Electricification of Noarlunga Rail Line Update

Nervously awaiting I am, the news that DPTI will consult more openly about the impacts of the electrification project along Parker Terrace, Canterbury Terrace and along Cromer Parade.

Council IS liaising with DPTI to develop a strategy for the consultation process. This is about all our administration can advise us of at this point in time.

Whilst negotiations are on going Jennie and I assure you that we will be looking after your interests and will be actively involved in any group representation that residents may wish to pursue if DPTI dont’ come to the party.

Let us hope they do.

Local Street Speeding

Our administration has responded to a concern I raised at the last City Strategy & Policy Committee Meeting about speeding in our local streets.

Strategies to reduce speeding traffic in Frederick Street near the scout hall are being investigated.

As I noted in my blog of the 14th of this month I have concerns about the speed of vehicles in residential streets. Streets that should give priority to pedestrians and bike riders. Streets where our families (and kids) live. Traffic date indicates 85% of vehicles travelling past the scout hall at 47kph, well above the legal limit.

I eagerly await what strategies they may come up with.

Goodwood Saints show why they are one of the real success storeys of the City of Unley’s Goodwood South Ward.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Guernsey presentations for the junior teams of the Goodwood Saints Football Club. They are truly a great club and an icon of the local community.

It was a tremendous night where some 250 young lads received their Guernseys for the 2012 season. 250 kids mainly from the Millswood, Clarence Park, Black Forest area and attending local schools like Black Forest Primary School, Goodwood Primary School and St Thomas Primary School.

                                                                          Not only is it exciting to see so many kids at Goody Oval, it was great to see the army of volunteers (mums and dads and others) supporting the development of young minds, helping them to progress into adulthood as part of a structure that knows and is success.

And Mums and Dads and others just supporting by being there.
We can all believe what we see and hear from our media that the kids of today are lazy, that they don’t get outdoors and don’t get exercise other than their thumbs on play stations etc. Or we can get outside ourselves, go along to the local oval and see what IS actually happening. 250 kids using Goodwood Oval….I rest my case.

Well done Goody Saints. I congratulate you; and may you continue to get the success you deserve. As an elected member of the City of Unley I will help any way I can to support a club that so clearly supports the local community.

PS           Is what I saw because of their success or is what I saw why they are successful?

They know!


Traffic Data highlights concerns for Goodwood South

Council received recently a copy of traffic data provided to our Road Safety Committee. Reading through this document was very revealing and I believe warrants further action to address some areas of concern.
I was moved by some of the data to attend the road safety committee meeting this week to voice my observations to them. I trust this has encouraged this committee to examine and evaluate the implications behind the data.
Of particular concern to me is evidence of the need to review the Byron Road precinct. This is an area, along with adjoining streets that residents expressed concerns over during the election campaign some sixteen months ago and which I have championed since taking office. Whilst I understood a study would be undertaken in the current financial year I have been assured that next year’s budget will have sufficient funds to explore the safety on the roads in this precinct in the coming twelve months.
The statistics in Byron Road indicated a reduction in the number of cars using the street of around 10% over 2 years. The speeds however have remained 15% above on average the limits we have hoped to achieve for the area. This is a clear indication that the recent speed control devices have not worked. Given we have received complaints about cars travelling down the centre of the road, encourage by these devices, (refer previous blogs on this) we clearly need to reconsider what we do in the future.

Another disturbing statistic is the speeds being recorded in Frederick Street in Clarence Park. Regular speeds also 15% over the signposted speed is of high concern given the date was taken from the southern end of the street where the scouts and girl guides hall is situated.  At 7.4m wide it is one of the narrowest streets around and a street that speeds need to be kept to a minimum for the safety of the children using that hall.

There is other date that warrants further investigation. These are the two that worry me the most at this stage. If you want to check the data out for yourself it can be found on the City of Unley web site at via this link.

Another Local Group alive and well

The Goodwood Girl Guides had a fund raising Easter Market today. This was a chance for my wife & I to purchase some goods, have a sausage and help them in a quest to get girls to Tasmania.
It is good see yet another of our many community groups out there and working hard towards success and identified goals. They were supported by a number of networking business selling their products at reduced prices.
Well done everyone involved.

