Unley Museum opens new exhibit

Dr Christine Garnaut, director of The University of South Australia Architectural Museum opened the newest exhibition at the Unley Museum. An exhibition apparently 2 years in the making.

This is an exhibition called Bungalows and Beyond, depicting the birth of Bungalows in Unley, predating the post war bungalow frenzy around Adelaide. It is a photographic history of bungalows built before the great war, and architect designed.
This opened the door for the trendy proliferation of bungalows around Adelaide after the war, invariably without Architectural input. An exhibition worth seeing for anyone interested in the history of Unley, and/or an interest in protecting Unley’s built form.
The Unley Museum is tucked away around the corner from the Civic Centre in Edmund Avenue. It is run by volunteers and partly funded by the Friends of the Museum with assistance from council. The curator Elizabeth Hartnell is doing a great job.
To Elizabeth and her team. Congratulations.
Pay the museum a visit. It is worth it.

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Unley Museum Silver Collection Exhibition

Following up from my recent blog on the Silver Collection at the Unley Museum this article from the daily e-newspaper “INDAILY” refers

And while we are talking Unley Museum  I congratulate Elizabeth Hartnell as the newly appointed Museum Curator for the Unley Museum. Elizabeth has been looking after the Museum for the last 12 months and we are now fortunate to have her services moving forward.
Well done Elizabeth. You have endeared yourself to all in Unley.

Unley Museum Silver Collection Exhibition

Mayor Lachlan Clyne opened the new exhibition at the Unley Museum last week.
Volunteers, Friends, Councillors, Curators, Mayors and members of the museum and history community attended. The afternoon included speeches from Mayor Clyne, Anne Milne (Friends of the Unley Museum President), and Elizabeth Hartnell (current Curator).

The new exhibition is the Silver Selection from Our Collection.

Come stop by the Museum at 80 Edmund Avenue in Unley for your own viewing of the Silver Selection. It is a collection of exhibits found by people invited by the Musuem to peruse their archives for items that mean something to them.

Amongst the many exhibits you can view a picture of England v South Australia at (yes) Unley Oval way back; a doctors ear syringe, a cash register, a morse code machine (the start of technology as we know it today). An original bed pan, complete with instructions for use for maximum comfort of the patient clearly is a classic.

For those who may interested I was one of the invitees and I chose a pew sheet from St Augustine’s Anglican Church from Anzac Day of 1933. As a Warden at St Augustine’s and Anzac Day being very special to me I was delighted to include it in the exhibition.

I am not going to tell you what else is there. You have to see it for yourself.

For those who have (as the add a few years ago said) “been there too1” you will love the stroll down memory lane to an Unley that used to be.