Big Agenda in July.

With Council about to move into caretaker mode July will prove busy with two full councils meetings on the agenda.

We will have our usual end of month meeting on the 28th. This will be preceded whoever by one on the 14th.

At the 14th meeting we will review a number of things including the review of our CEO’s performance over the last year, and more importantly the renewal of our waste collection contract.

CEO Changeover

Today we farewell Ray Pincombe, Unley’s CEO for the last 4 years. Ray has served us well in that time bringing his lifetime of experience in Local Government to the post.

On Monday his replacement, Peter Tsokas, takes over.

Peter has been one of our three General Managers for the last eighteen months. He too brings a strong experience in local government. I have had many one on one conversations with Peter and I can say I am convinced he will serve us well.

Having lived in the area as a youngster, he has a long association with the area and will bring a passion to the role that only a local can. He has a vision for Unley that I share.

Needless to say I look forward to working with him.

Unley breeds the good ones

Now that we have filled the new CEO position from within we find our deputy CEO Christine Umapathysivam, who recently won an award for Excellence in Local Government Leadership, has accepted a position with the Local Government Association (LGA) as Director of Local Government Excellence and Reform.

That truly is a feather in her cap and she is to be congratulated.

Well Done Christine!


First job for our new CEO, Peter Tsokas will be to find a replacement that can fill Chris’s shoes.

New City of Unley CEO announced

The wait is over and we have a new CEO.
And after scouring the country for the best candidate, receiving some 50 odd quality applications, we found that the best candidate was in our midst all along.
Peter Tsokas, our current General Manager of City Development, was the successful candidate.
He takes up his duties on the 21st November after the current CEO’s retirement becomes effective, on the 18th November.
I take this opportunity to join with the Mayor and congratulate peter on his appointment. Peter presents as a very relatable person, a person with ambition for this job, the job he has now secured. In my short time on Council I have had the opportunity to speak with on a number of matters and believe him to be a person of vision.
All of these attributes I believe to be important for an incoming CEO.
I look forward to working with him and good luck mate!