DPA wondering continues

As many of you would know Jennie & I have been out door knocking to make sure you, who are affected by the Development Plan Amendment you were notified about from Council in writing recently, know what it means to you it is important you do.

This is a big task and we implore you to check it out for yourself and check with us about concerns you may have. We cannot guarantee we will get to all of you. We will be back out this afternoon, starting in about an hours time.

If you live west of East Avenue 
YOU ARE AFFECTED —- in one way or another.

Most properties will be prone to being able to be redeveloped with a higher density of living (some quite significantly), all to help Unley meet the Governments demands for an extra 10,000 people to be accommodated over the next 30 years. Your street may be one of the affected streets.

You can make a difference if you have concerns. This can only happen however if you first take the opportunity to understand what the amendment proposes and subsequently what potential redevelopment could occur in your street. Your understanding of the amenity of your street could possibly inform the final solution that Council puts to the Government.

We are after your written submissions and for those who do and wish to reinforce their submission they can speak at a public forum.
The submissions must have merit and have a logical argument to them, rather than you simply claiming you are picking on us because we are seen as easy picking, or we are the poor part of Unley why not pick on the rich.
Make no mistake that submissions cannot simply be back off and get out of our street because the Government will be only too happy to step in and finish it for us — and you will not be happy with the result. I have taken the opportunity to find out that the Government Department (DPTI) at their end have argued loudly for more than we are currently offering them but that they have (thankfully) made some concessions already.
More are possible if we can demonstrate that changes to where some zones start or finish are not going to impact on their numbers much.

Canterbury Terrace comes before Council this month

Our administration has confirmed today that Canterbury Terrace WILL be coming to Council this month.

The final detail is being finalised as we speak. It will be submitted for edification to management by the end of this week, which is the timeline in order for it to be part of this month’s agenda.

I expect the report may include information on the number of cyclists using the Greenways path and therefore the number of cyclists using this intersection. This will obviously inform the final recommendation put to Council.

Council meets net on Monday 28th April. The agenda for the meeting is due to be posted on the Council website the previous Thursday. This is the same day it is becomes available to elected members.

With Friday being Anzac Day I expect this will be bought forward to the Wednesday.

I invite you to check it out and let me know your thoughts prior to Council considering it.

PS   And I confirm I still expect the two way solution to be recommended.

DPA 2 – Your last chance to be informed

The second and last of two forums explaining the tail of the development plan amendment council must pursue for and on behalf of the State Government is this afternoon.

If you live in Black Forest or Clarence Park, west of East Avenue this is something you should familiarise yourself with.

This amendment to the Development Plan is designed to encourage the potential for denser development allowing many properties an increase in their value in that there will be potential to build two houses in lieu of one, or maybe three where you can only now achieve two.
In some streets, including maybe yours there is potential for redevelopment of your property or properties next two or adjacent you (or to properties behind you fronting the next street) of up to three stories. This will impact significantly, if and when any development may occur, on the amenity of your property as you know it.
In particular there are three zones within Goodwood South that have the potential for 3 storey development, namely adjacent the Emerson Railway Station and north of there into Dryden and either end of Aroha Terrace, trespassing south to the next streets.
As I have discussed with a number of residents already this is your best chance of influencing the sort of re-development you could do to your own property or that your neighbour might contemplate. 
Please find out what is proposed and if you wish to make representation to PO Box 1, Unley, or to [email protected], or fax to 8271 4886. You have until May 22 to make your submission. 
You will also have the opportunity to elaborate on your submission by presenting to the Development, Strategy, and Policy Committee (of which I am a member) at a public meeting to be held in the Unley Civic Centre at 7pm 16 June 2014.

This could affect you so take the time to participate.

Traffic Woes become Elected Member Woes

This blog is prompted by the article in this weeks Eastern Courier Messenger and reaffirms observations in my previous recent blogs on the Black Forest LATM and the Canterbury Terrace options for connectivity to East Avenue.

Unfortunately the Eastern Courier reported has not picked up on the facts with Canterbury Avenue and has inadvertently misquoted Jennie and I on the dead ends of streets of Black Forest with South Road.

