Colin “Tiny” Nelson honoured

As I reported in my post on this website back on the 29 th April Colin “Tiny” Nelson was honoured today with the naming of the grandstand at Goodwood Oval.


A truly life time servant to Football in Goodwood Colin”Tiny”Nelson has been recognised by the City of Unley, the AFL and even with an AOM. Today the Grandstand at Goodwood Oval, as approved by Council back in April and reported by me, was named the Colin “Tiny”Nelson AOM Grandstand.





Today was a good day with the weather behaving as well as it has for a month or so. The Sainters had a good day too with both the A’s and the B’s winning. I trust the U18’s who will be playing under lights very shortly will fly the flag also.

As I indicated in my previous blog about Colin “Tiny” Nelson being recognised, he is absolutely the sort of person a grandstand should be named after. What I learnt today adds to what I have previously said about “Tiny”. Not content with the service he provided as a young man unable to play because of a bad injury, service that prompted life membership of the then Goodwood Football Club in his early twenties, he probably can be considered the saviour of the club during its darkest moment.

Colin Nelson had the foresight (guts if you will) to consider and encourage the amalgamation of the Goodwood Football Club with St Raphael’s Football Club at a time when the club was not succeeding at any level. This is the stuff of a true leader.

The story of the amalgamated club is one of ongoing and continuous success. Who knows the club may not existing in any form today if not for the bravery of one Colin”Tiny”Nelson. As it is however the Goodwood Saints Football Club is the most respected and revered club in the amateur league.

Mayor Lachlan Clyne was on hand to unveil a picture of the occasion which he presented to Tiny.




Vodafone phone tower proposed at Goodwood Oval

A category 3 public notification development application has been received by Council for a Vodafone phone tower proposed at Goodwood Oval.


Goodwood Oval South East Light Tower

Goodwood Oval South East Light Tower

The application is to extend one of the light towers at the ground to accommodate the installation of a new telecommunications facility in this location. The tower in question is the south east tower adjacent the Hockey club rooms.

The application proposes extending the height of the Tower by 5 metres, from 25 m to 30 m high.

Category 3 applications are for non-complying development. Category 3 means anyone, not just immediate neighbours can lodge a representation to council’s DAP, whether for or against the proposed development.

I encourage you to examine the documents lodged, links for which are below. If you have a feeling about the development either way I then encourage you to lodge your representation to council, following the directions in the links to Mr Grant Croft, who as a senior planning officer is processing the application. If you do please make sure you lodge it at the council offices no later than 5.00 pm on August 12.


Refer as follows:

Goodwood Oval-Representation Letter. This includes the form to be used in making a representation.

Goodwood Oval-Cover Letter

Goodwood Oval-Planning Report

Goodwood Oval-Plans


You can also liaise with me of course if you wish about the development and I can assist you in making your representation. As a member of the Development Assessment Panel Jennie will not be able to speak with you about the application. Doing so would create a conflict of interest which would require her to withdraw from the panel when dealing with this application.

Living Active in Unley

Last night Council endorsed the draft Living Active Sport and Recreation Plan 2015-2020. This is a policy that has been in the making now for a while and is related to the Healthy and Active Community component of The City of Unley Community Plan 2033.


Known as the Living Active Plan it has been shaped by other related projects, including the Active Unley research project, the Unley Oval Improvement Plan, the Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex Improvement Plan, the Community Asset Review (2011-2013) and the development of Council’s new Open Space Strategy.
A summary of key actions is as follows:
• Develop and implement a Healthy Communities program, which includes innovative and relevant activities that promote participation in physical activity and healthy living in the City of Unley.
• Investigate the establishment of an active travel education program to provide information, awareness and training and to promote the benefits of walking and cycling.
• Identify and secure opportunities to implement the Improvement Plans for Unley Oval, Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex.
• Support the development of an ‘iconic’ play space in the City of Unley.
• Actively work with the Adelaide City Council to provide guidance and advocate for the development of the Adelaide Park Lands to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Priority projects include a regional dog park and the investigation of new hockey facilities in the South Park Lands. This is page 5 of the Council Agenda Reports for 13 July 2015
• Support our local sport and recreation organisations to remain financially sustainable and implement governance frameworks through advice, forums and information.
• Encourage and support local sports clubs to adopt the Good Sports and Star Clubs initiatives, and continue to recognise the volunteers of these clubs and the contribution they make to the community.

This is in my opinion a well considered plan that accurately identifies what we should be considering in the next decade in order to ensure you and I and our neighbours are kept active and healthy.

