A Push to Greenfitti our Rail Station

Around 20 people attending a public meeting held at the Clarence Park Community Centre are ready, willing and able to start doing a “greenfitti” of the station and its environs.

With the electrification of the rail line by DPTI out of the way, and with Unley Council about to do its bit by replanting replacement trees down both Canterbury & Parker Terraces, it is time for the community to take back possession of the station.

Individuals within the Clarence Park and Black Forest have in the past contributed to keeping this station in good nick. Recent history has seen this disappear but through the work and passion of one Canterbury Terrace resident we look like this will return , with a bigger group taking ownership of the station.

A committee has been formed to pursue not just the upgrading but the ongoing maintenance of the station. This committee, which will include the Area Co-Coordinator of the local Neighbourhood Watch group, will look at infrastructure upgrades that they see are required like improved disability access.

This list will be put to DPTI for their response.

Making the station a more inviting place to board trains requires what was promoted this afternoon as doing a greenfitti on the Station. Some exciting suggestions were made this afternoon. I will let the committee work though this and put their proposals to DPTI.

DPTI by the way have been quite receptive to working with the local community to allow for public involvement in working on the platform. And with the possibility of a Transit Watch being utilised the future of the Clarence Park Rail Station is looking good.

Infrastructure upgrades are another storey however. I trust therefore that this list will also be put to the Government via our local representative Steph Key. The Opposition’s Shadow Transport Spokesperson Corey Wingard  attended the meeting and I saw him furiously taking notes.

I wish this group well and look forward to being kept in the loop.

Clarence Park Train Station Rejuvenation

Back on Monday 2nd June I posted that a local resident is keen to develop  a public strategy for uplifting our local rail station in conjunction with DPTI.

I can now report that a public meeting has been organised to get it happening. It will be held in the Clarence Room of the Clarence Park Community Centre on Sunday 20th July between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm.

Flyers advertising the event are being designed ready for printing as we speak.

With the tree replanting by Council along Canterbury and Parker Terrace about to commence this is an ideal
time to look at beautification. Let’s face it it looks industrial right now as a result of the electrification infrastructure; a far cry from our beautiful tree lined station we all bought into when we each moved into Black Forest or Clarence Park

If you are interested in helping or finding out more let me know and I will pass your contact detail on. Likewise let us know if you can assist with letter boxing the flyer.

Uplift for Clarence Park Station

While we await the tree planting I blogged about earlier today we may see a complete face lift.

One resident who lives very close to the station has approached DPTI, with some success, about giving the station a face lift. Community action again appears to be proving a positive catalyst for much needed change.

At the very least we would be looking at a repaint of the station and hopefully this might include the various posts and poles. It would be great to see some extra planter boxes for more vegetation. And maybe these could include some miniature fruit trees or the like.

If there is enough support from local residents then DPTI may well respond in kind.

Anyone wanting to be part of this project let me know and I will pass on your details to the resident promoting it.

PS    If we show we care and work with them to make our station a little paradise they might recognize that it would be good to replace the chain mesh fencing at the two entrances in favour of the tubular fencing recently installed as part of the rail rejuvenation project by DPTI.