So even though I have blogged on this previously hear are the facts again;

1   The State Government is going to turn (eventually) South Road into a non-stop road which means at least restricted access to and from side streets connecting with it.
2   We have received advice that this may mean that what I thought might be the case, no right hand turns in or out, may wind up being no access period, by way of creating dead ends. Either way traffic into and out of Black Forest is going to be significantly restricted.
3   So if Dryden Road, Cowper Road, Byron Road, Forest avenue become dead ended it will be the State Government doing it, not Council.
4   I personally pushed for a change in the proposed motion at last weeks Council meeting to delay doing any work (ie spending money) on Byron Road until we could ascertain what the Government’s intentions are.
5   Council are not considering a one way option for Canterbury Avenue. It is actually considering  a two way option and this is likely to come before Council in April for approval.
6   The Consultant encouraged Council to consider the one way option but Council does not have to do what the Consultants recommend and as noted in 5 above …. aren’t.

So beyond that and speaking on Jennie’s behalf without asking her first we are both of the view that Canterbury Terrace have a two way intersection with East Avenue.

Black Forest LATM Moves to next stage

The much awaited Black Forest LATM report by Tonkin Consulting was received and considered by Council tonight.

It included a number of recommendations including for Canterbury Terrace. Council considered the recommendations excluding those for Canterbury Terrace.

As I trust most people in Black Forest are already aware Council have already proceeded with working through the issues concerning Canterbury Terrace. This is considering the clash of cars, bikes entering Canterbury Terrace from the Government’s new Greenways bike path), pedestrians crossing from the Rail Station to the Community Centre and getting our trees back.

The proposals for this are expected to be put before Council at the end of April and the one way option that Tonkin’s are asking us to consider have been. The option to be recommended to Council is likely to be the 2 way option that includes extending the Greenways path along the corridor to east Avenue with a verge with small trees and shrubs separating this from the road. More on that in April.

In light of information to hand concerning the possibility of road closures by the Government (whoever gets into power) of all Black Forest roads that intersect with South Road to facilitate their non stop South Road goal we also determined we should hold off on any decision concerning the Byron Road slow points.

We accepted that there would be little point in spending money of significance on Byron Road if it were to become a dead end in the near to mid future. Once the State election is out of the way and we know who the Government is we will then be better placed to consider the Byron Road options.

We have agreed to proceed as follows as far as the remainder of their recommendations:

ü  Council install kerb build outs at several locations along East Avenue as shown in the concept
ü  Signpost a No Stopping restriction on the southern side of Dryden Road through the bend into Gordon Road.
ü  Signpost a 2 Hour Parking restriction (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) along the eastern side of the
Hartland Avenue, between Aroha Terrace and Dunrobin Street.
ü  Discuss the practically of alternative access arrangements with the shop owners of the Black Forest Shopping Centre and mark ‘Keep Clear’ messages in Byron Road and Cowper Road.

Watch this space next month when I should be able to report on Canterbury Terrace.

Clarifying the Black Forest LATM Report

Anyone accessing the links in my last blog post would have seen that the consultant commissioned by Council to prepare the report on the Black Forest LATM have recommended that Canterbury Terrace is turned into a one way road at the east avenue end.

They obviously believe this to be the preferred option and they do so from a traffic engineers point of view.

To find out what is being proposed by our administration for Council to decide on you will need to read both the consultant’s report and the report by Satyen Gandhi which suggests a preferred motion.

That preferred option is to accept all the consultant’s recommendations except one. Satyen is removing the recommendation for Canterbury Terrace out of the motion. He has done this in recognition that Canterbury Terrace has had more issues to consider, as those who have attended our public meetings will know, than those canvassed by the consultant.

We are working on a solution to go to Council next month for Canterbury Terrace.

The proposed motion reads:

1. The report be received.
2. The Black Forest LATM report (and the recommendations contained on pages 19 and 20 within) as outlined in Attachment 1 to Item 1070/14, be endorsed except for the recommendation 4.2.
3. The residents in the Black Forest LATM study area be advised of the Council’s decision.

Watch this space to find out what Council decides next week on the LATM and for further input on Canterbury.

Long Awaited Report on Black Forest LATM arrives

The long awaited report on the Black Forest LATM has arrived and will be presented to Council for direction next Tuesday night.

The report can be found at the following web link


The Administration report and recommendation to Council can be found at


A lot of work has gone into this and there are a number of differing views from within the suburb. I understand the consultant has views that may not be shared with most and indeed the administration may be making recommendations at variance to the consultants recommendations.

I have yet to read it, having just received it.

I send it our first to you so you can see what is on offer.

