Prime Minister Bites the Dust. This won’t happen to your Mayor.

We watched today helplessly as yet another Prime Minister bites the dust. The fourth to get the flick by their colleagues.

As this unfolded over the last few days I could not help but ponder the comparisons between Federal, State and Local Government. More particularly I pondered the status of Prime Ministers and Premiers, as compared with Mayors.

Prime Minister bites the dustIn recent years, after the long reign of John Howard as Prime Minister, we have seen Kevin Rudd elected by the people. We then saw Julia Gillard, followed again by Kevin Rudd elevated to the top spot not by you but by their colleagues in the Labor party.

With an angry electorate we then saw Tony Abbott get the people’s vote only then to see Malcolm Turnbull followed by Scott Morrison get the top job courtesy of “their” Liberal colleagues. You have to wonder how the electorate will view this mob next time they get their chance to have a say?

Just in case you don’t know, it won’t be long before we will be asked to vote in the Local Government elections. Given today’s news we might also be voting soon in the Federal election having done likewise in the State elections earlier this year. Maybe even at the same time.

And as the Prime Minister bites the dust here is my ponderance that prompted this blog post.

Unlike in Federal and State elections you will be asked to vote separately for your local ward members and your Mayor. In local government elections you get to vote for your local representative just as you do in the Federal and State elections. Of course, you get to choose two, not one. That is a storey in its own right.

That said, unlike in the Federal and State equivalents, you also get to vote separately for your Mayor. And when you do the winner of your vote gets the nod. In the other two forms of government the party that wins the most seats in the lower house elects the leader, be it Prime Minister or Premier. Not you.

And once you have, that person will be your Mayor until you get another say. That is unless they resign as Mayor Clyne did earlier this year or have health issues that prevent staying in the top job. The Mayor’s colleagues do not have a say. Only you.

The other side of the coin however is anyone who does not win the Mayoral contest does not get to sit on Council. The losers of the race for Prime Minister and Premier do. And they do because you don’t get a say.

Yet, with such power in Local Government elections it is strange that only one in three able to cast a vote will.

As they say (and the Prime Minister bites the dust) that’s politics.

Leonie Clyne OAM-more pride & joy for Unley

Further to my post yesterday about our citizenship ceremony and the presenting of awards for local citizen of the year one of our own has been awarded an Order of Australia Medal.


Leonie Clyne, who lives in Unley Park and owns and runs Angus Clyne Corporate Wear on Goodwood Road, is now Leonie Clyne OAM.Leonie Clyne

Besides being mother of the Unley Mayor Leonie is a former police prosecutor, as well as being Deputy Chancellor of Flinders University, and who is also very active on the Goodwood Road Traders Association.

She was awarded the honour in recognition of her dedication to business and tertiary and and vocational education.

With her son recently married and now this honour it has been a big month for her.

Congratulations Leonie Clyne OAM.

Pride & Joy makes Australia Day always a great day in Unley

Once again we celebrated Australia Day in Unley with a Citizenship Ceremony and the presentation of our local Australia Day Awards. This as followed by a family fun day in Oxford Street.


This year Unley welcomed 60 new citizens during the citizenship ceremony. Kids and adults from 24 different nations once again highlight the multi cultural and multi ethnicity of the City of Unley.

People who have chosen for many and varied reasons to call Australia home and more particularly the City of Unley lined up today with smiles and excitement that simply makes one feel good to be present. Who knows what their history but for all to see is a pride and joy unparalleled.

And of course the chance to honour those who have volunteered their time for the benefit of their community is also special.

For Clarence Park Ward we had two nominees for citizen of the year, both involved in local scouting.

Dirk Sluiter has been involved in one form or another with the Millswood/Clarence Park Neighbourhood Watch, stepping down only recently as Area Co-Coordinator to give someone else a chance, only to wind up being assistant coordinator and editor of their newsletter. Before that Dirk was a scout master for the Black Forest Scout Group for I think 20 plus years.

Stephen Saunders has been involved on the other hand with the 3rd Goodwood Scout & Guide Group including being their hall caretaker for over 25 years. Since retiring he has been collecting for their Scout Drive, and h will be around at my place tomorrow to clean up my used bottle and can collection. Steve also drives the Unley Council Community Bus including on weekends for church groups.

