Sublime for January 7

The west in Unley is in for a Sublime Coffee experience.

As I noted on the 20th in this blog site the third coffee shop is due to open soon. I called in today, the door was open, to talk to the owners and their volunteers as the scramble to get the shop ready for opening.

The word is, all going well, they will be open on January 7.

Passenger Trains Return to Noarlunga Line

Yes the trains are running again. After a few weeks of ghost trains we now have real trains running complete with a handful of passengers.

As promised last week by the Government passengers services are up and running, with a service stopping all stations from and to Noarlunga. Check out the webpage below for a time schedule.

Of course this does not mean DPTI are finished. Far from it.

Have Your Say on Canterbury Terrace

Our traffic and landscaping teams have together looked at what options are available to look at the solving the safety issues identified in our recent Black Forest LATM after community feedback earlier this year.

Residents of Canterbury Terrace and Parker Terrace Clarence Park (the most affected amenity wise)  have received letters this week as have the wider Black Forest street network. Just in case you missed out I am attaching the pictorial display of the options in this blog post.

They have worked hard on addressing the two major concerns that have been portrayed thus far and they are:

Keeping 2 way traffic
And returning the treescape

Please read the information carefully so that you are truly informed of the merits of each option. Each has advantages but each come with some form of cost to the community. If you wish to discuss this feel free to get back to either Jennie or I.

An opportunity to discuss issues with our staff will be provided at the Clarence Park Community Centre between 4.00pm and 6.00pm on Wednesday 11th December 2013.  I have marked this in my diary.

I encourage you all to respond to this survey, either by posting the response form back to council, providing an email to [email protected].

When this comes before Council early next year I hope that we have the best possible cross section of thoughts from the community to better inform our decision making.

Clarence Park Community Centre the model for all to follow.

This is the question that I am sure will be asked when Councils Community Centres Directions Paper is presented to Council, maybe this month.

One of four community centres in Unley, a ratio much more than any other council per head of population, Clarence Park has a point of difference I would think the others should consider copying.

Nestled discreetly in the Black Forest side of the rail corridor adjacent the East Avenue level crossing it is, if ever there was, a sustainable model for Community Centres. Run by a Board of Directors, mainly from volunteers keen to see a community centre meet the needs they know exist in the local community.

The centre very much has a focus back to basics and care for children and about our environment. They are powered by solar energy and rainwater.

They offer fresh, seasonal and organic food at our markets and food cooperatives and they dance to world music and awaken mysteries within.

And they do this without putting much strain on the Council’s resources, certainly when compared to the other three centres. cant wait to see if the Council management agree with me.

Hopefully the report will be ready for this months council meeting on the 28th. If not it should be by the  November Council meeting.

Solutions for Canterbury Parker Terraces still awaited.

Finding an answer that will keep two way traffic and trees in Canterbury Terrace is yet to be solved. Going back out to public consultation is therefore delayed, hopefully though not for too much longer.

Two issues have been occupying MY thinking time since my last blog post about the possible electrical infrastructure we might see at Clarence Park Railway Station.

The first is what trees can we use to camouflage the DPTI structure. Yes I firmly believe keeping the trees is a priority. Without trees Canterbury & Parker Terraces will become a barren area that will take on an industrial look if the infrastructure at Emerson is repeated here. This will be a 180 degree turnaround on what the streets once were, just this time last year.

So what sort of trees. This I will leave to our Sustainable Officer Trevor Stein to investigate. All I can say is the two species previously offered in order to appease the electrical safety zones required by DPTI were deciduous. Unless the electrical infrastructure is to be less obtrusive than I am expecting the trees surely must be evergreen.

So when we are in a position to come back to the public for their thoughts on the options we will have to offer evergreens will be one option.

The other thing exercising my mind is understanding what might occur in Parker Terrace should angled parking be the answer to solve the conflict in Canterbury Terrace. In other words I have been feeling that this road might have to become one way in order to save Canterbury being one way.

Without preempting what our traffic engineers will advise I took a visit down to Aroha Terrace east where tram parking has been accommodated. This street (see the pictures above) from rial verge to fence is 200 mm wider than Parker Terrace (fence to fence).

It does take 2 way traffic but is one way for a section of the road (at the west end). I am presuming from this that we might be able to replicate this if we go all the way the rail corridor fence AND shorten the footpath width by a metre. To achieve this would be major work that has not been foreshadowed in our long term financial plan. It would include not only removing trees from the east side of Parker Terrace but relocating the power lines. Oooh! Now there’s an exercise.

We must of course await our traffic engineers advice before reacting. I am just putting pen to paper to let everyone know the answers aren’t simple.

By the way I am catching up with our Mayor today to give him some background to the challenges we are facing.

Businesses Booming in Unley’s west.

The western suburbs of the City of Unley are seeing a resurgence of business activity. This is running against the trend on King William Road and Unley Road where a number of small businesses have closed down or moved on.

Three businesses have arrived on the scene in the Goodwood South Ward, providing a service to the residents of Clarence Park, Millswood and Black Forest in Goodwood South and for Forestville in the Goodwood Ward. And a fourth appears just around the corner.