Of significance not only does the plan recognise the need to redevelop Unley & Goodwood Ovals and Millswood Sporting Complex, it recognises that we should actively pursue opportunities with our neighbouring councils and in particular Adelaide with better using the South parklands.


Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex update

Council last night moved one step closer to adopting the Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex Improvement Plan.


We endorsed in principle a Staged Implementation Plan for the Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex Improvement Plan. Council administration presented a comprehensive plan for the precincts . This was based on the work of our consultants in piecing together the information we received from the various interest groups last year, clubs and residents alike.

This included endorsing the preparation of detailed designs to support the future facility upgrade requirements for Millswood Bowling Club and Millswood Croquet Club proceed. Doing this places us in a better position to achieve grant funding if ever it becomes available. It also included approving our Administration continue an advocacy role in supporting Forestville Hockey Club to relocate to a suitable site with a new synthetic hockey pitch.

This is an outline of the Community Engagement Plan proposed.

Milestone                                                                                       Timeframe
CE Plan Signed Off Scoping & Sign off                                April 2015
STAGE 1 Plan                                                                                   April 2015
STAGE 2 Prepare & Promote                                                   April/May 2015
STAGE 3: Inform                                                                          May 2015
STAGE 4: Report                                                                           May/June 2015
Prepare Engagement Report                                                    June 2015

Provide to Elected Members via memo                               July 2015

Project information, documentation and re-ports available for community reference.
July 2015

The Plan recognises that work of the scale envisaged will be only possible over and extended period with individual projects being prioritized. This is a detailed plan to complex to reproduce here so, if you are interested as I am sure many of you are, I suggest you go to Council’s web site for this information.

You will see an extensive list of achievable projects that can be undertaken in the next 2 to 5 years, with a list of larger projects that would in the main require some grant funding over the 6 to 9 year period. It includes also a list of projects we would expect we could not undertake for over 10 years from now.

The Colin Nelson Grandstand

Goodwood Oval is set to have it’s Grandstand named after a stalwart of the Goodwood saints Football and the local community. It is to be named the “Colin Nelson Grandstand”.


Colin Nelson GrandstandColin “Tiny” Nelson has been with the club since the days of his youth back in 1948. Colin Nelson OAM or Tiny as he is known has been involved with the Goodwood Saints Football Club as both a player and administrator since 1948.

The grandstand is owned by Council and leased to the Goodwood Saints Football Club from April to September, and to the Goodwood Cricket Club from October to March. The Saints wrote to Council and asked if we would be happy to approve the naming of the stand, just like has occurred at Unley Oval. The Cricket Club  have already indicated their approval.

I was thankful, as a regular attender of Goody Saints matches and a user of the ground, to have been given the opportunity to move the motion for Council to approve the naming. There is no more fitting recipient of such an honour.

Tiny joined the Goodwood Football Club (now the Goodwood Saints Football Club) in 1948 and in 1949, was elected to the management committee and also appointed manager of the A Grade team of the club at just 14 years of age. Since this time, he has continued to hold a volunteer position on the Club’s management committee and has worked tirelessly for the club, particularly assisting them through difficult periods.

The football Club will be paying for all costs associated with the project and Council will oversee the work.


Councillors taken off Ovals

The headline reads Councillors taken off Ovals and this has me gobsmacked.


Tucked away on page 5 of this weeks Eastern Courier is another article that has me wondering if I should rely on them for knowledge of what council is doing. For the third time this week their take on what council has or has not or is or is not doing differs from my understanding.

From where I sit Councillors taken off Ovals could not be further from the truth, let alone that staff would no longer be attending meetings.

I fervently hope that readers do not rely on the Eastern Courier to know what Council is doing. I find myself again this week saying this is my take on what has occurred.

Given legal advice received on the way our numerous advisory groups were constituted under the requirement of the Local Government Act we needed to make some changes to allow those who wish to continue to so do.

Yours Truly moved a motion that was accepted unanimously and which included


1   That Council no longer coordinate the following reference groups:

• Unley Oval

• Goodwood Oval

 2   That the Reference Group members be advised of Council’s decision and be encouraged to continue under their own leadership

3   That elected Members be encouraged to communicate with the community groups as required.


So I question do I rely on the Eastern Courier to tell me what I am doing or do I rely on my own I suggest intimate knowledge having been the prime mover.

As a matter of interest and as a postscript. Members of the current Reference Group will be meeting next week to determine how we constitute ourselves for the future. Yes Ourselves, elected members included!

