Railworks Revegetation to Commence

The railways projects that have dogged Goodwood South for 18 months take their final works with the re-vegetation to be carried out by Council.

Cromer Parade and Arundel Avenue are the focus in our ward and Forestville Reserve will be the focus of our northern neighbours. Letters to Cromer Parade residents were posted yesterday and Arundel Avenue residents today advising of content and timing schedules.

It will be great to see this happening.

DPTI will be funding Arundel Avenue, and the northern end of Cromer Parade and Council has included the southern end of Cromer Parade in its 2014-15 annual business plan and budget.

Of course when I say final works there remains a number of things DPTI need to do which we have left in the capable hands of your State Local member Steph Key.

Much better than those Purple Dots

During a walk along the line yesterday with Jennie and Steph Key we noticed a great improvement to those throw screens at the Goodwood Junction.

The pictures, depicting the local architectural history, shown here were donated by local resident Molly Birch, and no doubt they have improved her outlook. Well done all involved. I reckon this is great.

And when the mural painting occurs later this year of the 4 sides of the Tram Overpass this area will have received a much needed face lift.

Now what we need is those purple dots to disappear.

Public Meeting re ongoing concerns with Rail Revitalisation Project.

As a number of your neighbours celebrate the saving of the Sugar Gums this afternoon (see separate post on this blog site) the work in getting a fair deal from DPTI is not yet complete.

Many of you would be acutely aware of this. 

Some of you will be aware that Terina Monteagle (the Liberal candidate for Ashford) has undertaken to advocate for us with DPTI on the level pedestrian crossing on the Seaford line (adjacent Fairfax Street, Millswood). As a result of two public meetings concerning this have been held, one attended by Vickie Chapman, the Shadow Treasurer for Transport & Infrastructure.
Others along the corridor (you might be one of them) have asked Terina to look into other unfinished business.
In response to this Terina has organised another public meeting as detailed below. On her behalf sorry about the late notice, she has only just now confirmed the venue.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and come along and air your remaining concerns about the work of DPTI.

A Celebration for once on the Corridor

Residents of Cromer Parade will be celebrating tomorrow afternoon at 5.00 pm with a flag raising.

The celebration of course is probably the most accomplishment of G-RAG during the liaisons with DPTI on the issues that the rail upgrade caused to our suburbs.

Unfortunately I have another commitment at that time but in my absence may I say this:

“As your local representative for the first time on Unley Council, I take pride in being part of a community that not only cherishes its environment but had the strength of character, but also the maturity to meet the threat on our neighbourhood with calm and reasoned debate and action. It has been a difficult and at times an energy sapping and emotionally draining year. We paid a huge price during the time DPTI trespassed into our space, some of us more than others, but the price was worth it. The price of inaction or inappropriate action on our part would have been far greater.
I encourage all of us to keep this community spirit as other major projects touch on our door steps again.
Well Done everyone”.

Passenger Trains Return to Noarlunga Line

Yes the trains are running again. After a few weeks of ghost trains we now have real trains running complete with a handful of passengers.

As promised last week by the Government passengers services are up and running, with a service stopping all stations from and to Noarlunga. Check out the webpage below for a time schedule.


Of course this does not mean DPTI are finished. Far from it.

DPTI says thank you for your patience and tolerance

Free train rides through the Goodwood Junction was the feature of a thank you at Forestville Reserve today.

DPTI conducted what they called a celebration of the project and sent a big thank you to the many residents affected by the disruption to their lives over the last 12 months. There was a steady flow of people through the day, taking the opportunity to partake of a sausage and a smoothie.

Of course DPTI took the opportunity to promote the integrated transport plan on behalf of the government.

Most who attended are looking forward to the project being completed and the trains running again. As many appreciated the service that is yet to be. A number had an opportunity to alert the project management team of issues that still require resolution.

The team have indicted a desire to correct some of these, and there are some that simply wont get fixed. One they have given an undertaking to investigate is the building of a CCTV building at the corner of Arundel Avenue and Cranbrook Avenue. With some luck maybe the Minister will be asked to do what he professes he loves and that is to problem solve by extending the screen along Arundel to match the relocation of the Belair passing loop. One that wont be fixed is the relocation of the fence along Canterbury Terrace at Black Forest to assist in making that street safer for all road users. The adjacent services make this impossible.