Jennie & i will be enjoying coffee at Carnevale on East Avenue between 2 & 4 if you wish to share thoughts on either report.

Canterbury Terrace and Black Forest LATM to go to Council in March

After Council’s Administration has worked it’s way through the results of extensive consultation a report looks like both projects being ready to go to Council next month for decisions.

In concert with the wide LATM we expect to particularly have a solution put before us on Canterbury Terrace and the need to share this road between cars and bikes, keep parking and allow the trees to be returned.

The input from residents has been fantastic and Council have therefore a good handle on where resident sit with all the issues. This will be weighed up against the advice of the traffic consultants employed to investigate and suggest solutions.

The impact of the State Government’s proposal for a non stop north south corridor on South Road will also inform the debate.

Keep an eye on this blog site for further updates and notice of when it comes before Council.

How does the State Governments Strategic Traffic Policy affect you?

Are you aware the State Government released its ‘Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan’ on the 21 October 2013.  

If you live, work or play in South Australia but more importantly use the roads of Adelaide and beyond, whether you use car or public transport you need to be aware of what the Governments plans for our future transport are. They complement the recent 30 Year Plan they put before the public with wide ranging reactions.
This is a comprehensive plan, albeit only in concept form. And make no mistake it is a plan that will impact significantly on the suburbs of the City of Unley.
It includes, of interest to Unley residents:
ü  A new tram route down Unley Road.
ü  Continuing the development of bikeways and walkways through Unley and including completing the Greenways Program.
ü  The electrification of the Tonsley train line linked to a new 600 space park and ride facility. Upgraded rail stations and increased park and ride car spaces.
ü  Increased train service frequencies, meaning less waiting time for the commuters of the western suburbs of Unley.
ü  Increased secure bike parking at rail stations and opportunities for bike sharing through the Metrocard system.
ü  A potential underground city train link to improve accessibility, with four new CBD stations in the longer term, meaning it  is one I may not get to see
ü  The creation of Inner and Outer Ring Routes around the City. On the south side of the City this includes Greenhill Road (Inner) and Cross Road (outer), and obviously South Road.
ü  Driving from Gawler to Old Noarlunga on what will be Adelaide’s non-stop North-South Corridor.
ü  The redirection of heavy (double B) road transport from Glen Osmond Road down Cross Road instead to South Road.
There will be a number of positives for the residents of the western suburbs of the City of Unley who I am focusing on here. There will also be a number of challenges as I see it.
Those boarding trains at Emerson and Clarence Park stations will board electric trains, not what I expect in the near future will be the Diesels. This hopefully may reduce the incidence of rat running down East Avenue, Leigh Street and Goodwood Road.
We can do with the upgrading of the Emerson, Clarence Park & Goodwood Stations. Less waiting time means we inner suburban commuters can expect to get into town sooner, making public transport an easier choice to make.
Increasing park and ride car spaces further down the rail line including 600 spaces at Tonlsey hopefully will reduce the rat runners using East Avenue and Leigh Street or Goodwood Road.
Of real interest and what could prove challenging will be the establishment of the outer ring route of Cross and South Roads. This will enable the redirecting of the B doubles away from Glen Osmond Road, a bonus for those in the east of Adelaide but a challenge I suspect for those in the west.
A non-stop north south corridor, when coupled with the increased train services noted above and the introduction of B Doubles will have a tendency to grid lock the suburbs of Black Forest, Clarence Park & Millswood.
This will really help to get those southern rat runners off our suburban streets. It may mean that some of us living in these suburbs, and in particular the suburb of Black Forest may have to find other ways of accessing and egressing from our suburb to get on to those transport corridors or back home.
Non-stop as I see it means non-stop and therefore cars will no long have to wait for others to turn onto a suburban street
And from what I can see directing the B doubles past the Freight line on Cross road and directing them onto South Road will be a challenge for the Government. The freight line remaining there is, is surely a major obstacle to using this route and prompts one to ask yet again, why don’t you Mr Government take the freight rain through Truro.

The plan can be obtained from their website at the following link http://www.dpti.sa.gov.au/itlup

Unley not fairing well with Credibility, Transparency and Trust.

Credibility, Transparency and Trust are probably the most important ingredients of good government. And right now in the Goodwood South Ward the City of Unley is struggling with all three.

