Millswood/Clarence Park Neighbourhood WatchSA Turns 25

One of the oldest in the oldest Neighbourhood Watch groups in SA, Millswood/Clarence Park, celebrated their 25th Anniversary today. The venue was the Clarence Park Community Centre.

The Anniversary cake was cut jointly by local State Member of Parliament (for Ashford) Steph Key and founding member and stalwart Dirk Sluiter. The occasion was clearly a celebration of having been around for 25 years but the focus was on the vision moving forward.

Look forward to changes with Watch SA and I encourage you all to consider helping out. Your neighbourhood needs you.

You get the neighbourhood you make and the neighbourhood we live in is the better for those who have served on this Watch. A number of
these received certificates of various lengths of service.

Well done to all of you. Your community appreciates what you have done and continue to do.

Graffiti Management

Further to my recent post regarding Council’s new approach to cleaning up graffiti I can say with pride for the locals in Goodwood South Ward that our very own neighbourhood watch group (Millswood, Clarence Park Neighbourhood Watch) have indicated a desire to become involved.

This is great news. We need to take responsibility for our own patch.

What this group does need are volunteers to help them keep your neighborhood safe. Whether it is helping with graffiti clean up, or distributing the neighbourhood watch newsletter or even joining the committee (who meet only bi-monthly) you can help. Maybe you have initiatives yet to be considered that they could take on board.

If you are interested let me know and I will be only too happy to pass on your details to them.

Crime Down in Unley

The State Attorney General has sent us a copy of the crime statistics 2005 thru’ 2009.

Referring to the summary we can see that offences:

ü  against the person is down from 6.09 offences per 1,000 population to 5.43.
ü  sexual offences is marginally down as is robbery and extortion and also drug offences
ü  against property is well down from 102.66 offences per 1,000 population to 65.25
ü  against good order (whatever that is)
ü  driving offences also well down from 13.66 offences per 1,000 population to 6.58

This is reassuring news for residents of Unley. We need to remain vigilant however and I would encourage all residents to either continue to participate in or offer to assist the local  Neighbourhood Watch group. Let’s keep active in Unley to keep the stats going “down, down, crime is down”.

If you wish a copy of a more comprehensive list send me an email I will pass it onto you.

Clarence Park Neighbourhood Watch

Clarence Park, Black Forest & Millswood is a relatively safe place to live and this is due in no small part to the work of a small band of volunteers.

Yes! Neighbourhood Watch has been working well in our suburb.

Dirk and his small band of volunteers are to be congratulated for their efforts over a sustained period of time.

I ask everyone in the Clarence Park, Black Forest, Millswood areas who are reading this blog to consider helping this troupe by volunteering in one or more capacities.

The Cause —- Help them Help Us!
The Reward —– keeping our homes and our area SAFE!
Please give this some thought.