The motion did not make any reference to staff involvement and I can assure members of the Goodwood Oval Reference Group that if they wish the attendance of our staff at any of their meetings Council will respond positively.

Goodwood Oval & Millswood Sporting Complex back on the agenda

A staged implementation plan for Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex in accordance with the resolution of Council on August 2014 I expect to be presented to Council at this months full council meeting.


This report should outline the approach for further community engagement, detailed design, priority projects and funding options.

The consultants for the project have taken on board what we heard during the public consultation last year. Their report will be their response to all the information garnered during the consultation.

It remains to be seen what they recommend but I am hopeful there are a number of initiatives that we can take on that will not impact significantly on our budget. This plan has been in the pipeline now since 2006 and I believe it is time we actually get to the point sooner rather than later of actually achieving something on the ground.

There are some little ticket items that I believe we can reasonable undertake. Bigger ticket times will always have to wait on Government funding. These need to be designed and costed so they are ready for implementation of funding becomes available.

Whatever is proposed will be taken back out to the public for their information and edification.



Concerns of a dog owner bring positive results

While the concerns of a dog owner blog has gone somewhat viral, getting into the Eastern Courier this week and being bought to the attention of other elected members our staff have been working away to find solutions after my discussions with them.

Dog Owners and non Dog Owners alike should be happy with what is being planned. Having said that Goodwood Oval is far from being potentially a dump zone as some may be concerned is happening It is actually in good condition with a recent investigation of the grounds showing up only two doggy poos. These actions will help to keep it that way; council being proactive and committing resources rather than relying on dog owners to take full responsibility.

I can confirm the following actions will be undertaken as a result of my requests of our administration:

• New stickers are being produced, which will be affixed to the dispensers which will note the 2 bag limit, as well as provide our call centre phone number in the event a community member finds the dispensers empty.
• The 3 remaining old stock dispensers are being replaced with the new, tensioned models
• We will be introducing one larger capacity unit at the popular pooch locations of Goodwood Oval, Orphanage Park and Unley Oval (capacity of up to 900 bags with no handles).
• We are relocating the dispensers at Goodwood Oval, as at present they are seem too close together. This will give a wider distribution and improved access to the bags.
• Our rangers will monitor the dispensers on their daily rounds and will replenish empty dispensers as required.
• Our rangers will also continue to monitor the cleanliness of Goodwood Oval and respond when they perceive there is an issue.
• New stock of bags will be “handle-less”, but of course we will be exhausting our current supply, which is expected to run out in January.

Goodwood Oval & Millswood Sporting Comples Improvement Plan endorsed by Council

At last Monday’s full Council meeting Council endorsed the improvement plan that has been in the making for the whole term of this council.

The link to the full report on  Councils web site has been re-established. It is a comprehensive report that has resulted from the extensive public consultation conducted by Suter Planning and is well worth the read if you have an interest in the plan for either venue.

Suter Planners, and in particular Sue Suter, are to be congratulated in how they conducted this survey and how they have presented their findings.

A summary of the Key Directions, which will go back out for further public consultation, is noted below:

Goodwood Oval

  • Undertake improvements to the existing buildings and do not endeavour to establish one building for all sports. There is justification for retaining the oval and tennis buildings. Consolidation of the other buildings could be considered.
  • Do not establish a synthetic hockey pitch at the site due to the potential impacts and instead advocate with Hockey SA and the Forestville Hockey Club for a regional facility outside the City of Unley.
  • Retain the existing oval and grass playing field for sport and community use and improve lighting of the playing field.
  • Retain 12 tennis courts within their existing footprint and undertake improvements as appropriate (e.g. lights, building) in partnership with Tennis SA.
  • Enhance the playspace and the north western corner of the site for recreation use and establish some pathway connections.
  • Retain trees (particularly larger and significant trees) and enhance the landscape.
  • Provide some additional car parks where reduced building footprint through building upgrades allows for this.

Millswood Sporting Complex

  • Replace the existing 2 lawn bowls greens with one 10 rink synthetic green and one croquet lawn. Also retain the existing croquet greens.
  • Upgrade the main building as a shared-use sports and community facility with a dedicated space for lawn bowls and a shelter area for croquet (this should only occur if the above direction can be achieved).
  • Retain the croquet building for day to day use due to its connection to the croquet lawns and the character this building adds to the site.
  • Maintain the tennis club as it is (with minor improvements) although assess whether synthetic courts are more appropriate if water costs and maintenance become an issue in the future.
  • Support SASMEE to undertake some improvements including establishing a workshop shed and track development where appropriate.
  • Create a local park with a local playspace, seating and accessible garden area.
  • Create internal viewing areas and spaces for broader community access.
  • Increase and modify car parking where appropriate.
  • Improve the landscape whilst managing impacts on the greens and lawns. This includes integrating productive landscapes (e.g. fruit and nut trees) within the local park and the site where appropriate.