In the last couple of months Tram Stop 4 (a coffee shop), and be gourmet (a take home meal and daily lunch shop) have both opened their doors. Just a few months ago now Carnevale (another coffee shop) opened in the old Video Store on East Avenue, Clarence Gardens.

 This is a revolution of sorts in the west of Unley. Long time now the poor cousin as a cosmopolitan destination, when compared to the well know coffee shop precincts of King William Road and Unley Road. Great to see that we can enjoy this modern lifestyle west of Goodwood Road.

I have had the pleasure of meeting with the proprietors of each shop, having had some 3 or 4 coffees at Carnevale and my first last week at Tram stop 4. They are all lovely people and I encourage you to patronise their respective businesses.

My wife and my daughter in law have become regulars at Carnevale. I intend to feature each of these businesses over the next month, commencing with be gourmet, later this week. So watch this space.

Langdon Avenue Streetscape

The replanting phase of the Langdon Avenue streetscape was scheduled by the end of this years planting season.

Staff still hope to meet this schedule but securing the right mature plans is proving difficult. There is one more possible supply source we have yet to check but available for all other suppliers is not suitable to allow us to proceed.

This may mean we have to wait until March/April of next year to plant.

When I know more I will post again.

Re-vegetation Node Meetings to occur soon.

The 4 Node meetings with residents along the rail corridor to discuss how council may re vegetate the areas along and/or adjacent the corridor are about to happen. This is Councils opportunity to give the residents an amenity, in many cases destroyed by DPTI as they carried out their various projects within the corridor.

Council identified 4 “nodes” that have particular circumstances requiring particular solutions rather than try to come up with a generic solution along the entire length of the corridor within our City boundaries.

Residents in the Cowper Street vicinity will have a meeting with DPTI this week. If this goes well Council will take the opportunity to turn this meeting into a node meeting.

Canterbury and Parker Terrace residents will be next, maybe later this month. The date will be worked out between Council and DPTI at a joint admin meeting this week. The Cromer Parade node and the Goodwood Junction (Devon Street, Richard Street etc) node will follow.

Addressing part of the LATM for Black Forest is part of the Canterbury, Parker Terrace “node”. A mid week meeting is being planned, and it is expected we should be able to conduct this at the Clarence Park Community Centre in Canterbury Terrace.

New Management Team has the Goods

I am impressed with the current Management Team that has been put together over the last twelve months by our CEO Peter Tsokas.

I am happy to confirm that one of the core businesses of council, keeping our infrastructure in good condition, is in goods hands. Under the tutelage of our General Manager Infrastructure John Devine I believe we are getting road, footpath and kerb & watertable infrastructure recognised for repair or replacement unlike previously.

We are also seeing this work done on those sections requiring it rather than for the full lengths of roads. This is perhaps the key to getting the work done that needs to be done because the money is available by not being unwisely spent .

A road with what I believed to be significant kerb and watertable issues and which was ignored by the previous regime is now in the process of repair as we speak. At my request John saw a resident affected earlier this year and low and behold work is happening.

Thank you John for looking after the residents of Frederick Street, Clarence Park. And this on top of a number of similar projects in and around Clarence Park recently.

Kelvin Avenue-Back to the Future

In a complete surprise to me the City Strategy & Policy Committee last night voted to approve the original concept for Kelvin Avenue.

As most of you would know this project pre-dates my time on Council, having been conceived by my Goodwood South predecessor Les Birch. It started way back then under the title of “pocket park” as a road closure, and was approved by a majority of respondents to a community survey at that time.

The project lapsed and came back to council not long after I started with council. It again received community support but there were a number of residents strongly opposed to it.

A compromise was sought and what has been termed a driveway link was put to residents. This too gained majority support, but again with a number strongly opposed. I do note that a number for and against this option expressed a preference for the original.

At the time it was my feeling that Council would back the original motion but the alternate was accepted for inclusion into this years budget.

Last night it came back to City Strategy and I honestly thought they (elected members) would stay with their last view on the project. Again I was wrong.

Jennie & I put the motion for the option we felt had majority support and it got voted down. Cr Peter Hughes then put a motion for the original concept design and this was overwhelmingly supported.

Well —— I never was a betting man.


Apologies to anyone out there who I shared my prediction with.

It does have to be rubber stamped at council but I refuse to put my money down~!

Kelvin Avenue Comes Back

After the current version of this project was approved for inclusion into the current years budget. We now must vote on the final design detail.

Two choices; the current “driveway” link or the original “road closure”.

Both projects received majority approval at their respective time of public consultation. Now it is up to the elected members to choose.

The recommendation being put to elected members is for the driveway link.

Watch this space for the result.

An expensive Toilet or a Transformer Building

I was provided an interesting observation today regarding the $ 110,000.00 toilet recenlty erected in Page Park by a member of the Fairmont Tennis Club as I opened their new season for them.


No-one knows they are toilets.

