Have you ever considered volunteering. Council can help find a suitable opportunity.


A number of volunteering opportunities are shown on Council’s Volunteer Vacancies Noticeboard.


Please contact the Volunteer Management Officer on 8372 5116 or  [email protected]for more information or to register your interest in any of the positions listed below. Insurance, support and out of pocket expenses are available to all registered volunteers.



The Community Visitors Scheme matches volunteers with a resident living in a local nursing home who have little contact with family and friends. This role suits people who have an interest in older people, enjoy conversation and want to bring some joy into another persons life. The expectation is that the volunteer will visit once a fortnight however more frequent visiting is allowed. This program offers a lot of flexibility as volunteers can visit on any day of the week and at a time that suits them and the resident.

Would you like to volunteer and make a difference in a person’s life?

The Community Visitors Scheme has for over 20 years provided support to older residents, through volunteer visits either weekly or fortnightly for conversation. During these one to one visits, histories are shared, friendships developed and links are made back to community.  For resident’s their wellbeing is greatly improved, they look forward to the visits and their isolation is reduced on many levels.

Are you a person who is friendly, compassionate, understanding and patient?

Do you enjoy talking with older people within our community?

Volunteers who live within the Cities of Unley and Burnside are needed to visit and have conversation, you will be trained and supported and assistance is provided in obtaining a police clearance. The volunteer role can be either weekly or fortnightly. You will be matched with a resident to have a chat and reduce the isolation and loneliness of an older person. We have ten volunteer (10) positions available to join this program where the need is enormous.


Feeling a little lonely?

Did you know there are many older people living within your community who are extremely isolated?

As men and women become older and household chores and outings become more difficult to manage. Older people may be referred for an assessment to an Aged Care Provider Organisation in order to receive some help in the home.  For a small cost assistance is provided to enable an older person to live in their own home for as long as possible.

It may be changing the bed sheets once a fortnight, or hanging out some washing, sometimes it is picking up groceries from the supermarket.  All of these chores enable an older person to live in their home for a much longer period.

What about the rest of the week?  No longer able to attend community events or visit friends because their drivers licence has been handed in.  Not able to visit long term neighbours and friends as they have either predeceased or are living in aged care homes. No longer able to walk and catch a bus.  We also have some older people, whose family members have moved interstate or overseas and due to their busy lives telephone calls are infrequent.

It can be a long lonely day with just the radio or television for company.

Within this group of residents many experience great loneliness and our aim is to provide a free service by providing volunteers to visit isolated and lonely older people in their own homes, in order to reduce that loneliness.

Eligibility for this program is that a resident must be receiving a Commonwealth funded Home Care Package. If you would like to know more please call Lexie Raven 8372 5191 or email[email protected]


In this role volunteers go out in pairs to the homes of elderly residents where they attend to small gardening jobs i.e. potting plants, light pruning, sweeping paths, weeding and general tidying.  This role will suit those with an interest in being outside and assisting elderly people remain in their own homes.  The time commitment is a morning or an afternoon per week or fortnight.


The Unley Community Centre provides a low cost 3 course meal to elderly residents on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. There are often opportunities for volunteers to assist with food preparation, waiting or washing dishes between 9.30 – 1.00pm in the circuit Meal Service.


This project aims to capture the rich and compelling stories about the people who frequent our Community Centres. The stories will become part of the cultural history, recording the impact Community Centres have on people’s lives.  This role would appeal to those who enjoy meeting new people and have a flair for writing.


Suitably qualified JP’s are invited to express an interest in joining our JP roster consisting of three hour shifts.  The service operates on Monday and Wednesday 9.00 – 3.00pm, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9.00 – 12.00 noon.


The Unley Museum at 80 Edmund Avenue, Unley is recruiting volunteers to undertake a variety of roles on Tuesday morning or afternoon and Wednesday morning.  Roles may include interacting with visitors, researching historical enquiries and undertaking specific historical projects based on individual skills and interests.  Registrations of interest are welcome.  More information about the Museum can be found at www.unley.sa.gov.au/museum

Urgent need:  Now recruiting for the Education Team who assist when school groups visit the Museum during the first and second Tuesday morning of each month.


T.O.Y.S. volunteers meet at Clarence Park Community Centre Shed where they work on a variety of practical projects including the repair of wooden toys, restoration of dolls furniture, building bird houses and other creative community projects. The Shed is open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 9.00am – 12noon.


