1. christine   •  

    Surely this isn’t happening. How many are they proposing to cut down and for what reason.

  2. The theory Christine, is that pruning or removal will be necessary to allow installation of the electric rail network.

    I am not certain but I think residents in Cromer Parade have had concessions to all but maybe now only one.

    The argument being put to DPTI by the residents is that the corridor is surely wide enough to allow the infrastructure to be positioned such that the trees can be saved.

    As the sign says you can add your voice to the argument by ringing the number shown on the poster.

  3. Syndicate Project   •  

    I have been there doing some work for this project. I was also abused by a resident & called a criminal for just doing my job. Never have i been so disrespect by an older person in this fashion. I will be seeking an apology from this group & the resident concerned as she also had a sign like this on her fence.

    • That is disturbing and I feel for what has happened to you. As you say, you were only doing your job. I will pass your concerns on to the residents group who I am certain will also feel for you. Whilst I cannot speak for an un-named person I apologise on behalf of my neighbourhood.

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