The next steps

Whilst the improvement plan has been endorsed by Council, we still want your views on it. A staged implementation plan will be developed outlining the approach for further community engagement and detailed design, including funding options, to be presented to Council in early 2015. Details of how we will undertake further engagement will be outlined in this implementation plan.

Goodwood Oval & Millswood Sporting Complex Improvement Plan goes before Council

The Goodwood Oval & Millswood Park Sporting Complex Improvement Concept Plans have now been completed after an extensive public consultation and are to be put before Council next week for endorsement.

I have studied the concept plan in depth and I can say I am impressed with the work done by the Consultants Suter Planning an in particular Suzanne Suter.

Bearing in mind that what is being presented for endorsement is merely a concept plan any decision does not mean work on the ground is imminent. As a dual project with a combined budget of $ 8.26 m it will have to compete with other major projects in Council’s portfolio. This includes the Unley Oval redevelopment, Brownhill Creek Stormwater Mitigation, King William Road and soon, Unley Central.

What a decision does do is allow for detailed design to proceed with key components of the project. It also allows Council to be ready for grant funding that may, from time to time, become available.

No project of this size could be funded by Council alone, or even with contribution from the key stakeholders. Without an endorsed and budgeted concept we will never be in position to attract grant funding, whether from the State or the Federal Governments.

If you are interested in the plan you can find it on the Council website.

Goodwood Oval & Millswood Improvement Plans come to Council this month

The Goodwood Oval initial draft of recommendation s that come form the consultation conducted recently will be put to the Council meeting next month, on July 28.

The members of the Goodwood Oval Reference Group were briefed at their meeting last night and I believe those present were amenable to what was being suggested.

Extensive community engagement is now complete with the findings of this engagement informing the development of the draft improvement plan.  A first draft is with Administration for consideration and is currently subject to change.  The document will include project and site background information; considerations, profiles and analysis;  key findings and an improvement plan for each site including a series of recommendations, indicative costing and concept plans for Council’s consideration.
The improvement plan report is anticipated to be presented for endorsement at the Council meeting on 28 July 2014.  If endorsed the next stages of this project will include detailed design and further engagement with the community and user groups.

Wind breaks to change

Residents in Chelmsford Avenue, Argyle Street and Faifax Avenue “Wilson” be glad to hear the wind has changed around the tennis courts at the Goodwood Oval complex.

During the next school holidays the Goodwood Saints Tennis Club juniors will be pulling down the offensive large letter “Wilson” shadecloth windbreaks are erecting new more subtle windbreaks. Subtle in as much as the Wilson trademark will less conspicuous.

The Tennis Club advised the Goodwood Oval Reference group tonight that Wilson had come to the party in their 100th year with the new shade sales.

Goodwood Oval & Millswood Park open day is two days away

Yes. The most important event this Saturday is not that event by the Torrens by crossing that bridge it is taking the opportunity to have yous say about to other sporting precincts.

For most of you they are the two sporting precincts in your “backyard” as it where.

The sessions will be as follows:
  • Goodwood Oval from 9.30 am until 12.30 pm
  • Millswood Sporting Complex from 1.00 pm until 4.00 pm

Once you have been there and contributed you can take in the Showdown.

Goodwood Oval & Millswood Reserve Open Day

If you have an interest in how Goodwood Oval or it’s neighbour Millswood Park will look in the future and what they can provide the community don’t forget that the open day is this Saturday.

The sessions will be as follows:
  • Goodwood Oval from 9.30 am until 12.30 pm
  • Millswood Sporting Complex from 1.00 pm until 4.00 pm

From there you can catch the showdown, either at the Adelaide Oval, or at home.

Goodwood Oval/Millswood Reserve Improvement Plans

While Council’s survey on the improvement plan closed a week ago your input can still be provided.

The project team is currently collating the information received. I suspect they will notify what they have received at the  community information day on Saturday 29 March at both sites.  This is your last chance to inform the options that will be considered in the concept plans the development which will commence after the community information day.
The sessions will be as follows:
  • Goodwood Oval from 9.30 am until 12.30 pm
  • Millswood Sporting Complex from 1.00 pm until 4.00 pm

From there you can catch the showdown, either at the Adelaide Oval, or at home.