It hurts me to say this as I have always felt, long before I became a Ward Councillor 3 years ago, that Unley is one of the better councils. I still do mind you but as a member of that organisation I am being challenged however with this paradigm.
Unfortunately our credibility will always be challenged when people perceive we are responsible for matters that the state government or other government institutions are getting wrong. Guilty by association as it were. Lets face it we are all government aren’t we.
There has been much of that in the last year, courtesy of the rail revitalization project. We have been inundated with claims by DPTI that Council is responsible for this, Council is responsible for that; or Council approved this, or (more recently) Council staff approved this. Jennie & I have been fighting to maintain our credibility in the face of what seemed an unending barrage by DPTI deflecting their competencies toward council.
That is not the purpose of this blog however.
Council don’t need DPTI to look foolish, we can do that all by ourself. I can think of many things in my 3 years as a Councillor, including the Kelvin Avenue consultation that impacted on Goodwood South residents.
Ironically we have not made a good fist of things in one of the very areas that have created angst and mistrust by DPTI, the area of Canterbury Terrace Black Forest. We have had three overlapping consultation projects going on concerning these residents (and a small section of Byron Road).

First was an LATM (which I have posted on previously and will again soon), followed by seeking opinions on the future of the Canterbury Terrace, Parker Terrace Trees which were dying or dead. And then finally a consultation about re configuring Canterbury Terrace due to the impact on increased use by bike riders due to the construction by DPTI of the Greenways bike path.

It has culminated this week with Council chopping down a tree in the Princess Margaret Playground that DPTI had twice attempted to late last year because it interfered with their infrastructure. In spite of removal having State Government Development Assessment Commission approval I was able to save the tree because it clearly had no impact on the electrification of the rail corridor. You can read about this in previous posts on this blog site.

Unfortunately Council later attempted to remove the tree and again I was able to put a stop on it as due process demanded we go through a local development assessment process. This was agreed to by our management. Councils arborist had recommended its removal after inspecting it as part of the DPTI scene previously noted. He found the tree to no long be stable and to be structurally unsound and therefore unsafe.

We proceeded with the development assessment process, sending out invitations as required under the Act to people owning property within 60 metres of the playground who may wish to make a representation on the removal. This letter went out on 6 January, received by me as one of those residents early this week. We had until 21st January to make the representation.

To my utter amazement we (yes WE, Council) came in yesterday and DOWN she came. So we send out invitations to people to provide their input and assist the decision making process but ignore this and chop it down any way.

So what is a guy, sorry an elected member, to do about this. I cant get the tree back, but by golly I can challenge our CEO and our General managers as to how we can allow this to happen. An administration acutely aware of the devastation that the people of this immediate neighbourhood have felt at the hands of DPTI, and to a lesser extent by ourselves. and acutely aware of how sensitive these people are towards this tree, allowed this to happen the way it did.

Our administration were well aware of my campaign to save the tree from the DPTI marauders. Management agreed with me that, even if this tree was suffering, that we should avoid doing anything to it for two years because this neighbourhood had suffered too much loss already.

Our arborist’s concerns outweighed this however and I agreed to allow it to go through a development assessment process to ensure full transparency. Hence the letters to neighbours within 60 metres.

At the end of the day, with the information I now have, the tree was never going to survive the process. It was so severely compromised it appears it presented an immediate danger to the kids in the playground, and I am not going to argue this with our arborist.

Section 54 of the Development Act 1993 allows for immediate removal of a significant tree in this circumstance and with a retrospective approval to follow. This is what finally happened here but to happen in the face of it going through the process of an approval just smacks of ineptitude in the eyes of a public sympathetic to the tree, and a public licking its wounds from the previous 12 months of DPTI activity and having now a level of mistrust for anything government.

A lot of damage has been done and I have sought and been granted an audience with our CEO to address how we can allow such a mess to occur and how to prevent it happening in the future, or at least reduce the chances of it happening in the future. I will take him through a series of events that I don’t want to bore you all with here.

Thank you also to those encouraging me to stick at this and concerned for me that I should have to.

The Fight Continues…Unfortunately

DPTI believe the rail revitalization projects have reached the point where no further consultation is required. The angst still exists however and residents have indicated they are “over it”.

And here is my message to the State Government. The residents of Black Forest, Clarence Park & Millswood are part of a seat (Ashford) that they can ill afford to lose but are doing their best so to do. These people are not not pleased with what has happened to them and what continues to happen along the rail corridor.

