Black Forest Residents Alert

After our recent ward briefing last week our Administration has prepared this schedule of works resulting from the recent Black Forest LATM consultation survey.

In the chart WB refers to Ward Briefing. As you will see Jennie and I have ensured some issues, identified as low priority have been bought forward. They are all easy to implement and low cost. The bid ticket item is the one being delayed pending more information from DPTI about what they will be doing with South Road.

Work on South Road is likely (in my opinion) to occur in 2 to 3 years at best and hence we have held back on what would have been the big cost of implementing the LATM

Description/Street Recommended Priority (from Consultant Report) Timing
Byron Road (slow points) Medium (3-5 years) As per the Council endorsement, changes to slow points will be considered upon DPTI’s confirmation on the future of South Road
Canterbury Terrace High (1-3 years) The work request has been issued to A&I refer the item A38 of Goodwood Sth ward briefing
East Avenue High (1-3 years) Pedestrian ‘Kerb Build outs’ -Concept designs are being prepared – Concept to be available by end of July/ early August – a Work Request will be issued to A&I following the concept design work.
Additional Parking Restrictions  Medium (3-5 years) Additional Parking controls at Dryden Road and Hartland Avenue – A work will be issued to A&I by end of June with an aim to install the signs by end of July. (although a Medium priority, direction at WB is to proceed with recommendation)
Byron Road and Cowper Road –
Local Shops Access 
Low ( 5 years and beyond) Negotiation will be undertaken with the shopping centre owner/manager as per the Council endorsement – commencement from late August 2014  (although a Low priority, direction at WB is to proceed with recommendation)

What is happening with the Back Forest LATM & Byron Road

Last Month I reported that Council approved the recommendations from the exhaustive Black Forest LATM we undertook last year. I reported also last week that Canterbury Terrace has also now the green light for modifications to address bicycle safety.

Most of the recommendations from the LATM have been programmed to be executed. The work in Byron Road however, which attracted the largest funding requirement was, as I noted, put on hold pending advice from the State Government of their intentions for South Road.

The story is that the State Government wants South Road (in time) to be a non stop express way. To facilitate this it may be that all suburban streets intersecting with South Road may become dead ends.

At my request our administration is seeking information for the State Government’s relevant department (DPTI) as to what is planned for South Road. The reason is we do not want to be wasting the rates you pay council doing the recommended work on Byron Road if it quickly becomes obsolete because the Government has plans for the streets that intersect with South Road that make this work redundant.

We are still waiting for a firm commitment as to what they are doing but it appears the design work will take the rest of this year to complete. That being the case it may be that we (Council) may need to wait until the end of the year (when a new Council will commence) before committing to do anything on Byron Road.

Traffic Woes become Elected Member Woes

This blog is prompted by the article in this weeks Eastern Courier Messenger and reaffirms observations in my previous recent blogs on the Black Forest LATM and the Canterbury Terrace options for connectivity to East Avenue.

Unfortunately the Eastern Courier reported has not picked up on the facts with Canterbury Avenue and has inadvertently misquoted Jennie and I on the dead ends of streets of Black Forest with South Road.

So even though I have blogged on this previously hear are the facts again;

1   The State Government is going to turn (eventually) South Road into a non-stop road which means at least restricted access to and from side streets connecting with it.
2   We have received advice that this may mean that what I thought might be the case, no right hand turns in or out, may wind up being no access period, by way of creating dead ends. Either way traffic into and out of Black Forest is going to be significantly restricted.
3   So if Dryden Road, Cowper Road, Byron Road, Forest avenue become dead ended it will be the State Government doing it, not Council.
4   I personally pushed for a change in the proposed motion at last weeks Council meeting to delay doing any work (ie spending money) on Byron Road until we could ascertain what the Government’s intentions are.
5   Council are not considering a one way option for Canterbury Avenue. It is actually considering  a two way option and this is likely to come before Council in April for approval.
6   The Consultant encouraged Council to consider the one way option but Council does not have to do what the Consultants recommend and as noted in 5 above …. aren’t.

