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The support I have felt from the community has been amazing and I am so glad I chose this location to set up shop. These are the words of owner of Be Gourmet, Andrea Wenske. 

Andrea set up shop in only the last few weeks opposite the tram line vehicle crossing at the end of Leah Street Forestville, located on the south side of the line at 5b Aroha Terrace (the one on the right).

Be Gourmet is a business specialising in chef prepared meals. Andrea says that with a clear focus on convenience you can drop by to pick up a lunch on the go or a take home meal to save you the hassle of cooking dinner when you run out of time.

Such a service I sense may be ideal for the suburbs surrounding the shop.

Andrea has been working as a personal Chef for the past year and has decided to bring her service to a place where people can enjoy it as much or as little as they like. The food is fresh and of restaurant quality. She has a selection of wraps, salads, curries, tarts and meat and veg style meals. Vegetarians and Gluten intolerant people are also looked after and there is a changing menu to keep it interesting. 

You can visit the store to select from the daily meals on offer or place an order online with options for pick up or delivery on Monday or Tuesdays.
Andrea has advised she has a number of other Chef Prepared Services including:
· Corporate Catering
· Catering including formal sit down events, modern buffets and share plates, hand made canapés.
· Unique gift service—Intimate dinners, dinner parties and personalised meal delivery.
· Personal Chef Service—Have meal planners developed  for you by our chefs.
· Weddings, hens nights, kitchen teas and wedding rehearsal dinners.

Who knows maybe the local footy club (the Goody Saints) might look at what she has to offer next season. And even though the Civic Centre is 4 km away I might have to talk to her about catering for Council functions.

Andrea’s contact details are as follows:

Phone:   0437 268 723
Email:    [email protected]