By my observation there is much yet to be done on the project and disruption sufficient for them to treat us fairly with some warning of works, particularly the night works that are still impacting on the lives of the people of Black Forest, Clarence Park & Millswood. The trouble as I see it is however that they don’t know themselves what they are doing next.

As someone involved in construction for over 40 years my observations are that the contractors making the most disruption are reacting to issues (maybe signalling or the like). Hard to forewarn of that of course. Having said that they could level with us that they are having problems.

My experience is builders, departments, people don’t want to admit to having difficulties as they perceive they will look like idiots. My experience again those that do not communicate they are having difficulties look like idiots.

To be fair we had a letter prior to Christmas to indicate that there would still be some disruption. But that was 3-4 weeks ago, far from specific.

It has not been some disruption, it has been significant and a number of residents have shared their frustration with me on this. I too have experienced this being only 30 m off the line at Clarence Park.

A group of us shared experiences at a street meeting this morning and we were all subject to the same concerns.

  • Work commencing after midnight without warning.
  • Intrusive flashing lights
  • Hammering of metal on metal
  • Consistent loud and audible swearing by workers. (these guys are frustrated over something too)
And here is the rub. They are so frustrated by the lack of respect for their opinions over the 12 months or so that they are now simply waiting on the next 9 weeks to pass by and then register their concerns for the final time.

What will Black Forest look like in 20 years

With DPA 2 going out to public consultation early next year the focus will be on what form the housing stock will take.

The use of the road network within Black Forest, the subject of the current Local Area Traffic Management review, will likely change well beyond anything the review will identify if the consolidation envisaged for the housing stock, and the Governments plan for South Road both proceed.
There is a high chance that there will be a significant increase in density along Aroha Terrace and near environs. The Emerson area is likely to be similarly impacted. This is a good reason for residents to get involved in the public consultation; to help influence what will happen in these two areas.
Of more significance however is the plan by both parties at State Government level to make South Road a non-stop highway. Check my earlier post today on the announcement by the Feds that South Road, south of Anzac Highway will proceed as promised.
Two things are likely if this does occur.
The first is that a solution must be found for the Black Forest Primary School South Road pedestrian activated crossing. The second is there will be extremely limited access to and from Black Forest onto South Road.
On the latter I encourage all Black Forest residents to acquaint themselves with the State Government’s Transport Plan so they can understand the access/egress challenges they will face. There arguably will be benefits by keeping outsiders out of Black Forest but equally getting in and out will require a change in current methods used by residents.
As far as the crossing is concerned I attended a meeting today with Jennie, and with Deputy
State Liberal Leader and Shadow Minister Transport and Infrastructure Vicki Chapman, Liberal candidate for Ashford Terina Monteagle, Councillor and deputy Mayor of Marion Tim Pfieffer, and  parents of Black Forest Primary School. The meeting was arranged by one of those parents to discuss concerns about child safety for children living in Glandore (west of south road) accessing the school (east of South Road).

DPTI apparently have preliminary investigations into a possible solution, dismissing an underpass as too difficult given all the underground infrastructure in the area. An overpass then becomes an obvious solution to investigate. Investigations, community consultation, detailed design etc does not happen fast on Government however and it may take 5 – 8 years for it to become a reality. Better start looking now if that is the case.

Of course with a possible increase in population density on Black Forest and indeed west of the road in Glandore (adjacent the tram line etc) it may be feasible to consider a new school west of the road.

With a state election around the corner this is a cause likely to gain some momentum in the new year.

Funding Approved for Darlington Interchange PLUS.

Federal Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Jamie Briggs today confirmed today the Federal Government will hold good to their promise re the Darlington Interchange, with a bonus. The good news for residents of Black Forest is the funding covers the section of road from Darlington through to Anzac Highway.

This may include an overpass at the Black Forest Primary School because it (the crossing) will stop what will otherwise be a continuous non stop road.
The initial funding is $ 8.5m out of their full $ 500 million package for the whole of South Road covers the interchange and they are working with the State Government to ensure the project starts as soon as possible. The Darlington Interchange will be the clear focus of the project but work is expected in time on making South Road a 6 lane highway as it were with some 63 current intersections removed. This will mean the incidence of southern rat runners will reduce when completed because access into Black Forest will be available only for locals.
Not sure how that will be accommodated and I wonder if DPTI do either, yet. Yes, whilst Federally funded it is a State Government Project and therefore DPTI will design and project manage  the project.
For those with an interest in the northern end of South Road planning of the Torrens Road to Torrens River will continue using funding provided by the last Federal Government.
Jamie Briggs indicated he is looking forward to working closely with the State Government to plan and deliver this vital piece of infrastructure for the benefit of all South Australians.  And my understanding is that the design and implementation will not vary irrespective of which party wins the March State election.