Page Park Toilets Available for Use-At Last

It seems like an eternity since I blogged that the Page Park toilets were being constructed.

As a prefab construction, I expected they would be available to park users not long after. that was November last year. Issues with providing services delayed completion until recently.

All that is behind us now.

It is available for use. I might christen it soon.

Mills Street Traffic Controls

The consultation to change the angled slow point to a plateau has closed and is currently being assessed.
I sense that there is majority support to proceed.

If this is the case construction would likely commence in April, along with preventing motorists making that dangerous U-Turn at the junction of Mills and Goodwood Road.

Looking forward to that as I know residents close to that intersection will also.

Clarence Park Community Centre Recognised

As reported a month ago the event of the year at the City of Unley Citizenship Awards was presented to the Amadya Muslim Women’s Bazaar at Clarence Park Community Centre.

This recognition was just the start as it turns out.

A week ago Sue Goldsworthy (CPCC), Amelia Birve and Deb Richardson attended the Governors Multicultural Awards at Government House. The Clarence Park Community Centre was short listed as a finalist for the work done with the Ahmadiyya Community from more than 130 submissions.

The Clarence Park Community Centre deserves this recognition. Well done to the staff working on this project.

Graffiti Management at work

Many people in Goodwood South Ward would be well aware we were attacked in a wide way two weekends ago. Tags were found all over the place in the near vicinity of East Avenue and into Goodwood Ward, Leah Street and Leader Street.
Our response was swift and full, removing all tags on infrastructure we are responsible for. It was all gone within 48 hours. Thanks guys.
Now we just await the efforts of DPTI to rid our stobie poles of this blight. Hopefully they are going to do their little bit?

Clarence Park Community Centre – Wearable Art Workshop

Since launching her business in 2009, Melanie-Joy has taught hundreds of people to create their own unique pieces of ‘Wearable Art’.
The catchphrase “think outside the square”, prepares you to experience something beyond the ordinary.
Largely self-taught, Melanie has been making her own jewellery for over 12 years. She merges natural skills for combining colour and texture with those learnt whilst studying Fashion Design.
Throughout 2012, Melanie-Joy will be sharing her skills in a variety of jewellery-making workshops at Clarence Park Community Centre.
“I’m so excited to be working in partnership with Clarence Park Community Centre to enrich the local community” Says Melanie.“It’s all about helping people to discover their inner-creativity. We are all capable of expressing our own creativity; some of us just need a gentle nudge in the right direction”
A snippet of what’s on offer:
FOR THE KIDS: April 16, “Wrap-around Bracelets – one for Mum and one for ME” – just in time for Mothers Day! Contact the centre to book: 8293 8166
FOR ADULTS: April 29, “An Introduction to Boutique Jewellery Making”. Perfect for beginners. Work with quality materials and learn all the basics to continue to create beautiful designs at home.
GET CREATIVE: August 26, “Wearable Art Workshop”. Designed to Inspire and ‘awaken your creativity’. Use a variety of non-traditional objects to create your own unique piece of ‘Wearable Art’. Suitable for beginners, and adults of all jewellery-making levels.
Bookings are essential as places are limited. Contact Melanie: 0411 754 317.
Visit workofmelaniesteadman.blogspot.com for more information              

Press Close but not quite on the money

The Kelvin Avenue debate made the press again in this week’s Eastern Courier.

The Eastern Courier reported on last Monday night’s Council meeting and were correct in what they said about my moving the motion to allow this project to be considered in the budget for 2012/13. They were right in reporting that I said if this project did not get approval the funds would be allocated to another project.

Where they missed the boat was:-

Ø  I moved the motion on behalf of the majority of residents, who supported the project. This was in keeping with a promise I made to residents 12 months ago.
Ø  I also wanted to make it clear to respondents, who felt funds would be better directed to footpaths and road maintenance, that a no vote to this project would not redirect funds to footpaths and roads, but to another similar project; noting that it may also likely be in another ward meaning the Goodwood South ward misses out.

This observation was one also that I wanted elected members to appreciate.