Community Event of the Year rightfully went to the 2013 French Christmas markets put on by Alliance Francaise d’Adelaide.

The festivities afterwards were a treat. For pictures of the fun being had by one and all go to my Facebook  at page




And then there is Unley’s Citizen Awards

After we witnessed the receiving of Citizenship to 58 of our residents Unley has recognized great contributions to our community too.

After the Citizenship Ceremony yesterday morning in the Civic Centre we moved out to the Village Green to enjoy some Australia day festivities and to present Australia Day Awards to worthy members of our community.
Dr Kevin Cameron of the Unley Concert Band was awarded our Citizen of the Year Award ahead of 6 others. Kevin was Director of the Unley Concert Band from 2001-13 during which time it became nationally known for its quality of presentation and musical excellence.
Young Citizen of the Year was awarded to Michelle Ewers, one of four nominees. Having just completed a 3 year Bachelor of Nursing Michelle is an outstanding community contributor.  She is a member of the Unley Youth Advisory Committee and has helped to create, organise and deliver over 20 programs and events for local young people.
And finally “Affordable Gardening Kits” won the Event of the Year Award.
For residents of Goodwood, Millswood, Clarence Park and Black Forest and particularly those impacted by the DPTI works on the Rail Corridor would all know Ray Broomhill. Ray was one of the nominees for Citizen of the Year. Only one can win and to my mind being nominated is a great honour.
Well done Ray. You deserve the accolade. Jennie, Bob & I appreciate your efforts and I know your neighbours do too.

Unley features strongly in Australia day Awards

We have outstanding contributors in Unley with four recognised in the Australia Day Awards this year.

Those City of Unley residents who have been honoured with an Award:

AM – Mr Michael HEWITSON of Unley, (also an Unley Councillor)
OAM – Mrs Leonie HEMPTON of Malvern
OAM – Ms Brenda AYNSLEY of Parkside
OAM – Mr Scott McPHEE of Parkside

Well done all of you. You bring great credit to our community.

A Big few days of celebrations before getting down to the nitty gritty.

2014 has opened with festivities but now it is time to get back to business. The Gourmet Gala on Thursday night, the BUPA challenge and then the stage 4 race start on Friday morning, followed by the Ignite Unley celebrations at the Memorial Gardens on Saturday night and culminating in the Citizenship Ceremony, the Australia Day Awards in the Village Green have kick started the year.

This was  great start to the year for the citizens of the City of Unley. 58 of our residents received their citizenship this morning in what I always look in awe on. Moving to another country is one thing but to adopt that country as their own is something special.
And I am so proud that it is my Country of birth that so many from around the world want to become part of.
But what this has all done is herald the start of the year. It is back to business on Tuesday night when Council meets for the first time this year.
Mind you I did attend a DAP meeting last week so ………

Unley’s celebrations continue through to Australia Day

Australia Day traditionally is a big day on the Unley calendar, through our Citizenship Ceremony. This year will be much bigger though.


This year we will be doing more than conducting a citizenship ceremony. We will celebrate Australia Day in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

Celebrations include obviously the citizenship ceremony, an official Australia Day Awards Ceremony, free children’s entertainment and activities, cultural music, dance performances and a variety of gourmet delights. 

Bring your family, friends and neighbours and enjoy the 2014 Australia Day Celebrations!

Make it a package of celebrations, starting with the Gourmet Gala (refer earlier post) on Thursday night, check out the BUPA challenge (in fact register now and participate in it), attend the and the race start on Friday. 
The day starts at 11.00 am and will continue until 4.00 pm and will be held at the village green. While you are there check out the new Village Green Plaza between the green and the Church. This was a joint project by Council and St Augustine’s Anglican Church which was designed to open the area up for the community.
Find it on Facebook and register your intent to come on

Australia Day Honours

The City of Unley Citizenship Ceremony held last Saturday was once again a fantastic celebration of what makes Australia good.