Canterbury Terrace Public Forum a success

Unley Council yesterday afternoon held a public briefing session on the Canterbury Terrace redevelopment. By my count somewhere between 30 and 50 people turned up which was fantastic.

It is great to see so many people take an active interest in their neighbourhood.
A number of people sought clarification on the benefits AND the consequences of each option we are asking you to consider. This was refreshing for me as it means that there was an intent by many to look past their own self interest and at least understand what each option will mean to their neighbours in streets other than their own.
Well Done Guys!
A number of observations that were made from those I had the opportunity to speak with I appreciated. 
When all submissions have been received and collated by our staff it is my intention to read each and every submission. Whatever solution council ultimately decides on I want to make sure that all relevant consequences are understood; by residents and rate payers and councillors alike.
If you have yet to put your submission in please do so. The more input we get from those affected the greater the chance that we will get it right.
Before doing so please take the time to understand the consequences of each option, not just the benefits. As everyone I spoke to yesterday concurs there is a social cost for each of the options on the table.
I expect that our admin will have a report ready for council to consider maybe in February next year. If all works out we should have determined a preferred option and proceed with detailed design work for it (the preferred option).
That will hopefully provide us with your further input a project that can be costed ready for funding and hopefully proceeding.
PS   The wider traffic issues of Black Forest will be put to Council I believe in January when the results of the LATM are tabled.

Black Forest Pedestrian Overpass

If you are concerned about the safety of the Glandore residing students of the Black Forest Primary School, if you believe an overpass is required across South Road, Black Forest to accommodate this then I encourage you to attend this community meeting tomorrow morning.

You might also wish to subscribe to the facebook “Black Forest Pedestrian Overpass” page https://www.facebook.com/groups/227742700655074/

See you there.

Passenger Trains Return to Noarlunga Line

Yes the trains are running again. After a few weeks of ghost trains we now have real trains running complete with a handful of passengers.

As promised last week by the Government passengers services are up and running, with a service stopping all stations from and to Noarlunga. Check out the webpage below for a time schedule.


Of course this does not mean DPTI are finished. Far from it.

Have Your Say on Canterbury Terrace

Our traffic and landscaping teams have together looked at what options are available to look at the solving the safety issues identified in our recent Black Forest LATM after community feedback earlier this year.

Residents of Canterbury Terrace and Parker Terrace Clarence Park (the most affected amenity wise)  have received letters this week as have the wider Black Forest street network. Just in case you missed out I am attaching the pictorial display of the options in this blog post.

They have worked hard on addressing the two major concerns that have been portrayed thus far and they are:

Keeping 2 way traffic
And returning the treescape

Please read the information carefully so that you are truly informed of the merits of each option. Each has advantages but each come with some form of cost to the community. If you wish to discuss this feel free to get back to either Jennie or I.

An opportunity to discuss issues with our staff will be provided at the Clarence Park Community Centre between 4.00pm and 6.00pm on Wednesday 11th December 2013.  I have marked this in my diary.

I encourage you all to respond to this survey, either by posting the response form back to council, providing an email to [email protected].

When this comes before Council early next year I hope that we have the best possible cross section of thoughts from the community to better inform our decision making.

Solutions for Canterbury Parker Terraces still awaited.

Finding an answer that will keep two way traffic and trees in Canterbury Terrace is yet to be solved. Going back out to public consultation is therefore delayed, hopefully though not for too much longer.

Two issues have been occupying MY thinking time since my last blog post about the possible electrical infrastructure we might see at Clarence Park Railway Station.

The first is what trees can we use to camouflage the DPTI structure. Yes I firmly believe keeping the trees is a priority. Without trees Canterbury & Parker Terraces will become a barren area that will take on an industrial look if the infrastructure at Emerson is repeated here. This will be a 180 degree turnaround on what the streets once were, just this time last year.

