City of Unley responds to Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy

City of Unley last night responded to the City of Adelaide, Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy. Our submission promotes a joint approach to making the South Parklands a green open space that residents of the City of Unley could proudly call their own.


With their kind invitation and our submission the Adelaide City Council and the City of Unley are working together to improve the south parklands. The City of Adelaide has recognised that much of their focus on the south parklands has been city centric, concentrating on the South Terrace side and ignoring by comparison the Greenhill Road side.

The City of Unley equally is recognising that the South Park Lands is an important facility for it’s own community. This will become more obvious as and when higher density development occurs along Greenhill Road as part of the Government’s 30 year plan.

The Adelaide Park Lands Authority is currently reviewing the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy. This document guides the future of the Park Lands. The review is currently in an engagement phase and the Authority has offered the City of Unley the opportunity to respond with a formal submission.

The South Park Lands present a tremendous opportunity to provide direct benefits to the City of Unley:

• To provide sporting facilities and playing fields for the City’s residents;
• To contribute open space to support higher density residential development; and
• To create an improved level of amenity to promote the attraction and connectivity between the City of Unley and the CBD, and the southern Park Lands themselves.

The City of Unley has both the highest residential density and the lowest provision of open space (2.6%) for the inner metropolitan Councils available.

Should you wish to see what we have said in our submission check it out on our website.

City of Adelaide asks City of Unley to help shape the future of the South Parklands.

The City of Adelaide is reviewing the future of the parklands that surround the city and has invited us to help shape the future of the south parklands. You too are invited to help shape the future of that part of the parklands we could call our own.


Picture1 (1)Shaping the future of the parklands is an important project for the City of Unley and their residents. It will become even more so as our population becomes more dense, particularly along our northern border.

Unley has the smallest amount of green open space of any council in South Australia.2% of our area is green open space. The next lowest is Burnside with 9%. The parklands of course are on our door step and what a great opportunity we have to shape them to provide us with additional space.

Go to their web site and see what they are thinking. Take the opportunity while there to contribute.

I have provided my observations to our administration to assist them in preparing Council’s submission to the consultation.