Green Open Space in Unley expands with opening of new Park

Green Open Space in Unley expands with opening of new Park. The opening of the Katherine Street Reserve is scheduled (weather permitting) for November 17 at 3.30pm

Katherine Street Reserve

Katherine Street Reserve

Always conscious of Unley’s limited green open space Council seized on an opportunity that recently presented itself to us.

When Council became aware of the pending closure of the wholesale plant nursery located in Katherine Street Fullarton in 2012 we swooped in and negotiated the purchase of the land. This area of Fullarton was seen as in need of extra open space.

Council purchased the property for in excess of $2.0m. Courtesy of the Minister for Planning we received grant funding towards the redevelopment of the property. This was under the Government’s commitment to provide money for councils to invest in local reserves and playgrounds.

The playground has been constructed in accordance with designs the you participated in. Features include a junior playground with a theme of integrating play with nature. Other facilities provide accessible pathways with seating and shelter for all users. We have in, in accordance with your wishes, provided spaces for contemplation and communal gathering.

Your input was important and we thank you for your contribution. It was important to ensure the design reflected the aims of the community in order to deliver an ‘attractive and inviting’ identity for the new Katherine Street Park and for Fullarton. A true community collaboration.

Works on site commenced in April and the program was expected to be complete by the end of August. With the heaviest rains in many a year this has slid back to 17 November. For a long time the site has been a mud bowl. Hopefully the result was worth the wait.

We think we have done this. Come along to the opening and see for yourself if we have.


Unley’s Open Space to Increase

Earlier this year Council determined that it would be opportune to purchase a stretch of land in Catherine Street Fullarton. An area devoid up to now of public open space.

In confidence we voted to put an offer which ultimately was accepted by the then land owner. At over $ 2.0m it is a significant purchase and financing the loan to secure the land impacts on our budget.

As significant a monetary investment as this is we recognised that members of previous councils now rue not having taken the opportunity in previous years because it was felt at the time it (the property being considered) was too dear.

Work will now have to commence on how it can be set up for maximum public benefit.

Our CEO Peter Tsokas is quoted in an article by Emmie Dowling of the Eastern Courier Messenger as saying the space would be ideal for a range of uses including barbecues, a playground and a basketball
half-court. “We wanted a local park in this area because there aren’t any nearby,”

The public in the surrounding area will be consulted on what can be achieved. This will (as is always the case with Council) take some time so don’t hold your breath.