The Graffiti ‘Tag Team’ are aiming to do themselves out of a job. Individually, they remove graffiti in their own neighbourhood at a time that suits them, using environmentally friendly products. Two more volunteers living in the Fullarton, Highgate and Myrtle Bank area are currently being sought. Before committing you are invited to meet the coordinator for a demonstration of the easy to use products.


This program links residents of local Supported Residential Facilities (SRF) with leisure and social activities in their community. Staff and volunteers support residents in getting involved in sewing groups, cooking sessions, art activities, walking groups, social outings and computer courses. There is scope for more volunteers to join the program on week-days and also Saturday.


A volunteer program providing social support through one-on-one transport assistance foreligible residents who are frail aged to attend medical related appointments and social activities within the City ofUnley.

The Social Transport Program assists eligible residents to attend primarily medical related appointments and some social activities within Council, as a means of maintaining their independence to remain living in their own homes for as long as possible.

A group of approximately 20 volunteer drivers, who use their own vehicles and a courtesy car supplied by the Bendigo Bank to transport residents, support this door-to-door service, Monday to Friday 9 – 4pm.

The program welcomes new volunteer drivers.   Volunteer mileage expenses are reimbursed by Council.

If you are, or know of someone who would be interested in becoming a member of the program, as a client or volunteer, please contact the Coordinator, Social Transport Program, telephone 8372 5405.


Clarence Park Community Centre offers sessional childcare on Tuesday to Friday from 9.00am – 1.00pm.  Paid workers manage the program and volunteers add value by assisting with setting up craft activities, assisting with snacks and assisting with day to day tasks. This role is paticularly suited to people who are studying or have a background in the field of childcare or education.


The City of Unley Volunteer Vacancies

After my recent post challenging the Baby boomers to prove the Drivers wrong here are chances if ever you have considered volunteering for your community? The city of Unley has the following Volunteer Vacancies

Gardening Project – seeking people with a passion for potting plants, light trimming & small areas of weeding in the homes of elderly residents
Hospitality – opportunities for food preparation or serving afternoon tea at the Unley Community Centre.
Friendly visiting – in local aged care nursing homes.
Children services – supporting staff in providing fun and meaningful activities.
Museum – now recruiting to build the education team. Fortnightly, half day program.
For more information please contact [email protected] or phone 83725116
Click here for more volunteering opportunities.

Hope Rests on People Helping

That is the title of an Eastern Courier Article this week by Megan Dillon which can be accessed here.

My Title might well read

Where are the Boomers?

I have been hearing predominantly for a number of years now from the Driver generation that the Baby Boomers area  lazy bunch that refuse to get out and volunteer. This article would tend to support this observation by the Drivers.

The counter argument from the Boomers is that they offer to volunteer only to be dictated to by the Drivers as to how to do something, when to do something and that you will do it my way and don’t argue. These Boomers argue that the Drivers are still treating them (The Boomers at 50 and 60 years of age) as kids that should be seen and not heard. They claim they are not willing to be treated as kids and would volunteer if they (the Boomers) were treated as adults who can think and make good decisions on how to do something.

Well the time is upon us Boomers. It is our turn.The time to step up to the plate is now and prove that we will and do volunteer.

The Drivers are slowly but surely no longer able to volunteer. Boomers are becoming available. Councils and not for profits all need volunteers.

Boomers! Are the Drivers correct….we are lazy….or are we going to take our turn and show them we can and do.

Can you Help….You Can help

Community Visitors Scheme

The Community Visitors Scheme aims to enrich the quality of life for residents of aged care facilities who have been identified as being socially isolated or lonely and would benefit from a friendly visit by a volunteer.
Volunteers are matched with a resident in an aged care facility who they visit regularly. The Community Visitors Scheme Coordinator will endeavour to match visitors with residents who have similar interests or backgrounds. Most Volunteer Visitors find the friendship as enjoyable and rewarding as the resident does.
Training and support is offered to visitors to assist them to adapt to the role and understand the needs of residents. The Community Visitors Scheme is funded by the Federal Government and supported by the City ofUnley.
Listen to the stories of our older people. Wonderful histories, interesting lives.

Are you a very good listener and love to have a chat? Listening and talking is all that is required. Your commitment, once a week or once a fortnight, is up to you. You can choose the day and time of the week you visit.
Can you give your time to help someone who is lonely? Friendly visiting of a person who is socially isolated living in aged care. Training and Support provided, as well as reimbursement of out of pocket expenses. Visit a person living in a local Residential Aged Care Home.
Download the Flyer:
Please contact Karen Jenkinson – Volunteer Management Officer on 8372 5116 or Lexie Raven – Coordinator of CVS on 8372 5191.