So what sort of trees. This I will leave to our Sustainable Officer Trevor Stein to investigate. All I can say is the two species previously offered in order to appease the electrical safety zones required by DPTI were deciduous. Unless the electrical infrastructure is to be less obtrusive than I am expecting the trees surely must be evergreen.

So when we are in a position to come back to the public for their thoughts on the options we will have to offer evergreens will be one option.

The other thing exercising my mind is understanding what might occur in Parker Terrace should angled parking be the answer to solve the conflict in Canterbury Terrace. In other words I have been feeling that this road might have to become one way in order to save Canterbury being one way.

Without preempting what our traffic engineers will advise I took a visit down to Aroha Terrace east where tram parking has been accommodated. This street (see the pictures above) from rial verge to fence is 200 mm wider than Parker Terrace (fence to fence).

It does take 2 way traffic but is one way for a section of the road (at the west end). I am presuming from this that we might be able to replicate this if we go all the way the rail corridor fence AND shorten the footpath width by a metre. To achieve this would be major work that has not been foreshadowed in our long term financial plan. It would include not only removing trees from the east side of Parker Terrace but relocating the power lines. Oooh! Now there’s an exercise.

We must of course await our traffic engineers advice before reacting. I am just putting pen to paper to let everyone know the answers aren’t simple.

By the way I am catching up with our Mayor today to give him some background to the challenges we are facing.

be gourmet-the take home meal specialist in the west of Unley

The support I have felt from the community has been amazing and I am so glad I chose this location to set up shop. These are the words of owner of Be Gourmet, Andrea Wenske. 

Andrea set up shop in only the last few weeks opposite the tram line vehicle crossing at the end of Leah Street Forestville, located on the south side of the line at 5b Aroha Terrace (the one on the right).

Be Gourmet is a business specialising in chef prepared meals. Andrea says that with a clear focus on convenience you can drop by to pick up a lunch on the go or a take home meal to save you the hassle of cooking dinner when you run out of time.

Such a service I sense may be ideal for the suburbs surrounding the shop.

Andrea has been working as a personal Chef for the past year and has decided to bring her service to a place where people can enjoy it as much or as little as they like. The food is fresh and of restaurant quality. She has a selection of wraps, salads, curries, tarts and meat and veg style meals. Vegetarians and Gluten intolerant people are also looked after and there is a changing menu to keep it interesting. 

You can visit the store to select from the daily meals on offer or place an order online with options for pick up or delivery on Monday or Tuesdays.
Andrea has advised she has a number of other Chef Prepared Services including:
· Corporate Catering
· Catering including formal sit down events, modern buffets and share plates, hand made canapés.
· Unique gift service—Intimate dinners, dinner parties and personalised meal delivery.
· Personal Chef Service—Have meal planners developed  for you by our chefs.
· Weddings, hens nights, kitchen teas and wedding rehearsal dinners.

Who knows maybe the local footy club (the Goody Saints) might look at what she has to offer next season. And even though the Civic Centre is 4 km away I might have to talk to her about catering for Council functions.

Andrea’s contact details are as follows:

Phone:   0437 268 723
Email:    [email protected]
Web:    www.begourmet.co

Businesses Booming in Unley’s west.

The western suburbs of the City of Unley are seeing a resurgence of business activity. This is running against the trend on King William Road and Unley Road where a number of small businesses have closed down or moved on.

Three businesses have arrived on the scene in the Goodwood South Ward, providing a service to the residents of Clarence Park, Millswood and Black Forest in Goodwood South and for Forestville in the Goodwood Ward. And a fourth appears just around the corner.

In the last couple of months Tram Stop 4 (a coffee shop), and be gourmet (a take home meal and daily lunch shop) have both opened their doors. Just a few months ago now Carnevale (another coffee shop) opened in the old Video Store on East Avenue, Clarence Gardens.

 This is a revolution of sorts in the west of Unley. Long time now the poor cousin as a cosmopolitan destination, when compared to the well know coffee shop precincts of King William Road and Unley Road. Great to see that we can enjoy this modern lifestyle west of Goodwood Road.

I have had the pleasure of meeting with the proprietors of each shop, having had some 3 or 4 coffees at Carnevale and my first last week at Tram stop 4. They are all lovely people and I encourage you to patronise their respective businesses.

My wife and my daughter in law have become regulars at Carnevale. I intend to feature each of these businesses over the next month, commencing with be gourmet, later this week. So watch this space.