So beyond that and speaking on Jennie’s behalf without asking her first we are both of the view that Canterbury Terrace have a two way intersection with East Avenue.

Black Forest LATM Moves to next stage

The much awaited Black Forest LATM report by Tonkin Consulting was received and considered by Council tonight.

It included a number of recommendations including for Canterbury Terrace. Council considered the recommendations excluding those for Canterbury Terrace.

As I trust most people in Black Forest are already aware Council have already proceeded with working through the issues concerning Canterbury Terrace. This is considering the clash of cars, bikes entering Canterbury Terrace from the Government’s new Greenways bike path), pedestrians crossing from the Rail Station to the Community Centre and getting our trees back.

The proposals for this are expected to be put before Council at the end of April and the one way option that Tonkin’s are asking us to consider have been. The option to be recommended to Council is likely to be the 2 way option that includes extending the Greenways path along the corridor to east Avenue with a verge with small trees and shrubs separating this from the road. More on that in April.

In light of information to hand concerning the possibility of road closures by the Government (whoever gets into power) of all Black Forest roads that intersect with South Road to facilitate their non stop South Road goal we also determined we should hold off on any decision concerning the Byron Road slow points.

We accepted that there would be little point in spending money of significance on Byron Road if it were to become a dead end in the near to mid future. Once the State election is out of the way and we know who the Government is we will then be better placed to consider the Byron Road options.

We have agreed to proceed as follows as far as the remainder of their recommendations:

ü  Council install kerb build outs at several locations along East Avenue as shown in the concept
ü  Signpost a No Stopping restriction on the southern side of Dryden Road through the bend into Gordon Road.
ü  Signpost a 2 Hour Parking restriction (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) along the eastern side of the
Hartland Avenue, between Aroha Terrace and Dunrobin Street.
ü  Discuss the practically of alternative access arrangements with the shop owners of the Black Forest Shopping Centre and mark ‘Keep Clear’ messages in Byron Road and Cowper Road.

Watch this space next month when I should be able to report on Canterbury Terrace.

Black Forest Road Safety Finally on the Agenda

An election issue raised as I pounded the streets in October of 2010 is now on the books.

I am happy to report that a Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) survey is about to commence in Black Forest. Looking at traffic safety in this area was raised by a number of residents and it became one of my election platforms.

At last months council meeting the LATM was approved to proceeed iun this years budget.

Our road safety committee meeting, which I attended as a spectator, discussed it last night and all is ready to proceed. Our Road Safety Committee wisely have determined that while we proceed with this survey that it would be prudent to delay construction of the East Avenue Pedestrian Refuge (refer previous posts this year on this one). Whilst I was looking forward to seeing this proceed it makes sense to delay it just in case the LATM reveals reasons to reconsider where it is most needed.

Amongst issues identfied that need to be investigated include school traffic generated in side/suburban streets as a result of the construction of the South Road/Anzac Highway underpass and the Tram Overpass. Also to be looked at will be the concerns experienced with the speed reduction strategy in Byron Road.

With the State Government’s Rail Electrification project set to commence in January of next year it would be prudent to have the survey completed by the end of this year. It is envisaged that will have a number of street meetings and that we might form a working party including resident representatives to work through the information gleaned from those meetings.

When I know more about when those meetings will be I will post appropriately.

By the way….on the East Avenue Refuge. Once it becomes apparent where is the best location for the refuge it is likely we will proceed with it because it is in our budget.

Byron Road Precinct Traffic Management Study

The Byron Road Precinct Traffic Management Study has been included in the current budget approved last Monday night.

I look forward to this study as this is one of the first issues that was made known to me by residents and rate payers, after taking the decision to run for council. As I walked the footpaths campaigning back in October of 2009 this was a concern often put to me.

