Jayne Stinson engages with our local community in the Battle for Badcoe.

Hot on the heels of my blog recently on a 3rd candidate in the battle for Badcoe, endorsed Labor candidate Jayne Stinson engages with our local community in the Battle for Badcoe.

She held two public meetings yesterday. The first was held at Dora Guild Playground; the second at Page Park. I attended both.

Of interest was the presence of the President’s or immediate past presidents of three of our local premier sporting organisations.

Jayne was entertained by President Craig at the Goody Saints v University match

Goodwood Saints Football Club and Goodwood Cricket Club promoted their joint pursuit of female participation in their respective sports. Both clubs are leaders in their competitions and are active in female participation. Later Jayne spent the afternoon as guest of the Footy Club watching the “A” grade beat and pass University in the top five.

They are both keen to see renovations to the Grandstand. Renovations that are long overdue. Renovations that have become urgent given female participation in both Football and Cricket. They lobbied for grant funding for Council’s proposed upgrades.

Millswood Bowling Club and, by way of a phone call to me to promote their needs, Millswood Croquet Club promoted their respective grant funding needs. The Bowling Club is in urgent need for upgraded female toilet facilities and likewise a need for disabled facilities. The Croquet Club in need of new premises.

All four have embraced the principles of Council’s Active Unley strategy. This has resulted in the needs promoted.

Their lobbying backs up my lobbying with Jayne earlier this year.

Other issues included looking at safety of the pedestrian rail crossings at the Clarence Park Rail Station. The introduction of quieter and faster trains while removing gates has created a more dangerous environment than ever before noting this is a Station that has previously seen a death of a young child.

In the meantime, I am looking to catch up with the 3rd candidate later this week, Cr John Woodward.

A Third Player Has Emerged in the Fight for Badcoe

A third Player has emerged in the fight for Badcoe. A week ago now, Cr John Woodward announced his intention to stand.

A Councillor for the City of West Torrens Keswick Ward, John announced his intention to run via Facebook and Twitter a week ago.

His candidature should add some spice to the campaign. He will be running as an independent against the endorsed candidates for the two major parties. As you will know from two of my previous posts in the Fight for Badcoe they are as follows. Jayne Stinson for Labor and City of Unley’s own Mayor Lachlan Clyne for the Liberals.

John adds another dimension to a seat I have previously identified as a possible litmus test for the formation of the next Government.

Like the two other candidates he will come as no stranger  to a portion of the Badcoe electorate. That said I am unaware of ever having met him. Having had a number of conversations with both Lachlan and Jayne I will make a point of catching up John.

 What I have ascertained about John comes from his Facebook Page and Website. He is seeking a more collaborative approach to solving problems, NOT the adversarial, bickering, nasty personal attacks that we see from our two major parties.

For more information about John check out John’s election website.

There is yet no announcement from the Greens or from NXT regarding endorsing any candidate. With John’s announcement the other two candidates are out and about.

Lachlan has been pounding the streets in those sections of the Seat of Badcoe where is is not as well know. Jayne, on the other hand is holding two community meetings in little ol’ Clarence Park tomorrow morning.

They will be as follows:

9 am thru’ 9.45 at Dora Guild Playground

10 am thru’ 10.45 at Page Park.


Lobbying the Libs in the Battle for Badcoe

I took the opportunity today to speak with the Leader of the State Opposition, Stephen Marshall. An opportunity of lobbying the Libs in the Battle for Badcoe. An opportunity not to miss.


My wife and I met today with him and the Badcoe Liberal candidate (Unley Mayor) Lachlan Clyne. They had a meet and talk session for the local community at Sublime between 11.00 and 11.30 which we took advantage of.


This I did the same some months back now at Carnevale with Jayne Stinson, the Labor Candidate.

As I did with Jayne back then I unashamedly pushed a City of Unley agenda. Well, more precisely a Clarence Park Ward agenda.

Our community deserves to know what both major parties have to offer in my opinion in the following areas:

 1 Improvement to our Major Sporting/Recreational facilities.

As Council puts the finishing touches to the master planning for the Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex we will be seeking grant funding from the State Government, whoever they may be come March 2018.

