Brownhill Creek Am I any closer to a decision

Sooner or later it comes down to this. Brownhill Creek Am I any closer to a decision?


Pragmatists-IdealistsAm I any closer?

I have tried to decipher for my own benefit what the factors re that go to making the correct decision. This has not been easy having said that.



An interesting challenge for someone who sees himself not as a politician but more of a pragmatist. I have to make a decision and I am trying hard to get the balanced view.

A politician I am I recognise however. And I recognise the politics of the situation I find myself in.

The “No Dam” case which gained momentum in 2102 put their political case well and captured the hearts of the state. Back then and isolated the City of Mitcham, alone amongst the 5 councils, fought hard to promote a no dam case.

Unley, too (amongst the councils) were the pragmatists, worked to ensure all possible options were explored.

As other options were explored including options that never in my mind had any credence including the high flow culverts an option emerged only as a result of revised hydrology being provided courtesy of the BOM.

Throughout this process however I have learnt how politics plays such a factor in public decision making. I have continuously been lobbied. By special interest groups, by my fellow councillors, by City of Mitcham Councillors. I have the same people plus City of West Torrens councillors, and of course the press query what my position is.

You know what. As we speak I still have one or two unanswered questions and/or concerns that remain unresolved. So whichever way you think I might be leaning (and I am leaning one way) I have yet to make my final decision. I expect that I will swing one way or the other as the deputations we are likely to receive on the night and the debate around the table occur.

For those who think they can still lobby me I want to remain a pragmatist and any argument provided by a self interest group I will treat as opinion only. Please don’t you may lose me.




  1. James   •  

    Good on you Don for sticking to your principles. You have always been a damer and why should you change your mind.

    Don’t listen to those pesky no damers who think they are right just becuase science says they are. What would your CEO know, you shouldn’t trust his advice. Stick to listening to the minority nimbys, they know best.

    • Don Palmer   •     Author


    • Ron   •  

      James, you can’t blame the council staff.
      It was a decision of council to go for consultation with a recommendation of option D. It really is onerous of council to accept the results of the community consultation. Isn’t it? Those who don’t like the outcome now say that the process of the consultation was wrong. The people on the creek (who mostly didn’t bother responding) now want council to what they want.
      Option D is the best option.
      Politically, Option D is the only solution that is acceptable.
      Stick to the facts mate.

  2. George   •  

    Don As you say, the BOM figures will get revised periodically and obviously in response to changing circumstances and timing. I have a dilemma with reliance on estimates and opinions of likely rain events over the next 100 years as the basis for relying on a less certain solution and at the same time cause so much damage to an established tree and vegetation line through the suburbs.
    What may the next BOM revision produce? Will it require a dam?
    The sensible solution is to place some control over any future floodwaters, by a dam in the upper Brownhill Creek and the Ellison’s Gully location seems the most palatable. This does not invoke the emotional response associated with the Recreation Park and will reduce the impact on Unley and Mitcham creek course and the residents.

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