Police Ombudsman recommends Detective Brevet Sergeant Mark Stanley be charged with three breaches over fraud investigation into Unley mayor Lachlan Clyne

That is the headline in Today’s Advertiser regarding the Police Officer who investigated Mayor Clyne immediately after the last Last Government elections. And below is the transcript of the article.

THE police officer who conducted the failed identity fraud investigation into Unley mayor Lachlan Clyne is facing internal disciplinary charges.

An inquiry by the Police Ombudsman has recommended Detective Brevet Sergeant Mark Stanley be charged with three breaches of police regulations related to his alleged conduct during the course of police investigation.

The PO investigation was launched following a formal complaint by Ms Leonie Clyne, Lachlan’s mother, stemming from the alleged conduct of Bvt Sgt Stanley during a police search of her business premises on November 10, 2010, during the investigation into her son.

Police were investigating allegations Lachlan Clyne had stolen the identity information of mayoral rival Les Birch and published false documents using a fake email account during the 2010 local government elections.
He was charged with four counts of dishonestly dealing with documents and one count of using another person’s identity information to commit an offence. The charges were dismissed by deputy Chief Magistrate Dr Andrew Canon who ruled there was insufficient evidence.

Ms Clyne, a former police officer, lodged the formal complaint with the PCA in June, 2012, after a connected case was finalised in Adelaide Magistrates Court.

That case involved Lachlan Clyne’s lawyer Cormac McCarron, who had been charged with hindering police during the November 10 search at Ms Clyne’s Goodwood business. He was found not guilty by Magistrate Peter Snopek and was later awarded $37,550 in costs against police. Det. Bvt Sgt Stanley’s evidence was discredited in the trial and his conduct criticised by Magistrate Snopek.

In her complaint Ms Clyne alleged he had advised her that she could be compelled to answer his questions, that she was told she was not entitled to legal representation, that he was angry and abusive in his dealings with her and finally, that he made either false or misleading statements in police documents relating to the investigation of her son.

In her assessment and recommendation letter to Police Commissioner Gary Burns, Ms Bolt states that Bvt Sgt Stanley had acknowledged “ his handling of the matter was deficient’’ and he “recognises he was out of his depth when conducting this investigation.’’

In her assessment, which also examined the Mccarron case, Ms Bolt recommends Bvt Sgt Stanley be charged with a breach of discipline in relation to the first, second and fourth allegations. She states the third allegation concerning his alleged conduct towards Ms Clyne could not be substantiated.

Ms Clyne’s husband, Robert Clyne, yesterday said the investigation against his son was “political and it was vindictive’’ and had cost his family more than $100,000 in legal expenses that could not be recovered.
Assistant Commissioner Madeleine Glynn yesterday confirmed the recommendations were still being considered, but could not elaborate further because of the privacy provisions within the Act.

Mayor to get Married. It’s Official

Were we getting a heads up last Saturday night at the Unley Road Traders Association Evening Under the Stars with the message on the chairs of Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne and his girlfriend. The names on the chairs they sat in read “Mayor Clyne” on one chair and “Mrs Clyne” on the other.

Seems like it was. He has now announced to those around him that he and fiance Jocelyn Genevieve are to be married.

The couple who have been seen arm in arm at many a venue recently have decided the right time is after the Mayoral elections in November this year and after the celebration of the birth of Christ.

And from this councillors point of view the ceremony I am rejoicing as it will be at the church that I am a Warden for; St Augustine’s Anglican Church of Unley, the Mayor looks out over every day from his Parlour.

Our Young Mayor one of the rising stars of power in South Australia

Click on and read down this list to find our young Mayor has been included in the list of the top 25 rising stars in South Australia.


Just what has our Mayor been up to lately

City of Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne, on his return from walking the Kakoda trail leading up to and including on Anzac day proposed.

Proposed? Yes Lachlan has proposed to his girlfriend (now fiancee) Jocelyn Genevieve.

Quoting from his facebook page

“I asked Jocelyn to marry me on Saturday after returning from Kokoda. Jocelyn has been a saviour who has loved me unconditionally. I’m a very lucky and blessed man.”