Here is a group of residents (a massive 42% of those against the project) who largely disagreed with the project because funds could be better spent on footpaths and road maintenance. If elected members were to vote no on behalf of these they needed to appreciate that pockets parks are not were residents want their rates spent.

Unless therefore I am off the mark a no vote would have meant that we should redirect funds to those core activities. My point is these resident’s concerns would not have been met if we voted no and then went looking for another similar project.

Why? Those 42% are telling us no pocket parks, or whatever they are; footpath and road maintenance please.

A point missed by the Eastern Courier; I hope not missed on my fellow elected members.

Additional line marking in Mills Street scheduled for installation, together with an additional no left turn sign into Millswood Crescent for December
Our team is meeting with line marking contractor today to discuss on site prior to installation of line marking in Mills Street and Millswood Crescent.

AND….. the line marking contractor has confirmed that the yellow box markings over rail crossing will be installed in mid – February subject to availability of TransAdelaide rail controllers.

These initiatives came from the public consultation process on the Kelvin Avenue project and to which I referred in my last Kelvin Avenue Blog.

Yes! Public Consultation does work. Initiatives prompted by residents are taken on board and this little ducky feels good about the process we underwent, even though I was frustrated by the time it took. But I guess that is local government.

A Victory for the People once again. And thanks to the resident in Frederick Street that prompted me to look at the East Avenue, Mills Street, Millswood Crescent network. And thanks to the East Avenue observer of the problems with cars stopping on the rail line in peak hour traffic.

Electricification of Noarlunga Rail Line Update

We have been advised that the DPTI (the renamed DTEI-Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure) Rail Electrification Project team will brief Council at the March briefing evening.

During the briefing I will be, and I am sure Jennie will likewise, reinforce the request for a street meeting so that your views can be taken into account, your fears addressed etc.

When this occurs I will blog my understanding of the briefing, including whether or not the timing for the start of this project has been put back to December or not.

Kelvin proves the power of transparent consultation

Amid many claims in the short time I have been on council that many of council’s efforts at consulting its residents and rate payers Kelvin Avenue has stood up as a beacon for the process.

The Kelvin Avenue project started life as a pocket park requiring a road closure.
From the very beginning this project, conceived by the previous council and in particular (as I understand it) my predecessor Les Birch, has had majority support from the residents of the area. Notwithstanding this and with my encouragement the project has evolved due to Council recognising concerns expressed by significant numbers of residents.
In other words, as a direct result of public consultation, this project meta-morphed into a Driveway link, a landscaped road.
After debate that lasted an hour and a half Kelvin Avenue (in its current form) got the green light to be considered in next year’s budget considerations. So it has finally been passed …but… has to now pass the test of being part of next year’s budget. Why?
As someone new to the system I am intrigued by this but the project has changed significantly and it is probably fair that it be considered for next year’s budget, rather than try and squeeze it into this year.
During the budgetary process concerns shared by residents and councillors alike regarding the cost of this version can and will be addressed. The boardwalk is one area for consideration. We will have to satisfy ourselves that this actually represents value for money because it is a significant contributor to the cost.
So I say well done to Council and to our staff who have worked tirelessly to produce a project which our community contributed significantly to.


Sharon Zacher has been coordinating the TOYS program (standing for Together Offering Your Skills) at the Clarence Park Community Centre for the last 8 years of the program’s 30 year history.

There are currently 20 male and female volunteers who mend toys from kindergartens and schools, make and repair furniture items, build possum boxes, make bridge stands for people with arthritis, build protection boxes for a community radio station to keep their old turntables safe, repair wicker dolls prams for kindergartens and make props for local ballet and theatre groups. They are currently working on making a selection of wooden toys that will be on sale leading up to Christmas.

The TOYS shed is open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9.00 am to midday from February to mid December.

Well done & Bon Voyage Kerry Webb

Hot on the good news that the Clarence Park Community Kindergarten received a grant from Council for their proposed community garden (see previous blog) we find the Director is moving on.

Kerry Webb rejuvenated the Kindergarten when she arrived some 5 years ago.
It is with sadness of leaving a community that made her one of theirs but with joy at taking on new challenges that she moves on.
Thanks from the community of Kelvin Avenue, Parker Terrace and East Avenue Kerry and good luck in the future.
Go the Power!