Solar Easy Update

The Solar Shop has now been placed into liquidation.

We have been re-assured that the Solar Shop liquidation has nothing to do with the ongoing sale of the business, or the servicing of Solar Shop customers including our residents. It is a procedural matter. Eastern Regional Alliance (the 7 councils partcipating in this scheme) customers will still receive their panels from the new company of Solar Shop under control of Australian Solar Electric and Premier Solar Group.

As a quick update there are, in ERA, about 60 Solar Easy customers pending, and all have been contacted. Bookings for installs are expected to occur next week, with the new owner still planning to have all installations completed by Christmas. (They are awaiting arrival of a shipment of Suntech panels).

Solar Easy Update

I have sighted a letter from PPB Advisory confirming they have been appointed Joint & Several Administrators for the Solar Shop Australia Pty Ltd.

If I understand the contents of the letter you should have received a copy if you are recognise as a creditor. If you have not received the letter I suggest you contact Mrs Emma Olsen at this office on 08 8211 7800.

It would appear that those of us who are creditors must seek leave of the court if we wish to continue with any enforcement action against the company. PPB Advisory can provide the relevant forms.

The first meeting of creditors has been convened for Wednesday 2 November 2011 at 11.00 am and will be held in Ballroom C, The Hilton Hotel, 233 Victoria Square, Adelaide South Australia. A second meeting has been scheduled for 25 November.

PPB Advisory have been advised, according to the letter, by the Receivers and managers (Ferrier Hodgson), that a contract to sell the business has been signed. It is believed that the purchaser has undertaken to complete the majority, if not all, of the installation contracts and that deposits paid on those contracts will be recognised as payments on the installations.

Solar Scheme promise by the Receiver

“We will continue to ensure that everyone who had signed up for solar panels gets them”, a spokesman for the Liquidators Ferrier Hodgson said recently.

This quote I have taken from an article in this week’s Eastern Courier.

Good news indeed for those still waiting for their units. If the receiver believes the business can be sold then we can be reasonably assured that everyone’s contract will be fulfilled.

The Solar Shop – 1st Update

In my earlier post today I indicated an expectation that we will endeavour to keep our residents up to date with what is happening.
I have received an email from our administration confirming that they intend, along with all the other councils involved in this scheme, to keep everyone up to date. That being the case I will attempt to pass on what I hear as soon as I get it.
So where is it right now?
The Solar Shop has gone in to receivership. The Receivers, Ferrier Hodgson, will keep the business trading while they explore sale options.
They have advised as follows:
1                     If you have a pending installation it will proceed as planned.
2                     Any deposits paid are unsecured debts and not repayable, at least at this time.
3                     If you have paid a deposit and do not proceed  you will forfeit your payment.
4                     The same applies to any prepayment made. If you elect not to continue you will lose your payment.
5                     Customers who place new orders and pay a deposit after the date of liquidation (7 September 2011) will have their deposits placed in trust and will get their payment back if the company is unable to fulfil its obligations.
6                     You must allow the solar shop to install, rather than find someone else to avoid losing any prepayments.
7                     If you have any queries regarding installation ring the Solar Shop customer care centre on 133765
8                     If you have any queries regarding the receivership you can email to [email protected] or ring Ferrier Hodgson Hotline on (03) 9604 5130
Hoping this helps anyone who is involved in this scheme.

The Solar Shop

The preferred supplier, after an exhaustive process undertaken by the City of Unley and a number of other Councils, has come unstuck and yours truly has been caught up in it.

The Solar Shop has gone broke. I must say I am not surprised because in my own case their ability to communicate with my wife and indeed between themselves were leaving us uneasy about where the process of us getting solar panels was heading. With the Government deadline so close I guess I now know.

I am not sure where to from here but if Council has an opportunity to assist in the process I will pass on whatever to any of my readers.