An expensive Toilet or a Transformer Building

I was provided an interesting observation today regarding the $ 110,000.00 toilet recenlty erected in Page Park by a member of the Fairmont Tennis Club as I opened their new season for them.


No-one knows they are toilets.

Members of the club are apparently often approached by members of the public using the open spaces east of the courts asking if they can use the clubs toilets. When advised the toilet is “down there” the response is “I thought that was a transformer station.”
Looking at the toilet from a distance I had to acknowledge that this was a likely scenario. We really do need to put a large international symbol on the northern wall of the toilet because it does look like (in retrospect) a transformer building.
 I have asked the General Manager for Infrastructure if it possible to arrange this or some other equally engaging solution so our community actually gets a benefit of the investment we have made.

Fairmont Tennis Club opens their new Season

Yet another success storey in the western reached of the City known as Unley.

This club has been around almost as long as the Millswood Croquet Club I posted about yesterday, some 70 to 75 years I believe. A social club they commenced their next season today and I had the privilege of opening it for them for the second time.

A celebratory lunch.

As with the croquet club, success comes from the membership and this club clearly has a strong basis of volunteering from with it’s membership. Have fun guys. It is great to see our facilities being used.

Fairmont Tennis Club commences a new season

I had the pleasure today of opening the new season for the Fairmont Tennis Club.
The Club is a social club for people who are retired and is around 70 years old. They have been located in the Goodwood South Ward of the City of Unley for its entire history, now residing in their third venue, Page Park on the corner of East Avenue and Cross Road at Clarence Park.
                            speaking at lunch time                         60’s thru 80’s and beyond enjoying life
A fantastic group of people, some Unley residents, others from other areas have been enjoying using one of our parks. We may not have many parks but they are well used. Indeed another group was using the park today to, I believe for the purpose of blessing their dogs.
The club is a great example in a time where councils are faced with helping to address the needs of an ageing society. We can all learn by following the example set by these “youngsters”.
Thank you to the club for the opportunity to kick start your new season. Have fun guys.