The besser block building at Cranbrook Avenue apparently was designed by the contractor and members of the management team had no idea of its size or location. The problems this creates for residents of this area and in particular the resident on the north side, western end of Arundel Avenue would be investigated on Monday was the undertaking we received.

Hopefully a solution will be forthcoming that will at least minimize if not eradicate the new visual intrusion into the amenity of this suburb.

As I took the free ride which went from the Goodwood Station to, coincidentally a spot on the track where I used to live, I contemplated the service to come and when that might be. I was advised that the diesel trains will be back up and running in December. Dont know when in December which may mean I have to find alternate transport to get to the Test at Adelaide Oval.

In my estimation, noting they could not advise me, the electrical trains are still a good 3 months away. For anyone not contacted by the DPTI public relations team all work on the line from now on will be at night. This is to provide the opportunity to test the trains on the track, both diesel and electric. It will also provide the opportunity to train their drivers in operating the electric trains.

Safety Issues created by Goodwood Junction works addressed.

Safety issues only identified during the construction process of the Goodwood Junction project have been addressed by collaboration but no consultation.

It became clear during the latter stages of the various rail projects around what has become known as Goodwood Junction that there were going to be driver, bike, pedestrian safety issues for traffic using Victoria Street.

As a result and following a detailed risk assessment and receipt of local feedback, DPTI and Council’s Traffic Experts have implemented left turn in only from Victoria Street to Lyons Parade. This has been deemed the safest design solution for this junction.

Two way movements along the length of Lyons Parade have been maintained, however, all movements at the junction of Lyons Parade and Victoria Street are now prohibited, with the exception of Left Turn In, which is permitted.

West bound Victoria Street traffic from Goodwood Road can access Lyons Parade via Foster Street or Newman Street.

Victoria Street Open to cars

The rail grade separation and electrification works are coming to an end with Victoria Street, Millswood open to traffic.

There is still much to be done to be finally complete and while workers will  frequent the area there will be safety guards present at the crossing.

I noticed when visiting the site early this afternoon that sound attenuation walling is yet to commence and the Greenways bike path from the crossing back to Cromer Parade has yet to be bituminised. Of course electrification works  are well short of finished.

There are of course a number of resident concerns yet to be resolved with DPTI. Jennie & I will be seeking another audience with Rod Hook if we feel resolutions are not forthcoming in the near future.

The Belair line will be closed overnight throughout October

The following courtesy of Jessica Haines of the Mitcham & Hills Messenger.

The Belair line will be closed overnight throughout October.
The line will be closed between 10pm and 5.30am for works on the adjacent Noarlunga line from Tuesday, October 1, to Thursday, October 31.
Trains will only operate between Belair and Mitcham 8am–6pm on weekends and on Monday, October 7, and Monday, October 21.
Bus substitute services will be available during rail closures.
For more information call Adelaide Metro on 1300 311 108 or visitwww.adelaidemetro.com.au .

DPTI presents Community Wildlife Project to Neighbourhood Watch

At the invitation of Clarence Park Neighbourhood Watch DPTI presented their proposals to re-establish the local wildlife disturbed by the recent rail revitilisation works through Unley.

This project, in partnership with the City of Unley and the NRM Board, will provide an opportunity for people to work them to return wildlife habitat to where it has been impaired or destroyed as the rail project rolled out over the last 9 months.

DPTI have undertaken to fund and facilitate community wildlife project information centres and nesting-box building workshops with students from surrounding schools. Examples of the boxes where available at the presentation. They showed video of the students of Black Forest and Goodwood Primary Schools enthusiastically committing to protecting their local environment.

This program, as reported before in this blog, is an extension of our very own nesting-box program; a program that has seen from memory some 30 boxes located mainly in the eastern parts of the City of Unley. This brings it out west.

More information can be found at www.infrastructure.sa.gov.au/RR