Canterbury and Parker Terrace Landscaping Complete

After the dramatic interruption to Canterbury and Parker Terraces during the recent State Government Rail Revitalisation project we now have seen the final touches put to these streets.

And the result, as far as this elected member/resident is concerned the end result is good.


P1490920While I was away in Darwin the last of the trees were planted. This was at the southern end of Canterbury Terrace where there was planned to be some street art that was not received favourably by those impacted the most. These trees are the same age as those originally planted, having been nurtured in the nursery.

The vegetation along these two streets have been well looked after by our depot staff. The growth over the last season and the planting of the new trees has transformed this area. It is looking great as a result. It is visually a vast improvement on what was there originally notwithstanding the loss of  some significant trees down Canterbury.

As these trees grow we can look forward to an even more  pleasant streetscape.

We have also seen the installation of a park bench and street signs for both streets at the East Avenue end.


Just to ensure all remains well I noticed one of our  depot staff bringing in more bark.

Arundel Avenue along the Belair line rework has I understand just been completed and next week we will see replanting in Cromer Parade. This replanting has been necessary as the outside contractors did not look after the original plantings like our staff did on Canterbury & Parker.

Watch out too for some new landscaping adjacent the path between Arundel Street and Victoria Street. The land has been cleared already in preparation of landscaping with I understand at least one tree being planted with the capacity to become significant.



Canterbury & Parker proceeding

Excavation of the filling in the verge along the rail corridor in Canterbury Terrace has been completed and loam is being delivered as we speak.

With preparation done the good part is on the way. Landscaping, including low level vegetation and the 3.0 m high trees will commence next week.

While this is happening the repaving along the other side of the line, in Parker Terrace (which administration had hoped to have occurred before now) will also commence. This includes creating new bays for tree planting, which are marked by white painted lines in the adjacent spoon drain, and paving those areas that will no longer have a tree.

I have collaborated with our staff to ensure we have a disabled carpark adjacent the southern entry into the rail station. As part of this I have ensured that there is a clear and identifiable access to the gate to the station, with landscaping either side of it.

It may be that once the project is complete there may be a need for minor adjustments to be made. Let me know if there is anything that you feel could be improved on once completed.

Hot off the Press-Canterbury & Parker Terrace Trees

Admin have just confirmed the much awaited tree replacement along Canterbury Terrace Black Forest and Parker Terrace Clarence Park is scheduled for the next few weeks.

It has been determined that the same tree will be used on both sides of the rail corridor. It is the Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’ as per the picture below. I have been advised that these trees will be 3.0 m high when planted which is fantastic news. There will also be low level vegetation.

The trees in Parker Terrace will located such that we will create more carparks than there used to be with bollards located to protect the trees. This will result in paving repairs being undertaken along Parker as well.

As I expect you already aware there will be no footpath and bike path along the fence of the rail corridor in Canterbury. I understand the trees in Canterbury will be planted opposite those in Parker.

Canterbury & Parker Terrace Planting not far away

Working from home can have advantages in that I can spy Council people hovering around. This morning I caught two looking at the pavers in the carpark bays at the southern end of Parker Terrace this morning.

They were checking out the pavers in this area I believe with a view to determining if to repair them and re-level them before or after the planting. If where up to me I would re-level the paving and then do the planting. Less chance of damaging the trees that way.

Anyway the good news is this is evidence to me that we will see some action on these town streets soon. It may be that the paving work is to be scheduled to commence in the next two weeks. Planting I expect will follow soon after.

This is of course something I can confirm at our next Ward Briefing, which is scheduled for Thursday week. So keep an eye on the two roads and this blog site for further news.

Have Your Say on Canterbury Terrace

Our traffic and landscaping teams have together looked at what options are available to look at the solving the safety issues identified in our recent Black Forest LATM after community feedback earlier this year.

Residents of Canterbury Terrace and Parker Terrace Clarence Park (the most affected amenity wise)  have received letters this week as have the wider Black Forest street network. Just in case you missed out I am attaching the pictorial display of the options in this blog post.

They have worked hard on addressing the two major concerns that have been portrayed thus far and they are:

Keeping 2 way traffic
And returning the treescape

Please read the information carefully so that you are truly informed of the merits of each option. Each has advantages but each come with some form of cost to the community. If you wish to discuss this feel free to get back to either Jennie or I.

