Citizenship Ceremony puts Multi Cultural Unley on show.

60 people who are residents of Unley, and originating from no fewer then 24 countries from around the world, have pledged the allegiance to the lucky country.

Last Thursday night the City of Unley hosted it’s third citizenship ceremony for the year. Normally hosting only two ceremonies we needed to squeeze a third in. And this third round …. to provide 60 people, yes 60 people, the chance to pledge to Australia.

Unley has, as the latest census reveals, seen an increase in their ethnic population. People from around the world are calling Unley their home.

Participants were welcomed by local members of state parliament David Pisoni and Steph Key as they were by Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne. They had their photos taken of the mayor handing them their citizenship certificates.

Well provisional certificates it turns out because the Federal Government have been side tracked lately by a thing called an election. They will soon receive the authentic certificates they were promised.

What is really great is that these people are choosing not only to call Australia home but to buy into the country by becoming a citizen of Australia.

I find this quite exciting.

Well done to all my newest neighbours. Welcome to the City of Unley.

Mayor helps Multi Cultural Ministry Celebration

After attending the 1st anniversary celebration service for multi cultural ministry at St Augustine’s the Mayor of Unley, Lachlan Clyne joined in on celebrations last night at the Rectory.

Members of both the Mandarin speaking parish community and the English speaking parish community enjoyed a dinner last night at the Rectory and the Mayor joined in with us, as did the  chair of Anglicare, Andrew Marshall and his wife Josephine.

Great to have you guys along to celebrate in a true Anglican manner.

First Anniversary Multi Cultural Ministry

Today St Augustine’s Anglican Church at Unley celebrated the first anniversary of the Chinese Mandarin Service.

I must say it seems like just yesterday when I met Rev Samual Chan and Paster Coria Chan when they were guests at the Rectory of St Augustine’s, hosted by Revd Peter Chilver and his wife Michelle.

This is a blossoming ministry. As a Warden of this church I am pleased to see people of different backgrounds sharing in the love of our Lord. Who knows were it can lead.

Celebrating with us today was the Mayor of Unley, Lachlan Clyne and the Chair of Anglicare, Andrew Marshall. Thanks go to both of you for sharing in our celebration.

From left to right in the photo:
Revd Chan, the Mayor, Revd Chilver.

The community in Unley is definitely growing together. More on this later when I report further on the Village Green extensions.