Ridge Park Storm water capture nearly complete.

The major component of the stormwater capture and re-use works at Ridge Park is nearly completed and the park is ready to be re-opened to the public.

Temporary fencing that currently quarantines the work site  is to be removed on Monday and Tuesday next week and full park access will then  become available again.
There is still commissioning and testing of the pump and filtration equipment underway which results in varying water levels across the three ornamental ponds but we expect to achieve set levels and continuously trickling water between the ponds in the next few weeks.
This continues the water sustainability policy that council has been progressing for a number of years

Unley forges ahead with Stormwater Management

While the Brownhill Creek Flood Mitigation design continues to dominate the news and the air waves the City of Unley are working steadily along the path of improving our stormwater management building on what we have already done.

A design for a Managed Aquifer Recharge project at Ridge Park (top end of Glen Osmond Road) is now out for public consultation. Refer the link to our website which provides you the opportunity to contribute.


Water from Hamilton Boulevard-Unley leading the way

The recent re-development of Johnstone Terrace at Wayville, now named Hamilton Boulevard was much more than providing a nice new streetscape.

The project incorporated an underground storm/recycled water tank storage. This water is now being accessed for our street tree watering program.
While this supply is a reasonably small amount (around 7,000litres/day) in the larger scheme of what Unley utilises in a year, combined with access to GAP water for parks it is all part of a larger picture to make Unley less reliant on mains potable water.
The picture below show our street water trucks refilling/refuelling ready to water more of our street trees.