The wedding I understand is being planned for November this year. More on that later.

Great to see that Lachlan’s life is now taking on a positive spin, after the trials of the last two years. And he clearly is at peace with the world as he was quoted I the first edition of Unley’s new Glossy magazine ” Aspire”.

In an article about Lachlan (prior to announcing his engagement to Jocelyn) called Lachlan Clyne, Mr Nice Guy Lachlan has declared he intends to run for Mayor again next year.

And Mum & Dad are pumped.

Unley Mayor Vindicated in Court

Today the Mayor of the City of Unley, Mr Lachlan Clyne, faced court for the final time and emerged the victor.

Defending himself against charges relating to the last Council election, Mayor Clyne presented to court today to restore his reputation and protect his integrity.  Deputy Chief Magistrate Cannon delivered a strong judgment in Mayor Clyne’s favour, finding that he had no case to answer.
“Whilst I have maintained my dedication and focus on my role as Mayor of the City” said Mayor Clyne today after the adjournment, “I feel a profound sense of relief that I can now operate freely and with full confidence.”

The Mayor was represented in court today by Michael Abbott, QC, and was accompanied by his family.  “I have been very humbled by the support I have received from friends, family and the community” he said.
The Mayor will be attending Channel 7’s Young Achiever Awards tonight and participating in the MS Mud Run on Sunday.
And his facebook page is running hot with support.

From Marathon Runner to Volunteer

Our Mayor has turned his hand to helping the victims of the storms that hit New York after the Marathon was cancelled.

This is what he had to say on his Facebook page.

“I will be in a Disaster Response Project team door knocking homes which have been without power today. Stayed up until late last night looking for an organization to volunteer with and came across New York Cares.” 

Well done Mayor Clyne. I am sure the New Yorkers will appreciate your efforts.

Mayor pleads not guilty

I am back from my time out and focusing on family issues that we had not planned on. Back to work today in fact in my day job to hear the news that our Mayor attended court today and pleaded not guilty to the charges laid last year against him by the police.

The attached Eastern Courier article covers the storey.


And our Mayor commented further that focus is swiftly back to Council related matters. Tour Down Under preparations is the main event!

Sturt FC Volunteer of the Year Award

A quarter of a century of loyal devotion as a volunteer for the Sturt Football Club has seen Peggy Paech become the inaugural winner along with husband Reg (who has given 20 years of similar loyalty to the club) of the City of Unley Mayor’s Sturt Football Club Volunteer of the Year Award.

Peggy was most humble in accepting the award saying her reward is being at the matches and seeing her team play. This is probably one of the reasons she won the award.

The award was presented by Mayor Lachlan Clyne who felt that rewarding volunteers for their efforts and dedication is a fitting part of the football calendar, noting that players have a number of awards they can have access to.

Well Done Peggy and Reg.

And well done Mayor Clyne for coming up with a great initiative.

The news on the Mayor is there is no news

Mayor Clyne attended the long awaited (for some) directions hearing today regarding the charges laid against him concerning activities during the council elections last November.

The court advised it will be held over until late November and again in December.

So that means there is no change at the City of Unley and we must all continue to do our job because we have a number of projects that require our attention.

Again the press tell me what I am thinking and doing.

The Advertiser featured an article about the Mayor this morning suggesting he is resisting Council calls to step down.

Last time I looked I was a member of that same council. And last time I looked there have been no calls from the council of which I thought I was a member to stand aside.

But how would I know because I am only a member of council and we certainly cannot doubt the press because they surely would not get it wrong.

And this comes after the Eastern Courier telling the world I did not return a phone call I never received.

Please, please, please — the mayor was elected by the ratepayers of Unley and he cannot be forced to stand aside. And assuming we could why would we. By my observations he is performing his duties well, in spite of his personal challenges.

We did debate last week whether or not to consider whether we appoint from amongst our number a deputy mayor. This was defeated  9 to 3 which I would have thought was hardly an endorsement for the mayor to stand down. But what would I know.