2 Answers to South Road

Knowing when and what South Road will look like will give locals some comfort for residents living on or near East Avenue. Likewise residents living on Leah Street in nearby Goodwood Ward. South Road as a non stop road can only improve the internal traffic to the benefit of all home owners in these areas.

Once again knowing what is planned for South Road will shape what can or should/should not happen in the DPA for Black Forest, which is due to come back for consideration by Council later this year.

And then a chance for my wife as she promotes Rail Safety

Since the electrification of the Seaford Rail Corridor we have seen the removal of gates to the rail stations along the corridor. This is a risk of significance at Clarence Park Rail Station in that young children particularly are at risk.

On one side we have the Clarence Park Community Centre, the home of occasional child minding. On the other we have the Clarence Park Community Kindergarten.

This is a deep concern to both my wife and I, noting there has been a death at this location in the past.

She (my wife) also lobbied for changes to the access ramps to the station. The ramps are non DDA complying. Wheelchair or Scooter access is therefore very difficult.

Unley Mayor endorsed by Liberals as Badcoe battle lines have been drawn.

The Badcoe battle lines have been drawn with an announcement today. Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne has been endorsed as the Liberal candidate for next year’s State Elections.

It has been a long time coming, with Lachlan having announced his candidacy early last year.

With this announcment the Badcoe battle lines have been drawn in what may prove to be a litmus test in the March 2018 State Election.

While the Xenophon team, the Greens, and possibly Pauline Hanson and/or others are yet to announce candidates the battle lines have been drawn. One would expect the winner to be from either Lachlan or from Labor endorsed candidate, Jayne Stinson. Jayne was endorsed last month by the Labor Party.

Both are well known to the local community. Lachlan misses out narrowly on his house being within the seat’s boundaries. Not so Jayne, who is a Forestville resident. That said Lachlan grew up in Council’s Clarence Park Ward. Only a stones throw from Goodwood Oval (or a stone and halfs throw.

Let the battle begin.              Stinson v Clyne

Both candidates are high quality and are well known to the residents of Badcoe.

While the personality Badcoe battle lines have been drawn I am keen to ensure that the election is a winner for us. I will be looking to what the residents of both the Clarence Park (and Goodwood Wards) of the City of Unley gain from the ensuing battle. In other words I am looking to redraw the battle lines by lobbying both candidates on key local issues.

I have already spoken with Jayne, having a coffee with her earlier this week. In Lachlan and my dual roles as representatives for the City of Unley we obviously have had conversations too.

During the election period I will identify the major initiatives I am lobbying for. I will be asking you to join the campaign so that both candidates know what we are after in considering which one to vote for. To do this please watch this blog for more news.


Election Count Commences

The Election Count has commenced as a number of candidates await anxiously their fate.

While Clarence Park does not have an election and there is also no election for the Mayoral position all other City of Unley Wards have an election and the candidates have been out on the pavement seeking to let ratepayers know what they are offering.

Goodwood has 4 candidates, Unley 4, Parkside 5, Fullarton 5, and Unley Park 5.

Without a mayoral election count and of course for Clarence Park we may see the count completed today. If not it will continue on tomorrow.

Anyone interested in keeping in tabs with the count can do so by following this link to the Electoral Commission site.

At the completion of the count there will be a provisional declaration.

The final declaration will come later and the successful candidates sworn in on Monday 17th November…..and then we are off and running with a heavy pre-Christmas agenda. The best way to introduce the newbies into the fold.

New Look Cr Don Palmer Website ready for New Look Unley Council

The 2014 Election draws to a close with counting to commence tomorrow. Jennie & I, and our Mayor Lachlan, are waiting patiently to find out who will be joining us on the next term of Council.

We wonder how many newbies there will be, at least two due to retirements.

As frenetic as the last term of Council was the next term will see us progress a number of strategies that have been on the drawing boards for some time as we position ourselves to give this little city of our the best chance of being the City of choice to live, work and play.

To welcome this new term in I have changed my website to make it cleaner and neater, to provide a better read for you. I have also created a Facebook page to keep you up to date with what is happening.

My plan is to use Facebook as the medium for keeping you up to date quickly and efficiently and to use the website for the opportunity to explore issues, provide opinion etc. All blogs on the website will be shared by Facebook so liking my Facebook Page may be the more convenient way to keep in touch with the goings on in Clarence Park Ward and the City of Unley.

