Leah Street finally completed

With the speed humps installed the Leah Street reconstruction has finally been completed.

After extensive local consultation the redevelopment of this road has been redeveloped and the installation of the speed control humps mark the final phase of construction.

I have to admit I was taken by surprise when driving down Leah Street on Thursday to see the humps being installed. It has been some time since work was done.

The locals I understand see this as a success storey but the work was not yet complete when a resident in my ward expressed concerns that the humps were back. I have just spent some time as a guest in their home during which time they made some good observations about their installation.

Firstly, as a nearby resident who uses the street daily they were not consulted. Secondly,they see convergence issues as drivers try to navigate the humps by positioning their vehicles over the humps but challenged by on coming traffic, particularly buses, to pull back.

Finally, as a daily user of the street, they are concerned that traffic in future may avoid the problems identified above by diverting down nearby residential streets.

So for me I reflect for future projects how far should consultation reach and when dealing with traffic issues where are the geographic boundaries when coming up with solutions. In other words how do we avoid creating problems in adjacent streets in order to solve the issues in one street.

I am thankful for their input in moving forward.


  1. Anonymous   •  

    It will def make the street safer for the residents and pedestrians by slowing and reducing unwanted thru traffic. it is a side street.

  2. Ron   •  

    I have a query on Jennie Boisvert’s blog, but am waiting for a reply.
    Does Jenny live in Goodwood South or in fact in the city of Unley.
    A neighbor has told me that she lives in the city. It seems that left Unley for the city before the last election.
    Is tha true?

    • Yes Jennie lives in the City but still has property in Goodwood South.

      I was the only candidate at the last election living within the ward boundaries.

    • Serena   •  

      Don, I like the way that you operate. Straight forward, no nonsense, no hidden information.
      I’ll be giving you my vote of confidence at the next election. I want my local Councillor to actually live in the area.
      Keep up the good work.

    • Sue   •  

      I also like your practical and sensible approach.
      I believe that we are well represented by you Don.
      Having you living in the ward means that you are accessible.
      I’m disappointed that Jennie Boisvert was not upfront about where she lives.

  3. Sandra   •  

    I understand that Jennie lives in the city of Adelaide and not within the boundary of the city of Unley. I’m told that she has a rental property somewhere in Unley. Is that correct?

    • Olga   •  

      A friend at the community centre said that she lives off Hutt Street in Adelaide and has a rental property at Unit 3, 45 Opey Avenue, Hyde Park. It seems that she gets to nominate for Council because of the rental property.
      Personally I would prefer that she lived in our local ward. There’s no way she can commute across town to address local issues.

    • Teresa   •  

      Hey Olga, you’re right.
      If you check out Jennie’s blog, see at the bottom it has the Opey avenue address. She doesn’t live there. Is that legal? Surely she should have her correct address which is the one off Hutt Street in Adelaide.
      I agree, I want the local Councillor to live in my area, not across town in another Council area.
      It all sounds a bit sus.

    • Julie   •  

      If this is true then I do not think that it is right.
      Jennie should have come clean and told us at the last election that lived in Adeliade.
      I feel let down.
      I’ll remember this at the next election.

    • If I may in responding to the joint observations from Sandra, Olga, Teresa and Julie as follows:

      There is no rule indicating that an elected member should live in the Ward they represent. Indeed the Mayor of West Torrens lives in Unley.

      This means Jennie is entitled to stand for election. It is up to the rate payers in the Ward to decide if they want someone outside the Ward to represent them or not.

      As it was back in 2010 I was the only person living in the ward in that election.

      By the way Jennie did live in the Ward for a significnat length of time and as a result is quite intimate with the area.

      Hope this helps.

    • Peter   •  

      It may be legal, but surely Jennie should live in the area.
      It seems to be catching. I’ve heard that our Mayor also no longer lives in Unley. He sold his house.

  4. Mary   •  

    I like having Jennie as my Councillor, she is hard working and always has our best interests at heart . Where she lives is not relevant as she is always in our ward working for us. She has lots of innovative ideas and gets things done in both our ward and in the City. She responds to my emails, answers her phone and meets with me whenever I ask. She keeps us informed of what is happening in our City in both her blog and in regular newsletters and has done so for many years. Jennie has lived in the this city for nearly 30 years, that’s good enough for me.

  5. Les   •  

    I’d rather judge someone on the he principle of what they say and do rather than where they live. Jennie still has my vote.

    • Amie   •  

      Hey Les, I wold be giving the vote to Don.
      A real achiever who lives in the area.
      He’s active and doesn’t have to commute to get to the area.

    • Rebecca   •  

      I agree with Amie.
      Don lives here and doesn’t have to drive from across town.
      He is always available.
      I was impressed by the time he spent at the SASME event to view the Goodwood Junction project.