Once complete we will have a better understanding of what issues are present in this precinct. We will then be better placed to do something constructive to make this and adjacent roads safer.

I have already spoken with our Acting Manager Traffic about how we go about this and that we should include traffic congestion in Forest Avenue around school drop off and pick up time.

Pedestrian Crossing – South Road, Glandore

Could we see a pedestrian overpass on South Road opposite Black Forest primary School in the future?

Whilst Jennie and I have been canvassing for money in the budget to examine the impact on our local streets around the school resulting from the dual constructions of the Gallipoli Bridge and the Glenelg Tram Overpass the Marion Council have recognised the issue of school children from Black Forest crossing South Road to get to Glandore and beyond.

The Government has improved traffic flow along this section of South Road by virtue of those two projects. Unfortunately it has created problems elsewhere. I have posted about the issue around our streets a few times now and hope to have good news for you shortly.

In the meantime the call by the Mayor of Marion, Felicity-ann Lewis, is timely. The current crossover is dangerous according to the school with traffic monitors not trusting vehicles obeying the red lights by holding a rope across the entrances to the crossing.

South Road is a high traffic volume road and cars now are looking at there being NO stoppages with the works recently completed meaning the school crossing is an accident waiting to happen.

Felicity-ann Lewis has indeed suggested that much of the problems we have inherited in our streets is resulting from parents of the 50% of kids that attend the school from Glandore are using cars and using therefore our roads as there is no safe crossing for them to use.

Jennie I believe is proposing a motion to put before our Council in the near future.

Byron Road Parking issues

The parking turnover survey I noted in my blog of the 2nd February has been completed.

It has been determined that the parking turnover works at a satisfactory level with some busy areas near the “bend” into Canterbury Terrace. Driveway markings will be installed for the properties in that immediate area to improve access.

In the meantime we must await a total precinct traffic study in the new financial year before we able to address other issues raised by residents.

Traffic Data highlights concerns for Goodwood South

Council received recently a copy of traffic data provided to our Road Safety Committee. Reading through this document was very revealing and I believe warrants further action to address some areas of concern.
I was moved by some of the data to attend the road safety committee meeting this week to voice my observations to them. I trust this has encouraged this committee to examine and evaluate the implications behind the data.
Of particular concern to me is evidence of the need to review the Byron Road precinct. This is an area, along with adjoining streets that residents expressed concerns over during the election campaign some sixteen months ago and which I have championed since taking office. Whilst I understood a study would be undertaken in the current financial year I have been assured that next year’s budget will have sufficient funds to explore the safety on the roads in this precinct in the coming twelve months.
The statistics in Byron Road indicated a reduction in the number of cars using the street of around 10% over 2 years. The speeds however have remained 15% above on average the limits we have hoped to achieve for the area. This is a clear indication that the recent speed control devices have not worked. Given we have received complaints about cars travelling down the centre of the road, encourage by these devices, (refer previous blogs on this) we clearly need to reconsider what we do in the future.

Another disturbing statistic is the speeds being recorded in Frederick Street in Clarence Park. Regular speeds also 15% over the signposted speed is of high concern given the date was taken from the southern end of the street where the scouts and girl guides hall is situated.  At 7.4m wide it is one of the narrowest streets around and a street that speeds need to be kept to a minimum for the safety of the children using that hall.

There is other date that warrants further investigation. These are the two that worry me the most at this stage. If you want to check the data out for yourself it can be found on the City of Unley web site at via this link.

Where to with the Bryon Road drive down the centre saga

Residents attending the recent Canterbury Terrace boardwalk street meeting indicated that a white line down the center of the road simply will not work and is in their view a waste of time.

As we conitnue working through the problems with traffic driving down the center of the road it has been dtermined that parking on both sides of the road are a major contributor to this. As a result a parking turnover study will be undertaken at the end of February to determine the extent of parking.
I guess all I can say is watch this space.