An opportunity to discuss issues with our staff will be provided at the Clarence Park Community Centre between 4.00pm and 6.00pm on Wednesday 11th December 2013.  I have marked this in my diary.

I encourage you all to respond to this survey, either by posting the response form back to council, providing an email to [email protected].

When this comes before Council early next year I hope that we have the best possible cross section of thoughts from the community to better inform our decision making.

Solutions for Canterbury Parker Terraces still awaited.

Finding an answer that will keep two way traffic and trees in Canterbury Terrace is yet to be solved. Going back out to public consultation is therefore delayed, hopefully though not for too much longer.

Two issues have been occupying MY thinking time since my last blog post about the possible electrical infrastructure we might see at Clarence Park Railway Station.

The first is what trees can we use to camouflage the DPTI structure. Yes I firmly believe keeping the trees is a priority. Without trees Canterbury & Parker Terraces will become a barren area that will take on an industrial look if the infrastructure at Emerson is repeated here. This will be a 180 degree turnaround on what the streets once were, just this time last year.

So what sort of trees. This I will leave to our Sustainable Officer Trevor Stein to investigate. All I can say is the two species previously offered in order to appease the electrical safety zones required by DPTI were deciduous. Unless the electrical infrastructure is to be less obtrusive than I am expecting the trees surely must be evergreen.

So when we are in a position to come back to the public for their thoughts on the options we will have to offer evergreens will be one option.

The other thing exercising my mind is understanding what might occur in Parker Terrace should angled parking be the answer to solve the conflict in Canterbury Terrace. In other words I have been feeling that this road might have to become one way in order to save Canterbury being one way.

Without preempting what our traffic engineers will advise I took a visit down to Aroha Terrace east where tram parking has been accommodated. This street (see the pictures above) from rial verge to fence is 200 mm wider than Parker Terrace (fence to fence).

It does take 2 way traffic but is one way for a section of the road (at the west end). I am presuming from this that we might be able to replicate this if we go all the way the rail corridor fence AND shorten the footpath width by a metre. To achieve this would be major work that has not been foreshadowed in our long term financial plan. It would include not only removing trees from the east side of Parker Terrace but relocating the power lines. Oooh! Now there’s an exercise.

We must of course await our traffic engineers advice before reacting. I am just putting pen to paper to let everyone know the answers aren’t simple.

By the way I am catching up with our Mayor today to give him some background to the challenges we are facing.

Re-vegetation Node Meetings to occur soon.

The 4 Node meetings with residents along the rail corridor to discuss how council may re vegetate the areas along and/or adjacent the corridor are about to happen. This is Councils opportunity to give the residents an amenity, in many cases destroyed by DPTI as they carried out their various projects within the corridor.

Council identified 4 “nodes” that have particular circumstances requiring particular solutions rather than try to come up with a generic solution along the entire length of the corridor within our City boundaries.

Residents in the Cowper Street vicinity will have a meeting with DPTI this week. If this goes well Council will take the opportunity to turn this meeting into a node meeting.

Canterbury and Parker Terrace residents will be next, maybe later this month. The date will be worked out between Council and DPTI at a joint admin meeting this week. The Cromer Parade node and the Goodwood Junction (Devon Street, Richard Street etc) node will follow.

Addressing part of the LATM for Black Forest is part of the Canterbury, Parker Terrace “node”. A mid week meeting is being planned, and it is expected we should be able to conduct this at the Clarence Park Community Centre in Canterbury Terrace.

Canterbury & Parker Terrace Re-vegetation moving closer

Council and DPTI officers have been working on options for the re-vegetation of the Canterbury and Parker Terrace region of the Rail Corridor, the Clarence Park Railway Station precinct.

I expect that maybe as early as next week residents will be contacted to meet with us at an open forum, possibly at the adjacent Clarence Park Community Centre, to view and provide observations on two, maybe three options for the re-vegetation of the rail corridor environs.

Keep an eye on your letter box. This is possibly the single most impactful thing that has or will occur in our little strip so I trust we will all make a point of coming along and contributing.