Members of the club are apparently often approached by members of the public using the open spaces east of the courts asking if they can use the clubs toilets. When advised the toilet is “down there” the response is “I thought that was a transformer station.”
Looking at the toilet from a distance I had to acknowledge that this was a likely scenario. We really do need to put a large international symbol on the northern wall of the toilet because it does look like (in retrospect) a transformer building.
 I have asked the General Manager for Infrastructure if it possible to arrange this or some other equally engaging solution so our community actually gets a benefit of the investment we have made.

Fairmont Tennis Club opens their new Season

Yet another success storey in the western reached of the City known as Unley.

This club has been around almost as long as the Millswood Croquet Club I posted about yesterday, some 70 to 75 years I believe. A social club they commenced their next season today and I had the privilege of opening it for them for the second time.

A celebratory lunch.

As with the croquet club, success comes from the membership and this club clearly has a strong basis of volunteering from with it’s membership. Have fun guys. It is great to see our facilities being used.

Children Present Signs due in Frederick Street

“Children Present” signs are due to be installed in Frederick Street Clarence Park, adjacent the Scout/Girl Guides hall.

After seeing evidence of unacceptable speeds in the southern end of Frederick Street in Clarence Park I pushed for us to look into what we can do to make this area safe.

Our traffic staff investigated options and it seems a number of initiatives I would like to have seen applied were not possible under the guidelines of the State Govcrnment Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure. The one thing we can do is erect signs in an appropriate location to remind people that this is an area where kids are present.

Hopefully this will see car drivers slowing down a bit.

Frederick Road Kerb and Watertable issues

Earlier this year I notified our Administration of concerns I had with the localised flooding occurring in Frederick Street due to irregularities in the kerb and water table.

The issue became apparent to me as I door knocked residents to get their input into the Kelvin Avenue projects.

I was subsequently advised that the footpaths were due for replacement in 2026/27 but they acknowledged that they were in poor condition. Beyond this a study had already been programmed into the state of our roads and kerbs.

This assessment has not yet been completed. I expect some advice shortly as to whether the consultants engaged to make this assessment agree with me or not and whether therefore the programming for heavy patching of the kerbs and water table will remain for the year 2019 or whether it will be bought forward.

I hope to have something to tell you all late next month or early in August.

Goodwood Scouts Street Safety

Council has recently conducted an investigation into traffic volumes and speed in Frederick Street Clarence Park after my observations of the last survey taken.

The last survey raised my concerns that traffic speeds are unacceptable given the presence of a scout and girl guides hall at this end of the street.

I expect to get the results of this new survey late next month. If the results warrant I will be advocating for a solution that will make the area safer for our kids.

Other Frederick Road Issues

Concerns by both your councillors over a period of time have been picked up by our Asset management team.

As the footpaths have already been brick paved they are not due for replacement until 2026/27. It is recognised now that they are in “bad” condition particularly on the east side.

We are advised the street will be inspected to look at lift and relays for whole segments, even the whole street because it may be beyond spot maintenance.

We have also been advised that, as part of ongoing inspections of our council wide footpath network, footpaths in poor condition are being assessed for renewal treatment. This renewal will form part of of the programmed maintenance for footpaths going forward.

In response to other concerns I have raised heavy patching programmed for Frederick Streets kerb and water table for would you believe 2019 is now likely to be brought forward.

Frederick Street Speed Solution

A Concern raised by me recently about excessive speeds in front of the Scout/Guides hall in Frederick Street is being addressed by our traffic section.

In response to my concerns my co-councillor suggested we paint zig zag lines either side of the Hall. Our traffic section will be investigating options in the last week of this month.

I look forward to hearing their suggestions.

U-Turn on Mills Street

The much heralded (by me) removal of the ability of drivers to complete a U-Turn at the junction of Goodwood Road and Mills Street appears to have been completed.

Not so. It appears to me that the project is not yet complete even though it looks like it is.

By my inspection I believe the U-Turn is still possible, indeed maybe even easier than it once was.

I have passed on my observation to our administration.

If anyone witnesses U-Turns in the next period of time please let me know.

Greenways Project

Notwithstanding the concerns expressed in my earlier post this afternoon we do have encouraging news from DPTI.

Back on the 2nd February I reported that the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) was apparently proposing a shared path from South Road to East Avenue using a combination of on road treatments and a new path constructed within the rail corridor.

I can now advise they have determined that the electrification of the Noarlunga Rail line is an ideal opportunity to address another project of importance to the government. That is to provide green commuting paths to save on greenhouse gasses from vehicular use by encouraging bike ways.

They have determined that they can use the same corridors for two greenways initiatives. That being so it is proposed to develop a bike way from the Marino Rocks rail station all the way through to Greenhill Road at a cost from memory of $3b.

Goodwood South would therefore see the shared path noted above.

This is fantastic news and brings the Goodwood South Ward well and truly into the Unley bike way environment. The City of Unley has developed a top bike way network but Goodwood South has not featured prominently in this network.

This is a project, initiated by the State Government, that we should all get excited about. It will make such a difference to our district and in particular the area of Clarence Park between Lorraine Avenue thru’ to Cross Road and between East Avenue and the rail line. It will similarly impact on the mirror image on the other side of the line in Black Forest.

I for one will champion this project as much as I can.