Post Script Brownhill Creek Orphanage Park Consultation

Further to my recent Blog Post on the Consultation over the Brownhill Creek mitigation options for Orphanage Park I remind you the consultation is not over.

As can be seen on Council’s website if you weer unable to get to the public forum at Orphanage Park you can still put in a submission. You can still do this up to close of business on July 4.

This consultation is hopefully getting us close to having all the information we need to consider the way forward. It is but a part of the current investigation into how the creek itself can be cleaned up and/or modified to reduce the flooding risk identified in a 100 year flood.

Whether we can deal with it this side of the election (with the council moving into caretaker mode a the end of August) is debatable but it was the team working on it is hoping for.

Orphanage Park Brownhill Creek Stone Lining

The updated Local Heritage Places Development Plan Amendment (LHP DPA), including the Brownhill Creek stone lining in the Orphanage Park, was re-submitted to the Minister for Planning in September 2011.

A positive recommendation by the DPLG for approval by the Minister has been indicated and final process requirements are being dealt with. Preparation in anticipation of public consultation approval early in 2012 is in place.
Friends of the Orphanage will surely view this positively.