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While Council receives a report on Monday night that foreshadows 8 possible solutions to provide protection in the event of  a 100 year flood we are not yet in position to make a decision as to what option we want the 5 Councils to take to the community for their feedback.

As we meet we hear yet again threats from the State Government that if the 5 Councils cannot get a hurry on and come to an agreement on a strategy they will take the project away from us and do it themselves.

On the other hand Council Chambers are likely to be flooded with people passionate about preventing the culvert bypass options from happening. And many of these people believe we have already made a decision and have sold them out be preferring the culvert option.

So we are scolded on one hand for not making a decision and that the same time scolded (by some) for having made the wrong decision.

My answer to the Government. You might want to watch how we go about things, getting all the facts together, involving the community on the way. That takes time but it provides a far greater chance of getting it right.

My answer to those in our community who believe we have sold them out. That is not so. We have up to now not wanted to make unqualified and political decisions. Having all the facts so we can make a qualified decision has been our focus.

Having said all that the report we will receive will not be making any recommendations. While we are getting close to having the facts, needed for decision making, we not quite there.

Technical investigations are largely completed, but further analysis and floodplain modelling, which are currently underway. These are needed to help achieve more robust findings prior to informing and seeking feedback from the community. Community engagement will be completed before a recommended
option is decided.

A copy of the report is available (as promised on this blog site) on Councils web site, per these links

As can be seen from the report Community Consultation is expected in March/April of next year. That assumes the Government has the patience for due diligence to run its course of course.