Theatre Organ Society of Australia-Owners of Capri Cinema celebrate 50th Birthday

Owners of the Capri Cinema, where the celebrations commenced, the Theatre Organ Society of Australia, South Australian Division celebrate their 50th Anniversary this weekend.


Invited by the Theatre Organ Society of Australia to the opening last night of a weekend long celebration I enjoyed a trip of nostalgia.

My wife and I were entertained by a series of inspiring organ performances by an equally exciting group of organists. I was quite proud that locals from my own street, father and son Richard & Michael Larritt, were two of the performers on the night.

20150821_182758 20150821_190411 20150821_184437Another of the performers and host for the night was someone most people of my vintage will remember from channel 9 and 5DN days was none other than Barry Hall. The channel niners come to mind, along with …. Yes… Here’s Humphrey.

I reckon if I dig deep enough into my collection of LPs I would find the album mentioned later with his name on it.

Two historic organs featured on the night, both now permanent residents of the Capri.

The first, well known to those who frequent the Capri Cinema for movies or theatre performances is the 4/29 Wurlitzer. The console of the 4/29 features on many a photo shoot of the Capri Cinema.


The second, at least the console of the second, is the 2/12. This organ was resident for 30 years at my old stamping ground, Pulteney Grammar School just down the road a bit on South Terrace in the City. It is also the organ featured on Barry Hall’s LP “Barry Hall at the Wurlitzer”, one of I reckon 15 or so LPs he recorded during the 70’s or thereabouts.

Thank you TOSA. It was a great night out and I did not miss Port Adelaide beating Hawthorn or Australia throwing it at the Poms, well almost.

20150821_182739Oh! And thanks for the birthday cake. It was delicious. Pretty spectacular looker too! Too good in fact to eat. Here it is in it’s protective cage.


Council Comes to Capri Theatre Aid

Council is keen to see the Capri Cinema survive. We last night unanimously agreed to assist the Capri Cinema with a $ 51,000.00 interest free loan.

The Capri Theatre, considered by many in the community as an icon of the City of Unley and Goodwood Road was built in 1941is located at 141 Goodwood Road, Goodwood It is owned and operated by the Theatre Organ Society of Australia (SA).  
Unlike many other commercial cinemas, the Capri Theatre is a not-for-profit organisation. The Theatre is staffed in the main by volunteers, many of whom are residents of the City of Unley.
As reported by Mr Tom Baxter, the Theatres Manager, the film industry is converting to digital. The Capri must fall in line with this or go out of business as 35mm will soon be no longer available. Changing over however will assist in reducing the running costs long term as they will no longer need a paid projectionist.
Trouble is they do not have the cash flow now.
And this is where the Council steps in. Nice to know we can help one of our icons, remembering of course that the Capri is one of those attractions in the oft forgotten west of the city..

Goodwood Alive Christmas Festival

The western side of the City of Unley, often forgotten as being part of Unley is alive.

Yes – Come alive at the 2001 Goodwood Alive Christmas Festival on Saturday November 26 between 10am and 2pm.

Relax and enjoy the FREE kids activities and live entertainment.

Browse the local shops and market stalls – and even begin your Christmas Shopping.

Make sure you drop into the Capri Cinema for your 2 for 1 movie ticket and for those older guests the Goodwood cellars will be running a tasting.

News on the Capri Cinema gas explosion

Below is a press release put out by the City of Unley after our efforts to pursue action by the government after the gas explosion at the Capri Cinema two weeks ago.



More than 1100 metres of gas pipe in Goodwood is to be replaced.

Residents and businesses in Gilbert, Rushton, Angus, Lewis and Weston Streets, are today being informed that work to replace the gas pipe will begin next week.

The decision to replace the pipe follows a gas explosion at the Capri Theatre two weeks ago. The explosion was the second such incident in the past four years.

The work will be completed by the APA Group, which operates and maintains South Australia’s natural gas network on behalf of Envestra Ltd, which owns the network.

Peter Sauer, APA Group’s Manager of the South Australian Natural Gas Distribution Network, said that, although the existing pipe was leak-surveyed and found to be safe after both incidents, replacing the pipe will eliminate any cause for concern in future.

“After each incident, we surveyed the pipe and found it to be safe and performing to the required specification,” said Mr Sauer.

“It has been decided to replace this particular section of pipe. Public safety is priority of Envestra and APA Group and we are determined to eliminate any chance of this happening again.”

The replacement work will affect 145 properties, including 105 natural gas customers, covered by the gas pipes. Work will begin in the week commencing Monday, November 21, and is expected to take around four weeks to complete.

APA Group representatives will visit residents this week to outline the scope of work. Residents with questions can contact 8159 1637.

The APA Group continues to investigate the incident at the Capri Theatre and will submit a report to the Office of the Technical Regulator.

The APA Group also takes the opportunity to remind people to report any smell of gas or a suspected gas leak. Leaks do occur and we need to know about them so that we can respond. The number to ring is 1800 808 526.

Peter Sauer will be available for interview in Gilbert Street at 12.30pm today (Monday November 14).