Merlon Avenue progresses

Merlon Avenue (as promised) has seen action this week.

The repaving has been executed this week and while it may look barren it is a great improvement on what was. I am pleased to see this work finally done as it is one of the first concerns that I was asked to look at by a Resident of this fair City.

We just await now the planting of the trees.

Merlon Avenue Update

The work I have noted in previous blogs has been included in the budget that was passed last Monday night.

Footpaths on both sides of the road have been included in the budget. Once the footpaths are done we will be planting replacement trees and I can confirm they will be Koelreuteria Paniculata.

Merlon Avenue Update

Merlon Avenue residents would be well aware that their trees have now been removed.

They are due to be replaced with Jacaranda mimosifolia trees.

The footpath paving is due for 2012/13 and our depot have determined that it is appropriate to program this work for July/August prior to planting the trees.

This is great news for the residents of this small and out of the way street.

Merlon Avenue tree update

I can advise that the remaining trees in Merlon Avenue are due for the axe next week. This is in accordance with the wishes of the residents of that street, concerned about safety (a tree collapsed last year), and poor health of the trees.

Their replacements as reported in an earlier blog this year will be planted I understand on or around the 12th May.

Merlon Avenue to get their replacement trees

Replacement Trees are due to be planted in Merlon Avenue in April, subject to weather/ground conditions.

They will, after consultation with residents of this street be Koelreuteria Paniculata (Golden Rain Tree).

This will be good to see as another one of those streets that I was involved in after receiving a concern from one of the residents.


Council’s Administration has responded to Council’s request to investigate ways we can accelerate the footpath replacement program.

Most of you would be well aware that both Jennie and I included an accelerated program in our respective election campaigns.

It is great news therefore to learn that Administration have completed an investigation and are submitting their findings to our Audit Committee. Subject to how it is received by the Audit Committee I expect given the significance and detail that would apply to the report elected members are likely to be invited to a workshop to better understand it and contribute to a final draft.

It will be more easily dealt with at the City Strategy & Policy Committee meeting and subsequently council if this were to occur. We can then see if Council has an interest in bringing our footpaths for completion as early as 2019/20 rather than allowing it to take up to 2034, 23 years away.

There are a number of Goodwood South footpaths that are not on our radar that is causing concern amongst our residents. It will be great to be able to go to these people and let them know that their street has not been forgotten.

Merlon Avenue to receive attention

In the never ending battle to prioritise the spending budget it looks like Merlon Avenue was missed.

My co councillor Jennie & I have responded to concerns raised by residents in this street in an attempt to put it back on the map.

The footpaths in Merlon Avenue are in need of attention and should realistically have been placed ahead of other streets in the City of Unley. The trees that have die or been removed for one reason or another have also yet to be replaced.  

After an on location meeting thsi week with the new manager of the Depot we believe that we will see the following action.

1                     The remaining tree that appears should be removed will finally be assessed.
2                     With a touch of luck the tree replacement program may yet be completed this winter as    we believe (and residents concur) was promised.
3                     The footpath and the kerb on the southern will be repaired under our current maintenance budget very soon.
4                     With new funding arrangements possible next year we hope to see the a complete makeover of this street in the 2012/13 budget.
This is what your local elected member is there for you. To go to bat for you and ensure as well as we can you don’t get lost in the system. Let’s see how we go with this one. Watch this space.