don’t blow it before they get to influence directly.

The message has to get out there that we (you and me) are responsible for the future. We cant blame governments. Look for my next post on this.

Here we go again

Just as they did on so many occasions during the revitalization of the rail corridors through the City of Unley, and I might add from day 1, DPTI are at it again. This time as they gear up for what they say are safety inspired modifications to Greenhill Road.

Regular readers of this blog will probably predict what is next.

Yes DPTI are deflecting the angst being thrown at them by a different group of City of Unley residents using the magic word “Council”. When a resident expressed concern that all DPTI were doing was transferring a traffic issue from their commuter route to the back streets of Unley. Their response is you don’t have to worry because Unley Council are conducting a city wide LATM in the next financial year.

LATM stands for local area traffic management survey.

When I denied this with a typical Aussie response I was informed he knows because he has talked to Council. He was not impressed when one of the agitated in the audience exclaimed “and you know better than him even though he is an elected member”.

This reminds me of Jan 9 last year when the DPTI representative was loud is claiming Council would be building the Greenways bike-path. So much so that once again he claimed more knowledge than an elected member who actually has to approve Council conducting a project. Interesting that on that one that representative ended up taking over the project management of that project when a similar discourse with the residents adjacent that project was apparently not being handled to well by the project manager at the time.

So the scene is set yet again.

And if it goes the full course Council will be forced to step in a try an mitigate the problem that will be created if residents worst fears are found to be justified. Because that is what is happening at the end of that bike way. Yes we are spending rate payer money to make safe a situation created by DPTI

And then we have the new potential government threatening to cap our rates.

Oh the joy of it all.

Greenhill Road Median Strip project a copy of the Seaford Rail project and/or a forerunner for South Road?

The State Government’s Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy is alive and proceeding with the proposed Greenhill Road Median Strip Safety Improvements about to get under way. 

I ask if this project is going to follow the recent experiences of people residing adjacent the Seaford Rail Line and the Belair Line. Indeed I ask if what we are about to experience what we might expect when the travelling road show moves to the non stop South road project in years to come.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure has released for public comment the details of proposed safety enhancements for Greenhill Road. Council has responded to this invitation, as i have individually (see below).

They have identified that motorists turning right (east) from the suburban side streets of the City of Unley are creating safety issues. Statistics indicate 66 injury crashes over a four year period.

Whilst I have communicated to them in my representation that I am not convinced they have the right answer my representation to them focuses on the level of public consultation they are undertaking. The question is are they consulting  or informing.

Here is the cause of my concern. The opportunity to have your say closes on the 17th of this month. That is 10 days away. If my memory is accurate they advised Council at a briefing they provided us that they will commence work once Clipsal has been completed. Last time I looked that is now.

So the question again is consult or inform. If the latter they can expect similar hostility at being disrespected as they did along the rail corridors.

And the next question is ….. will it be the same when they move to South Road, back into my Ward?

If you have an interest in this project you will have the opportunity to question the project team at nine other than the City of Unley Civic Library this coming Thursday (that is the 13th) between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm. I intend to call in.

Wayville Station controversy prompts a deeper question

As the newly opened Wayville railway Station (actually named the Showgrounds Railway Station) is heralded a huge success by the State Government it has raised a number of eyebrows as an expensive and unnecessary addition to the State’s infrastructure.

The debate which arose before it was constructed has flared again, only a week after it was opened. And the headlines read ” The Phantom Passengers of Wayville Station”. This is clearly a dig at the fact that very few passengers are suing this brand new state of the art station.

I refer to an article by Sheradyn Holderhead in today’s Sunday Mail.

As I ventured by train into the Adelaide Oval to take in some Sheffield Shield cricket (unfortunately the game ended in a draw be we (SA) are still sitting atop the ladder) I could not help but notice not one passenger at this station.

Is this a big waste of taxpayers money by the current State Government is the question being asked. If I may I suggest the question should actually be should infrastructure precede housing or commercial development or follow it.

This Government has been oft criticised for not providing infrastructure before housing developments are allowed to proceed. Now they are being criticised for putting it on ahead of time. In my opinion infrastructure should come first so I applaud the Government for taking the opportunity when it presented itself.

With a Development Plan encouraging sometime in the future (not sure when) a significant and dense residential population between the Showground and Greenhill Road, perhaps it is timely.

I guess only time will tell if the expenditure on this project was justified or not.

On the other hand the rumour is the Government and the Showgrounds are in discussions with each other over an opportunity to create a Park & Ride on the north side of the Showgrounds. This of course will undoubtedly provide a degree of patronage to help justify the construction of the Station.

Indeed the Premier recently announced Wayville as part of a wider Park & Ride program costing $ 7.5 million, which he says will be funded from the proposed car park tax.

All the experts agree that the various north-south roads situated in the City of Unley are already overtaxed with peak hour traffic. And now the Government says it will encourage increased traffic into this area in order to service the otherwise Phantom Station.

So while I am in favour of infrastructure before housing or commercial development I am dead against a park & ride in an inner suburban location.

Please Mr Premier, do not screw up the western suburbs of the City of Unley. We need you or the opposition if they form the next Government to actually do the opposite and ease the commuter pressure on this inner suburban area.

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

Last night I heard my momma singin’ a song, cooee, chirpy, chirpy, cheep,cheep.

Where’s our trees gone might be the song we have been singing for the last 12 months. But now we can sing and rejoice the birds are coming back, thanks to DPTI, Council and our local school kids.

While we await replanting of lost trees (on a three for one basis) and aware of the impact these works of the impact that the Rail Revitalisation Project has had on flora within the western suburbs of the City of Unley, DPTI and Council have worked collaboratively on a Community Wildlife Project to provide nesting boxes through neighbouring streets, schools and private properties adjacent the rail corridor. Fundamentally the aim of the project was to provide alternative nesting sites for fauna that may have been displaced by the loss of vegetation, specifically trees from the rail projects.
DPTI worked with a Zoologist (James Smith) who teamed with schools within the area to build nesting boxes. This Community Wildlife Project was enthusiastically embraced by the community. This includes the kids of the Black Forest and Goodwood Primary Schools, Clarence Park Community Centre T.O.Y.S. Workshop (who provided the workshop for the kids to make the nesting boxes) and numerous other volunteers have all been valuable contributors, ensuring the environmental and educational outcomes sort have been achieved

The boxes have been placed in trees near the rail corridor (Goodwood Primary School, Forestville Reserve, Black Forest School, Devon Street & Railway Terrace, Lyons Parade, Cromer Parade and Goodwood Oval). The Council has supported this project and agreed to take on board the longer term maintenance of these boxes. In total 42 fauna boxes are located in trees near the corridor as part of this project.

Council already has 52 boxes located throughout the rest of the City (predominately to the east of the City). With the additional 42 provided from this project we are now close to 100 fauna boxes throughout the City.

Rail Electrification Update

For those of you who are not on the DPTI mailing list for updates on the rail electrification project you might find the current update of interest.

You can access it at the link below

Rail Electrification Community Update

And stay tuned for an announcement from the Minister re the start of passenger services for the Electric Trains (The 4000 series)