Make a splash and help us to raise funds for people living with MS

Make a splash and help raise funds for people living with MS. Join in this 24-hour relay challenge at the Unley Swimming Centre, Forestville, either on your own or as part of a team!

The Annual MS Mighty Swim is on again this Saturday at the Unley Swimming Centre. You are invited to come along to make a splash. What an ideal day out. Probably the best option available on the day. The weather is forecast to be 37 and sunny. A cool change from what we expect in the next few days.

MS Mighty Swim encourages individuals and teams to compete by swimming the longest distance in a set 24 hour period!

The concept of the swim is simple. Each team (up to 30 swimmers) must have a member swimming in the pool at all times. Grab some mates and join in the fun! You can also get in some training in the heat of the next few days.

If you don’t have a team, you can still take part. Register online, set yourself a swimming goal and join us on the day, even if it’s just for an hour or two. It’s a great weekend event to get the whole family involved and support people living with MS in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

I did this with the Mayor and the Minister from my Church a couple of years back. While it was great fun this year my focus will be to be there and support those supporting MS.

For more information, please visit

Free Fridays at forefront of Swimming Centre Awards

The Unley Swimming Centre was announced as the winner of two separate awards at the annual awards ceremony of the Parks and Leisure Australia and Recreation South Australia 2015 Sate Conference.

Recreation South Australia- Channel 9 2015 Watch Around Water Community Innovation Award
The 2015 Watch Around Water – Nine Adelaide Community Innovation Award is coordinated by Recreation SA to recognise and reward outstanding registered Watch Around Water Centre’s who promote the Watch Around Water safety messages, beyond the marketing tools that are provided by Recreation SA and recognise creativity and innovation and active contribution to Watch Around Water’s water safety message.
The Swimming Centre team are particularly proud of this award as we are the inaugural winner. Our innovative Centre first introduced Watch Around Water and its principles to the South Australia in 2006.
The second award was the,
Recreation South Australia- CASA  2015 Leisure Community Fitness and Recreation Initiative Award
Free Friday 1The 2015 CASA Leisure South Australian Community Fitness and Recreation Initiative Award is coordinated by Recreation SA to recognise and reward organisations or individuals developing positive community fitness and/or recreation initiatives. This initiative will be an ongoing or repeatable (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, annual) program that meets a community need, demonstrates inclusivity, community involvement, usability and accessibility.
The award was received for the Free Friday Initiative and the Swim Centre team recognised all Elected members who unanimously endorsed this initiative to operate.

Escape the Heat

Escape the heat – Unley Swimming Centre extends its hours tonight

The Unley Swimming Centre will be extending its hours today Monday 13 January, and will now be closing at 8:45pm instead of the scheduled 8:00pm closure.

If you and your family are looking for a way to escape this heat, why not come on down for a dip?
Unley Swimming Centre – Ethel Street, Forrestville

MS Mighty Swim around the corner

This year’s MS Mighty Swim at the Unley Swimming Centre is getting close and the City of Unley would like to contribute again with a team.

Believe it or not we are coming up on a 10 year partnership with the M.S Society and almost $500,000 raised!
This season the event is occurring over the weekend of Saturday 8th and Sunday 9thof February 2014. The event consists of teams of up to 20 people who compete as a team to raise the most funds and swim the greatest distance over a 24 hour period.
Traditionally the City of Unley has fielded a team and been very successful, our greatest achievement coming in 2012 when we raised $12,000 for the MS society and covered 97km.
It is not about winning (although it is nice), it is about having fun and doing something selfless for others. Please note you do not have to be a great swimmer to be involved.
This year it would be great for the City of Unley,  to continue the tradition and enter a team.  It would be even better if some new, fresh faces took up the challenge and got involved.
Why not train for the event to help you achieve some of your own personal fitness goals?
We are currently looking for the following;
          A team captain – As it sounds to lead and organise the team (I am happy to mentor)
          Swimming team members (I swam last year but reckon I will leave it to others this year)
          A fundraising co-ordinator
          Fundraising team members and support staff
Please do not hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions.
Get involved and feel great about yourself!

Beat the Heat

Take advantage of the extended hours offered by the Unley Swimming Centre.

Unley Swimming Centre is remaining open this coming Friday (20 December). They will remain open until 7 pm.

What a great way to beat the heat.

Free Fridays to Continue

Council this week decided to keep the free Fridays for the Swimming Centre at Forestville Reserve that we trialed late last season.

The result is casual entry to the Unley Swimming Centre will be free on Fridays from 5 pm, commencing 7 February 2014 and concluding 23 May 2014.

But don’t wait till then. We are told this is going to be hot year so get down there and take advantage of a great facility.

Unley Swim Centre Manger Wins Award

Unley’s west again leads the way in the sporting arena. This time the Swimming Centre features on the State Stage.

Nathan Byles (Unley Swim Centre Manager) received the prestigious award of The 2013 South Australian Aquatic Industry Person of the Year.
This award recognises and  outstanding achievement in the South Australian aquatic industry.   Nathan has received this award for his committed to improving and advancing the industry in South Australia and for demonstrating innovation and exceptional customer service. 
Well done Nathan. I reckon an award well adjudged.


New high efficiency boilers will provide an annual cost saving to the Centre of $14k and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 4000 tonnes a year.

Nathan Byles, Swimming Centre Manager, explained how the heaters operated, “Instead of running directly through a boiler, pool water will be diverted past heating coils. This highly efficient system requires less maintenance and will decrease the wear and tear on equipment experienced from previous direct contact with chlorinated water.”
Mr Byles says the boiler chimneys look a bit like two steam trains running down a track. “When you see the chimneys, don’t be alarmed, it is not smoke, they are expelling highly condensed steam. It’s a positive thing, the steam dissipates and results in low carbon emissions”.
By replacing the Unley Swimming Centre’s gas heaters with a more efficient operating system, the City of Unley has demonstrated a clear commitment to enhancing the local communities’ health and wellbeing.
The Centres recent installation of solar panels and implementation of various water saving initiatives further contribute to the City of Unley’s commitment to a sustainable city.
The Centre will open for the 2013/2014 season on Saturday 14 September.