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Excavation of the filling in the verge along the rail corridor in Canterbury Terrace has been completed and loam is being delivered as we speak.

With preparation done the good part is on the way. Landscaping, including low level vegetation and the 3.0 m high trees will commence next week.

While this is happening the repaving along the other side of the line, in Parker Terrace (which administration had hoped to have occurred before now) will also commence. This includes creating new bays for tree planting, which are marked by white painted lines in the adjacent spoon drain, and paving those areas that will no longer have a tree.

I have collaborated with our staff to ensure we have a disabled carpark adjacent the southern entry into the rail station. As part of this I have ensured that there is a clear and identifiable access to the gate to the station, with landscaping either side of it.

It may be that once the project is complete there may be a need for minor adjustments to be made. Let me know if there is anything that you feel could be improved on once completed.