Update on People Power Post this evening

Low and behold. I post (only an hour or so ago) that the people impacted by the rail projects in the City of Unley want Council to get involved. I go out to tea. I get back and I have received the 2nd newsletter from GRAG (see earlier post) confirming what I was posting.

A copy of the newsletter can be seen below. If you would like Council to get involved in a State Government Project please let me know by

responding to this blog post
emailing me
ringing me

Here is a copy of their newsletter

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  1. Walter   •  

    I think it is important for Council to be involved – I think an integrated strategy for the whole precinct guided by Council rather than DPTI – has more chance of attaining the best possible outcome.
    I have to say that I can understand why the rush job that is Goodwood Junction is such a disaster for DPTI but I fail to see why the electrification and Greenway which have been years in implementation, could not been thoroughly planned, residents consulted and involved – this could have happened 1-2 years ago – such that a smooth and less antagonistic roll out of the electrification and Greenway could be happening now.

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