I have had a briefing on the options and I am happy to say the foundations are there in my opinion for a solution that, with your help, will make our area a good one. The options have I might add been influenced (in Canterbury Terrace at least) by Council’s recent LATM of Black Forest.

The options all attempt to address not just re-vegetation , but providing parking for the Community Centre and safe use of the road (Canterbury) for both cars and bikes.

The only thing holding up progress right now, as can be seen in another of my posts today is confirmation of the mast locations for the electrification of the line. I had expected they would be available by now but?

I don’t know about you but I am keen to see our little neck of the woods take shape. The sooner the better.

Electricification of Noarlunga Rail Line Update

Nervously awaiting I am, the news that DPTI will consult more openly about the impacts of the electrification project along Parker Terrace, Canterbury Terrace and along Cromer Parade.

Council IS liaising with DPTI to develop a strategy for the consultation process. This is about all our administration can advise us of at this point in time.

Whilst negotiations are on going Jennie and I assure you that we will be looking after your interests and will be actively involved in any group representation that residents may wish to pursue if DPTI dont’ come to the party.

Let us hope they do.

Electricification of Noarlunga Rail Line Update

Face to Face consultation with affected residents is envisaged by the DPTI team as they move forward on the Electrification of the Noarlunga Rail Line. Consultation will therefore be one on one with those who show an interest.
While there are strict requirements for public consultation by local government State Government Departments can choose that of the least line of resistance.
Elected members were briefed on Monday night on the approaching electrification. Your ward councillors were not impressed at the level of consultation proposed for this project.
The department envisage the commencement of work in 2013. This will be preceded by their form of public consultation. That is, apart from web site information, newsletters etc, to talk face to face or one on one with concerned residents. This is set to happen later in the year.
A faster, cleaner and greener rail network is a project by the State Government to be applauded. I personally, as a resident but 20 metres from the line look forward to a quieter rail system.
As with all projects there is a price to pay and some will bear a greater cost for the common good.  It is possible that all vegetation that overhangs the overhead wires will be trimmed back so that they don’t interfere with the system.
I pushed the point during their presentation that the residents along Cromer Parade, Canterbury Terrace and along Parker Terrace deserve an opportunity to be briefed as a group. They share the same issues and I noted that many were concerned about a loss of their amenity.
A similar exercise when the tram corridor was being upgraded to allow for the South Road overpass produced positive results for all and there is no reason why this should not be repeated.

Electricification of Noarlunga Rail Line Update

We have been advised that the DPTI (the renamed DTEI-Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure) Rail Electrification Project team will brief Council at the March briefing evening.

During the briefing I will be, and I am sure Jennie will likewise, reinforce the request for a street meeting so that your views can be taken into account, your fears addressed etc.

When this occurs I will blog my understanding of the briefing, including whether or not the timing for the start of this project has been put back to December or not.

Electricification of Noarlunga Rail Line Update

We may have to keep pushing our case with DTEI to make sure we do not get something in Unley we don’t want.

I am led to believe that consultations are occurring now via written feedback submissions and tha t a public meeting is not required given the small number of affected residents. If this is true it would suggest DTEI does not have the same legislative parameters for public consultation we have.

As a resident only 30 metres from the rail line and with only a road between my house and the line I would trust I would be one they will invite written submissions from. As your local member I am keen to know what they are proposing and that it does not have any adverse affect on your amenity.

On a positive note they (DTEI) are still working on the design of those less intrusive rail cross sections and clearance requirements I reported on in my last blog.

Our own staff are also surveying the area to identify opportunities for further greening along the line.

Electricification of Noarlunga Rail Line Update

DTEI have advised the first works on the Noarlunga line are unlikely to begin until July 2012 at the earliest.
The project team from DTEI will provide a project update and a written briefing to elected members in December, and with a subsequent presentation to elected members in January/February.

So it looks like no news for a while.


The picture on the left – a green corridor along Cromer Parade

On the right. Parker Terrace trees – will they survive?
Good news however is a rumour that the infrastructure will not need to be as wide as first thought which is encouraging as this reduces the chances of losing our trees (or having them significantly pruned) along Cromer Parade and along Parker Terrace Clarence Park/Canterbury Terrace Black Forest.