Water from Hamilton Boulevard-Unley leading the way

The recent re-development of Johnstone Terrace at Wayville, now named Hamilton Boulevard was much more than providing a nice new streetscape.

The project incorporated an underground storm/recycled water tank storage. This water is now being accessed for our street tree watering program.
While this supply is a reasonably small amount (around 7,000litres/day) in the larger scheme of what Unley utilises in a year, combined with access to GAP water for parks it is all part of a larger picture to make Unley less reliant on mains potable water.
The picture below show our street water trucks refilling/refuelling ready to water more of our street trees.

GAP water flowing

The GAP (Glenelg to Adelaide Pipeline) water is soon to flow. Subject to auditing by SA Water of the existing infrastructure Goodwood Oval and Unley Oval should be running befroe Christmas.

This water will guarantee water supply to our parks and gardens whilst substantially reducing our ongoing cost of supply.

A number of parks in Unley will benefit from this, the least of which will be Goodwood South Ward’s own Goodwood Oval (shown above)