The choice is yours. If you want to like me on Facebook follow this link.

From Councils Website – the full storey at close of Nominations

Candidate Nominations Finalised for the City Of Unley

17 September 2014
City of Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne has been returned to office unopposed after the close of candidate nominations today. Also returned unopposed were Councillors Don Palmer and Jennie Boisvert for the Clarence Park Ward (formerly Goodwood South Ward).
At 4pm yesterday, the Deputy Returning Officer for the Electoral Commission announced there will be 5 elections for the City of Unley’s Local Government Elections 2014. The following 23 candidates have been approved and will appear in the following order on ward ballot papers:
Goodwood Ward1. Luke Smolucha
2. Bob Schnell
3. Benjamin Holland
4. Tom Jones 
Fullarton Ward1. Peter Kurtze
2. Peter Hughes
3. Anthony Lapidge
4. Dario Centrella
5. Megan Fender
Parkside Ward1. Bruce Holland
2. Ben Pudney
3. John Koumi
4. Ian Goodwin-Smith
5. Mike Hudson
Unley Ward1. Rufus Salaman
2. David Ng
3. Teresa Wieczorek
4. Michael Hewitson
Unley Park Ward1. Jeffrey Pudwell
2. Rob Sangster
3. Imelda Lynch
4. Elizabeth Bleby
5. Michael Rabbitt
Councillors Michael Saies and Denise Tipper have not renominated.
Ballot papers will be issued to all residents from the 20 – 24 October 2014.  Completed ballot papers must be received by no later than 5pm Friday 7 November. There will be a ballot box in the Unley Civic Centre for those residents who prefer to submit their vote in person rather than by post.

Nominations Closed: No Election in Clarence Park

Nominations for Council closed at noon today. Soon after 4.00 pm the Deputy Returning Officer declared as follows:

  • Lachlan Clyne has been re-elected unopposed as Mayor of the City of Unley. Congratulations Lachlan.
  • Jennie & I have likewise been re-elected unopposed as ward councillors for the newly named Clarence Park Ward for the City of Unley.
  • There will be elections in each of the other Wards.
  • Conducted a draw by lot to determine the order of names on the various ward ballot papers.
For Jennie & I to not have an election is humbling. I personally read this as my neighbours thought highly enough of the work we have done in the last 4 years to not offer themselves against us.
I sincerely trust that this is the case and I look forward to working with and for you in the next four years. As I have indicated in recent blog posts there is unfinished business to do and many challenges in front of us all as we endeavour to make the streets of the Clarence Park Ward (includes the suburbs of Black Forest, Millswood and of course Clarence Park) the place you want to live in in the future.
I will comment on the unfinished business and the challenges we face in the very near future. And I will keep you informed on what is happening around Council during the caretaker period, which officially commenced at noon today.

Council equipment for use by Elected Members

Before my time Council recognised there was a need for their elected members to have access to various digital equipment. During my time they determined that the use of IPads might help us be more efficient.

With the elections on us Deputy Mayor Bob Schnell has questioned this in a recent letter to the editor of the Advertiser.
He has blogged on the same topic. His reflections can be seen here.

Compared to the technical literacy of members years ago verses now we can and should definitely question the need for so much to be made available to us. I believe many elected members do not avail themselves of all this equipment these days. Presumably, like me, they don’t need the equipment because it creates unnecessary duplication.

I took the opportunity of acquiring the notebook, having a dedicated phone line and internet access but I found quickly that it was only going to make my life more difficult.

It was better for me to rely on my own notebook. Having a dedicated phone line proved a waste of time because I was going to be rarely within reach of it and I almost always use my mobile for voice calls.

I returned it all within a month of receiving it way back in 2010/11.

Having said that I did take up the opportunity of using an iPad and this has proved beneficial in allowing me to receive the many reports and agendas electronically rather than in hard form. Tablets have proved a good medium for the sort of use elected members have. Most members however have not embraced this however.

I have now an appreciation of tablets that may see me buying one for my building inspection business. If this were to happen I certainly would not need one from council and I certainly would want it to be compatible with my notebook and phone, meaning it would not be an iPad.

This will be something for the new council to debate. If I am re-elected I will certainly be questioning the value of providing all this in a world where most of us have the equipment already.