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The final Brownhill Creek Final Public Consultation, as reported in my last blog post on Brownhill Creek has commenced.


Members of the public have been invited to learn more about and comment on proposed flood mitigation measures for upper Brownhill Creek.  The community consultation process commenced last Wednesday 13 May. It will conclude on Tuesday 23 June, 2015.

The consultation will focus on the Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Project’s “Part B Report” for upper Brown Hill Creek. This report investigated eight flood mitigation options aimed at improving flood protection for homes and properties across the catchment.

All options involve two types of work along upper Brown Hill Creek to reduce the risk of flooding during high stormwater flows:

  1. Creek capacity upgrade works in critical sections (which vary for the eight options) to increase the capacity of the creek so it can carry more water; and
  1. Creek rehabilitation works along its full length to assist the flow of water along the creek and improve its biodiversity.

Three of the eight options (Options B1, B2 and D) were analysed in more detail as these are seen by the project team as the most viable and cost effective options. Of these, the “Creek Capacity Upgrade (Option D)” has been identified by the team as the preferred option as it is deemed by them as the most cost effective way of achieving the necessary flood mitigation.

The consultation process will include four open days for residents to learn more about proposed works and provide feedback to project staff. The open days have been scheduled for the following dates:

Monday 18 May 2015
Drop in anytime between 2pm-6pm at the Unley Community Centre (18 Arthur St, Unley)

Sunday 24 May 2015
Drop in anytime between 11am-3pm at the Unley Community Centre (18 Arthur St, Unley)

Thursday 28 May 2015
Drop in anytime between 2pm-6pm at the Mitcham Civic Centre (131 Belair Rd, Torrens Park)

Saturday 30 May 2015
Drop in anytime between 10am-2pm at the Mitcham Civic Centre (131 Belair Rd, Torrens Park)

Members of the public are invited to have their say by completing a feedback form or submitting a written submission before 23 June 2015.

Your say is important and will be taken on board. As reported in my blog post on 29 April you don’t have to follow the project teams recommendations.

The outcomes of the community consultation process will be reported to the five catchment councils. Each council will then determine its position and a final recommendation on Part B works will be made to the State Government’s Stormwater Management Authority.

For more information about the project or to request a feedback form, visit, email [email protected] or call 1800 468 835.