Electronic Waste Management – where to from here

As councils grapple with helping their rate payers with disposal of electronic equipment and the State Government has previously announced, we find courtesy of an article on the In Business website, that they are providing funding for waste recycling and reuse projects.

Note sure what it means for Unley but here is the article.


The State Government has allocated $1.67 million in funding for metropolitan infrastructure projects to support recycling and waste reuse projects.

“Funding has been awarded to six companies for projects to improve the processing of electronic waste, organics and soft plastics, as well as mixed commercial and industrial waste,” says SA Sustainability, Environment and Conservation Minister, Paul Caica.

Grants and recipients include:

• $300,000 for Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority to establish a regional transfer station and a Salvage and Save Operation.

• $300,000 for Plastic Granulating Services to install equipment for processing plastic films.

• $300,000 for Solo Resource Recovery to redevelop the Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre in North Plympton, Adelaide.

• $300,000 for Transpacific Industries, which will go towards a major $4 million upgrade of the Wingfield Resource Recovery and Waste Transfer Station.

• $175,000 for Sims Recycling Solutions for a new e‐waste storage collection facility.

• $300,000 for L F Jeffries Nominees to install an innovative x‐ray sorting system to remove glass, stones, metal, ceramics, brick and some plastic from mulch and compost products

E-Waste Decision

A decision to subsidise a disposal service at a local waste station was agreed to at last night’s City Strategy & Policy Committee meeting.

As an adjunct to our current hard waste pick up service we have agreed to subsidise to 100% any resident choosing to dump their e-waste at a local transfer station.

A number of radical ideas and concepts were floated last night and this, being the least expensive was agreed to. A number of the concepts considered were quite expensive and I found it hard to justify the spend that was required for all but the solution agreed to.

This may be an interim measure anyway as all Councils will be called upon by the Federal Government to participate in their yet to be released National Product Stewardship Scheme. If I understand correctly this will be subsidised by the feds but I guess we have to wait and see.

This decision has to be ratified of course at the next full Council meeting which will be in two weeks and one elected member has flagged he intends to reserve the item out for further debate at that meeting.

E-Waste Strategies Going Forward

An opportunity to consider additional services alongside those previously presented in the adjourned report will undoubtably spark some interest at tomorrow night’s City Strategy and Policy Committee Meeting.

Three suites of services are suggested for consideration in the management of e-waste in the City of Unley

The first of these will be for a minimal addition to the City of Unley e-waste recycling service, by way of subsidising e-waste disposal at a local Waste Transfer Station. The other options include in addition to this either implementing or trialling a regular/recurring e-waste disposal system by uitlising either the Works Depot on King William Road or the Showgrounds.

The latter two options not only come at a significant cost to our rate payers but require council to set up the infrastructure.

In my mind the advantages of subsidising disposal at local transfer stations far outway the other options in that

          the expense is minimal by comparison
          the service is vaialble 7 days a week
          we don’t have any security or occuptaion al health and safety issues
          the distance of to travel is not that great that our rate payers won’t use it if the disposal is free.

Unley is but geographically a small council and this is one of thsoe servcies were it makes sense not to try being providing all services and facilities within our boundaries and run by us.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of my colleagues see this.