Concordia College comes to aid of Forestville as East helps West.

Students of Concordia College from the east of Unley have helped clean up one of Unley’s favourite locations in the west.


Yesterday afternoon the students undertook the removal as part of their community service requirement for their studies. The students were very enthusiastic and completed the task in a little over an hour.




IMG_3009-1A fantastic effort that makes one proud to be a part of the greater Unley community.


This shows that while we have those in our community that for whatever reason can only contribute in a negative way, we have those who are proud enough to want to contribute in a positive way.

It was a great combined effort by Council, Concordia College and DPTI to get the job completed. Now to see how long it lasts graffiti free…..


Graffiti Watch needed for Greenways

With apologies that Council has failed to remove graffiti in four months along the Greenways Path and recognising the State Government through DPTI have, well over a much longer time not looked like touching the graffiti inside the corridor you could be excused for thinking that your suburb Black Forest is about to become a slum.

I am embarrassed that I never followed up my request to remove graffiti along the greenways that dates back to late May. Relying on our admin to respond in reasonable time proved a mistake on this occasion. I apologise for this.

I am speaking with our senior management about our failure to do something about this on two fronts. The first clearly is getting rid of the current layer of graffiti. The second is to determine a plan going forward fro managing the inevitable re-occurrence.

This is surely going to be a battle that we together will need to wage against those with a propensity to destroy your  residential amenity.

A graffiti watch seems to me to be the obvious first step and that is having you being on the front line reporting any graffiti that may appear in future to a contact that has the ability to get quick and immediate action. That may even require local residents volunteering to be the revivalists.

If you have thoughts on this please let me know and I can include them in my discussions with management.

As far as the governments role is concerned Jennie & I plan to go back and seek Steph’s input. When we do I will be also pushing for them (DPTI) to remove their weds before and without killing our new vegetation along Parker Terrace.

Graffiti Management at work

Many people in Goodwood South Ward would be well aware we were attacked in a wide way two weekends ago. Tags were found all over the place in the near vicinity of East Avenue and into Goodwood Ward, Leah Street and Leader Street.
Our response was swift and full, removing all tags on infrastructure we are responsible for. It was all gone within 48 hours. Thanks guys.
Now we just await the efforts of DPTI to rid our stobie poles of this blight. Hopefully they are going to do their little bit?

Graffitti Management Update

The New Graffiti Management Program is now well and truly Underway.

Since my last blog on this subject our Administration has been hard at work and I can advise that we currently have 4 graffiti volunteers fully inducted and trained in the graffiti removal process.

 In order for Volunteers to be able to remove graffiti they must undertake the following steps:
  • Meet with Council’s Volunteer Management Officer to register as a Council Volunteer and under go a general Council induction
  • Meet with Council’s OHS Coordinator to undertake a formal Graffiti Removal Volunteer Safety Induction
  • Meet with Council Depot staff to undertake a short demonstration on  the use of products to remove graffiti and have the process of reporting and recording graffiti explained.
On Wednesday of this week volunteers Steve Smith, Wayne Hooper, Libby Robertson and Don Priestly attended a morning tea including a demonstration conducted by John Rose from Worlds Best Products on how to use the products therefore completing their induction to the Graffiti Removal Volunteer Program.  The volunteers were then presented with their Graffiti Removal Kit and were thanked for making themselves available to attend the meeting and assisting Council with this program. The meeting was also attended by Mark Clarke, Manager, Assets and Sustainable Landscapes, Michael Howley, Team Leader, Parks and Horticulture, Karen Jenkinson, Volunteer Management Officer and Karen Kelly, Team Leader Administration, Assets and Sustainable Landscapes.
L- R John Rose, Worlds Best Products, Mark Clarke, Manager, Assets and Sustainable Landscapes, Volunteers Steve Smith,  Libby Robertson, Wayne Hooper, and Karen Jenkinson, Volunteer Management Officer

Graffiti Management

Further to my recent post regarding Council’s new approach to cleaning up graffiti I can say with pride for the locals in Goodwood South Ward that our very own neighbourhood watch group (Millswood, Clarence Park Neighbourhood Watch) have indicated a desire to become involved.

This is great news. We need to take responsibility for our own patch.

What this group does need are volunteers to help them keep your neighborhood safe. Whether it is helping with graffiti clean up, or distributing the neighbourhood watch newsletter or even joining the committee (who meet only bi-monthly) you can help. Maybe you have initiatives yet to be considered that they could take on board.

If you are interested let me know and I will be only too happy to pass on your details to them.

Graffiti Management

With graffiti back on the rise this year a pilot volunteer graffiti removal program is programmed for early next year. Council’s administration is currently working on a job description in conjunction with our OHS coordinator before recruiting/advertising for volunteers.