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The Budget, which has been out for public consultation will now be finalized and presented in June to Council for approval.

Our rate revenue will probably have to increase 4.5% to fund the programs we have on our books and to retire some debt. Your individual rate may or may not increase by this amount. It will depend on the valuation of your property (as assessed by the Valuer General).

History shows the Valuer General does not always get it right, so when you get your rates notice. Ring on 1300 653 345  or email them at [email protected] 


Goodwood South is due to benefit again, most particularly with Master plans to be prepared for Goodwood Oval and Millswood Park. This will see the culmination of what began as a Strategic Building Review some 4 years ago and developed into a Community Assets review in my time on Council.

At my request our works depot has acknowledged that street line marking has fallen behind. All wards will benefit from an increase in line marking. Goodwood South may not see too much until all this rain revitalization activity is complete, even though some of our lines have actually disappeared altogether.

We have an allocation for implementation of the recommendation that come out of the Black Forest LATM. In conjunction with this will be the replanting of trees in Canterbury Black Forest and Parker Terrace Clarence Park. Likewise we will be involved with the landscaping along the Greenways bike path.

Outside Goodwood South but important to us is an LATM for Forestville is proposed. This will address traffic movement in this suburb and which will look into the speed cushions recently instated in Leah Street.

The pergola at page Park is due for replacement. We may also see gym equipment in Page Park as well, but watch this space.

A number of streets have been earmarked for road repairs, kerb and watertable repairs and/or footpath repairs.