    • Polly   •  

      Yes, but there is an expectation that the councillor will live in the ward or at least in Unley

    • Andrew   •  

      Actually Jennie was at the SASMEE event for the entire time as well. In fact I have never attended an event when I would have expected my Councillors to be in attendance that she has not been there.

  6. John   •  

    I want my Councillor to be accessible too but with modern communication both our Councillors are just a couple of mouse clicks away. Both have responded quickly to my concerns.

  7. Thank you on Jennie’s behalf to Mary, Les & John for their input.

    Whilst this blog site is a public forum and you can contribute how you wish may I suggest to all who have contributedon this blog post it was meant to be about Leah Street and not Jennie. It is great to see that people are reading my blogs and I am thnakful for the positive comments made about me. This gives me confidence that I am doing a good job.

    Can I please suggest however that observations be focused on the topic at hand of any post I make. I look for your observations in order to help me work for you. On this occasion the observations have not been helpful because they have not focused on Leah Street.

  8. James   •  

    A man with integrity ,such as yourself, should never have allowed their website to be used to bully another Councillor. The comments should be removed.

    • Reg   •  

      Get real James.
      There is not even a whiff of bullying in this blog.
      It needs to be remembered that Don’s comments did not solicit all the other comments. So Don can not be held accountable for bullying.
      Besides, I reckon Jennie is tough enough to take all the comments on the chin. She certainly wouldn’t be making any fuss about being bullied.

  9. Anonymous   •  

    A councillor does not need to live in the ward they represent.

    Also, the comments on this blog need to be approved as they fall under the electoral act. I suggest you change the settings so that people cannot make anonymous comments. They may be fake for all we know.

    • Michael   •  

      aaarrhhh that be you Jennie Boisvert.
      Whoever, you should be putting your name instead of hiding behind anonymous

    • Trish   •  

      I reckon Don has a democratic right to approve people to leave comments as they see fit. So, in a way the comments are approved. You need to get a life Anonymous. You obviously need to get out more rather than playing by the rules that suit you.

    • Anonymous   •  

      “Michael” and “Trish” may very well be fake names. I am not whom you say by the way. In any case, putting comments boosting a particular position on a blog is a fairly transparent tactic.

  10. Anonymous   •  

    You are weak Don for not getting on top of this right from the first comment to stop people from using your Blog as a means of attacking a hard working Councillor.
    Jennie may not live in the area but she works hard and represents the Ward extremely well. You need to show more integrity.

  11. Sam   •  

    Jennie comments again!

  12. Anonymous   •  

    I think Jennie would have better things to do!
    Do not assume that it is Jennie because it is NOT.
    Ill informed Bloggers should make an effort to get their facts right rather than clouding issues with emotion.

  13. Anonymous   •  

    Trish, Don may not be looking at the comments before they are published.
    This IS NOT a good idea!

    • Reeve   •  

      Hey Anonymous, why not use your real name like most others.
      From my legal understanding of blogging, Don has a legal right to let comments auto-publish. Further, he is not accountable for anything that is published.

  14. Anonymous   •  

    How do you know that the other bloggers are using their real names. At least I am being honest.
    I made no comment about legal rights and legal accountability.
    What I am saying is that it is a stupid practice. You do not know who is going to get hurt. With Don’s extensive connections in the community it leaves the field wide open.
    The growth of social media has outstripped laws of accountability however that is no excuse for abrogation of responsibility. What has happened to the moral content of society that it thinks something is alright provided there is no law against it?

  15. Interesting to see all the comments that continue to run on this post, none of which addresed the initial post I made.

    You know what, at the end of the day, everyone probably is right, even thought their views may have differed form others. Why?

    Because on the question being debated it is simply a point of view, which we are all entitled to.

    I do wish to make a couple of points and in so doing encouarge us all to get back to the issues that face this lovely City and (in particular) the Goodwood South Ward.

    Firstly, it has come to my novice blogging attention that I can set filters that allow me to decide what comments I am willing to allow to go to air. This I was not aware of and I will be seeking advice shortly on how to do this. Yes-I am far from being a tech head, as those that know me would be aware.

    Secondly, it was always my intention to delete any comment put to air that was derogatory, threatneing, abusive, insulting. I thank everyone for not stepping over that line.

    And Finally.

    I think everyone has had an airing and there is little to achieve in further commentary on this topic. Certainly if filetering is possible I give everyone notice that once it is set up I will take the view that future comments about Jennie serve no purpose and will therfore be filtered and not go to air.

    I look forward to your views on future posts I make and trust that we can leave personalities out of it.

  16. Beccy   •  

    Did you get bullied Don?

  17. Anonymous   •  

    Good idea Don.

  18. Jan   •  

    It is probably a sensible approach.
    Keep up the good work Don.

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