An Update on Byron Road

Refer also my blog of 24 May.

As noted in our recent joint newsletter my co-councillor Jennie Boisvert and I had requested that the cost of a comprehensive traffic management program be conducted in the Black Forest area south of Forest Avenue.
A number of residents in Byron Road subsequently handed Jennie a petition that they had previously prepared concerning investigating options to replace the single lane slow points as part of the traffic management plan. I see they also got Messenger Press attention.
Council Staff have subsequently conducted a speed survey on Byron Rd (this month) and have recorded an 85% speed of 46.4km/h compared with 47.2km/h in 2007 just after installation of the slow points.  This compares with speed in July 2006 when 85% was 54.4km/h.
The installed devices have clearly reduced the speed although not to legal levels.
Alternatives that can be looked at, when we consult with affected residents, would be either to incorporate a speed hump within the slow points or replace with speed humps. 
If this were done then Addison Road should probably be done simultaneously to avoid transfer of traffic and the traffic management plan should recognise this.

Line Marking Requests being responded to.

All line marking requests by Jennie and I have been inspected inspected by council’s staff and assessed.

Line marking is therefore due at the follwoing locations. 

Mills/East (as reported in an earlier blog)

If you are aware of line maqrking in eed of attention let me know and I will follow up with Depot staff. 

Pedestrian refuge on East Avenue

My Co-Councillor & I recently had a request from residents in Dunrobin Street for Council to consider constructing a pedestrian refuge on Eats Avenue adjacent Dunrobin Street.

Accessing public transport is proving difficult in peak hour traffic and dangerous at other times.

Good News! We passed this on and the City of Unley Road Safety Committee has, at its June meeting, recommended that this be considered by Council. 

Design is currently being prepared based on earlier design for a refuge at the intersection of Forest Avenue and East Avenue.

Clarence Park Neighbourhood Watch

Clarence Park, Black Forest & Millswood is a relatively safe place to live and this is due in no small part to the work of a small band of volunteers.

Yes! Neighbourhood Watch has been working well in our suburb.

Dirk and his small band of volunteers are to be congratulated for their efforts over a sustained period of time.

I ask everyone in the Clarence Park, Black Forest, Millswood areas who are reading this blog to consider helping this troupe by volunteering in one or more capacities.

The Cause —- Help them Help Us!
The Reward —– keeping our homes and our area SAFE!
Please give this some thought.