A Heads up on Goodwood Oval/Millswood Park Improvement Plans

Jennie & I have had a briefing on the process of developing the improvement plan with the Consultant. 

They (the consultant) have commenced with one on one discussions with the various clubs and have advised we have received a number of responses from residents already. A good start.

The purpose of this blog post is provide everyone with an idea of what to expect from the process going forward. Obviously the one on one stalks and the assessing of responses will continue.

As you are already I trust aware we will have two forums on the 29th Match (one month from now, one at each location. The members of the Goodwood Oval Reference Group I except will be given personal invitations to the Goodwood Oval session.

A week later it is proposed to have a meeting with all the clubs from each location, again in tow sessions. It is then expected that the consultants will be able to brief all elected members in the 1st week of May, followed by a session with all stakeholders a coupe of weeks later.

The consultants final draft should then be ready to go out for public edification mid May.

An Opportunity of a Generation for the Generations of the Future

What do you think Goodwood Oval & Millswood Park should look and feel like in the future. We are keen to know your thoughts as we plan for the future use of these two facilities.

I am blogging again on this topic as I am passionate in making sure you know you have and take the opportunity to shape the future of the premier sporting facility of the west side of the City of Unley.

Council is keen to have a blueprint for future improvements so that we can take advantage and any future grant funding opportunities that may come our way from the Federal or State Governments. If we fail to have a blueprint then we will fail to attract funding if ever it becomes available. In other words we need to be project ready if ever an opportunity presents itself.

As I noted in previous posts on this blog site Council has, through its Community Assets Review, spoken to the sporting clubs using these facilities. We have determined each have a wish list that they see are important initiatives for the future of their respective clubs.

You will have a chance to respond to these wish lists. But more importantly we need to know what you think can be improved.

The public consultation currently under way has seen all residents within a 1.5 km radius of the grounds receive a letter requesting their thoughts. You can snail mail or email this back to council. A survey is available on our Have Your Say webpage at to facilitate this.

And the Goodwood Oval Reference Group website provides opportunity to have a say. They can be found at and the have your say option can be found at the top right hand corner of the screen.

The upcoming public forums at Goodwood Oval and Millswood Park will be on us soon, indeed as soon as next week.

Goodwood Oval will be held from 9.30 am – 12.30 pm
Millswood Park (shown on the map as SASMEE Park) will be held from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm

If there are things that you think would help make these facilities better then please contribute. A facility for all to enjoy not just now for the current generations, but for those who will follow us.

Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex improvement plan Community Information Day.

This is a heads up to advise the Community Information Day will be held to engage over the Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex improvement plans.

It is scheduled for Saturday 29 March between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm. I will be there up until say 1.00 pm as I would love (as one of your local elected members) what you think of proposals being put by the various clubs that use these facilities.

May I suggest you get there early because this is Showdown Day (Power v Crows), the first at Adelaide Oval.

Goodwood Oval & Millswood Park Improvement Plan

After protracted discussions over a number of years between Council and the various sporting clubs using both Goodwood Oval and Millswood Reserve we are ready to consult with residents adjacent both facilities.

The consultation will be conducted by Suter Planners. They have been appointed as the lead consultant after their tender was found to be the most suitable. Having over 20 years’ experience in the industry, particularly in developing plans for similar facilities, I am confident they will do an excellent job.

The consultants have commenced work reviewing relevant documentation from the Council Club consultations. It is foreseen that public consultation will commence in mid-February, with the final plan completed by June 2014.

I expect that they are likely to hold public forums but more on how they will go about it will follow in future blog posts on this site. 

The re-badged Goodwood Oval Reference Group will also participate in this process and no doubt the improvement plan will be a focus of upcoming meetings. For more about this group and how to communicate with them check my earlier post of today.

This is your facility so when the opportunity presents itself we want to hear from you.


Goody Oval Resident Rep applications closed

With Consultants now commissioned to seek public feedback on the Improvement planning for Goodwood Oval the Reference Group is taking shape.

The reference group (previously known as the Advisory Group) is a community that has been in existence for some time now. It is a forum that allows interchange between the clubs and residents on a range of ongoing issues.

The group has been quite successful in ensuring an undertaking of each others views and needs. It is growing to a new level with the name change and a website has been created to keep track of the issues under discussion.

Nominations for the last 2 residents representatives of this new group closed today. The response has been fantastic with more people nominating than can be accommodated.We expect to know who have been successful sometime next week.

In the meantime the Goodwood Oval website has become interactive which is fantastic. Check it out at