Some 40 citizens form (form memory 14 countries) pledged themselves to Australia. These people were so excited and it was great to mix with them and gain a sense of their passion for this country, a country many take for granted.

We also announced our citizens of the year.

They were:

Father Psalios is our 2013 Citizen of the Year;
Ms Amy Park is our Young Citizen of the Year and
the Delphi Bank Unley Greek Festival is the Community Event of the Year.

Congratulations to all winners and nominees and thank you for your contribution to our community.

Australia Day Unley Citizen of the Year Awards

The Australia Day Awards were also announced at today’s Australia day citizenship ceremony as follows:

ü  RSL Unley sub branch President Les Partridge was announced as Citizen of the Year
ü  Kimberly Lovegrove as Young Citizen of the Year
ü  The event of the year was presented to the Amadya Muslim Women’s Bazaar at Clarence Park Community Centre. Rubab Avais, as the organiser, was presented the award.
Kylie Mangelsdorf was presented an appreciation award for her contribution in working with children with an Autism Spectrum disorder.

Unley is blessed to have these volunteers, and the many others contributing their time.

I had a chance to catch up with Les and with Rubab Avais after the official function had completed.

Rubab Avais (pictured above with me) was most surprised that her “little” efforts would be recognised in such a way. One of the reasons perhaps that she and her group won the award.

Australia Day Fun

As expected today was great, an opportunity to be reminded why we are so lucky in Australia. Federal member for Adelaide noted in her speech at the Citizenship Ceremony that 13,000 people around the country received their citizenship. They can truly say Aussie…Aussie…Aussie.

13,000 people wanting to become one of us; to enjoy the freedoms and the style of living that only exists in the land down under. These people originated from Kenya, Argentina, UK, China, South Africa, South Korea, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Canada, Mexico, Iran, Ireland, Germany, Indonesia and Vietnam.
I had the pleasure and opportunity after the ceremony to speak with many of the 46 to become Aussies in Unley including Christopher Chatburn (from the UK), who was supported by his wife (would you believe) Chris. The two Chris’s, who are Goodwood South residents can be seen with me and Jennie Boisvert, my co-councillor.

Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony at Unley Civic Centre

Australia Day provides the City of Unley an opportunity to welcome those who have chosen to live in this community who have ventured here from oversees. This is a group of citizens who have not only chosen to live here but to become truly one of us. We welcome today 46 new Unley residents as Australians.
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie….
The Eastern Courier posted this storey in this weeks edition.
A SENSE of adventure and a glowing review meant the Matanhire family did not need much persuading to leave Zimbabwe and make Australia home.
The family, Elvis, 45, and Silence, 41, and two of their three children, Caroline, 19, and Anesu, 15, will become Australian citizens this Australia Day as part of an Unley Council ceremony.
Their youngest child, Rumbidzai, 4, was born in Australia. Mrs Matanhire said the family’s “adventurous” spirit led them to move to Adelaide. “I used to travel a lot as a nurse to different African countries, teaching about HIV and AIDS to other nurses and healthcare professionals’, Mrs Matanhire said. “My sister-in-law already lived in Sydney and she told us what a beautiful place Australia was to live. We love to travel and seeing other places”.
The family moved from Mutarein Zimbabwe in 2006, first living in Mitcham before moving to Fullarton. “It’s a very quiet neighbourhood and that was the same in our neighbourhood in Zimbabwe; we like that’, Mr Matanhire said.  “We are close to businesses, shops, church, school, work, everything we need’.
Mr Matanhire said becoming a citizen was like “taking a step into a new life”. “It feels very good, you feel like you can plan your life’’ he said. Mrs Matanhire said becoming a citizen meant “you belong to the country; you belong to Australia”.
The family will join 46 others who will be granted Australian citizenship at the Unley Town Hall, 181 Unley Rd, Unley, on Today From 9.30am.

Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony

The City of Unley will be hosting, as it does each Australia Day, a citizenship ceremony this coming Australia Day.

My fellow councillors and I will be welcoming around 40 people who have come to reside in the City of Unley from around the world as brand new Australians.

It would be great to see as many people as possible to celebrate the decisions these people have made and welcome our newest Australians.