An election issue may impact on the 2012-13 budget

Jennie and I were informed at a ward briefing this week that our Managemnt intends putting a budget submission prepared for a Local Area Traffic Managment project for 2012/13 for the area bounded by Train line, South Rd, Forest Ave and East Avenue.

We asked for this for the curent budget in repsonse to requests from residnets in this area during the election.

We also understodd that it WAS included in this year’s budget and are seeking clarification of why they beleive otherwise.

Watch this space!

Byron Road Update

Our administration, in an endeavour to address concerns relayed to them by Jennie & I of those who live on or near Byron road with the current traffic calming initiative, have been negotiating solutions with DTEI who must approve whatever we might do.

What is planned is to provide a dashed white line down the center of the road to encourage drivers to not stay in the centre of the road unless entering or leaving the slow points. A letter explaining this to affected residents is due to go out and the line marking installed in early November.

Further speed data collection will be undertaken following installation to determine if it has any impact on vehicle speeds.

Byron Road Update

Following on from my last post on Byron Road back on the 6th August I can report that some work has been done, negotiating with the Department of Transport, Engineering & Infrastructure (DTEI).
An option to address issues raised by residents will be communicated to residents by notification letter sometime this month.
Hopefully this option will work for the majority of you. If not please be sure to let us know, whether by posting to this blog, by email to me or Jennie, or direct to the administration.

Canterbury Terrace Boardwalk

Is the Canterbury Terrace Boardwalk the answer to a problem or a problem in it’s own right?

Prior to my joining Council I understand that many residents in Canterbury Terrace and in Byron Road were concerned about the traffic ability of the footway to the south of the Clarence Park Railway Station entrance. They were concerned that the exposed tree roots prevented safe movement through this section of footway.

As a local and having avoided walking this section myself I fully understand that this needed to be addressed.

Did Council come up with the correct solution?
Based on complaints I have received from residents it appears not.

Our administration, on my request, have examined the structure and they consider it is not DDA compliant. I concur with their assessment and have, given my wife must use a scooter to get around, felt this way since it was first erected.

It fails the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)on at least two counts.

It is not wide enough to allow scooters or wheelchairs or Mothers with pushers to pass. The ramps at either end are way to steep also to allow access onto the ramp. The access to the northern end is also too close to the railway station entrance get to allow for turning circles.

Given this pedestrians, particularly those with disabilities, are forced to cross the road for safe passage along Canterbury Terrace noting that the footway on the East Avenue side of the railway entrance remains impassible.

Crossing the road is the real issue here (I would have thought) in as much as there is no clear vision of oncoming traffic to allow confident crossing over the road.

Where to from here?

Council’s administration will include further investigation into this area as part of the traffic management investigation into Byron Road and surrounds that I have previously blogged about.

Your input! I would love to hear your thoughts about the success or otherwise of the boardwalk and suggestions you may have for alternative solutions.

Let’s make our local environment a truly safe one!

An Update on Byron Road

Refer also my blog of 24 May.

As noted in our recent joint newsletter my co-councillor Jennie Boisvert and I had requested that the cost of a comprehensive traffic management program be conducted in the Black Forest area south of Forest Avenue.
A number of residents in Byron Road subsequently handed Jennie a petition that they had previously prepared concerning investigating options to replace the single lane slow points as part of the traffic management plan. I see they also got Messenger Press attention.
Council Staff have subsequently conducted a speed survey on Byron Rd (this month) and have recorded an 85% speed of 46.4km/h compared with 47.2km/h in 2007 just after installation of the slow points.  This compares with speed in July 2006 when 85% was 54.4km/h.
The installed devices have clearly reduced the speed although not to legal levels.
Alternatives that can be looked at, when we consult with affected residents, would be either to incorporate a speed hump within the slow points or replace with speed humps. 
If this were done then Addison Road should probably be done simultaneously to avoid transfer of traffic and the traffic management plan should recognise this.