Kelvin Avenue Update

The Driveway link which is the current proposal that recently was the subject of community consultation is now due to come before Council at the January meeting. There was not enough time for our administration to review the responces and prepare a report.  
I am aware we recived a significant number of responses and this obviously takes time to eveluate. It is my intention to conduct my own analysis of the survey results prior to the meeting.

Watch this space for more information.

Canterbury Terrace Boardwalk-People Power at work again

Thanks to those residents who turned up last Tuesday evening to the street meeting called by Council to address concerns raised to me during last years election campaign about safety etc of the boardwalk.

About a dozen people provided us with valuable observations that we will take on board as we develop a program of improvement for the boardwalk and surrounding areas.

These people included a handful of residents of Canterbury Terrace and a number of frequent users of the Boardwalk.

Access for scooters, prams etc was discussed along with concerns safety with one resident immediately opposite the boardwalk being concerned about young bike riders using the boardwalk as a dare.

Vision of on coming cars was also a concern for those wanting to cross Canterbury Terrace at the Railway station gates.

Our administration will now prepare a report on how we address the various observations and concerns.

My hope would be that we can get funding in the next budget for the initiatives that will be required to make this a safer environment.

Graffiti Management

Further to my recent post regarding Council’s new approach to cleaning up graffiti I can say with pride for the locals in Goodwood South Ward that our very own neighbourhood watch group (Millswood, Clarence Park Neighbourhood Watch) have indicated a desire to become involved.

This is great news. We need to take responsibility for our own patch.

What this group does need are volunteers to help them keep your neighborhood safe. Whether it is helping with graffiti clean up, or distributing the neighbourhood watch newsletter or even joining the committee (who meet only bi-monthly) you can help. Maybe you have initiatives yet to be considered that they could take on board.

If you are interested let me know and I will be only too happy to pass on your details to them.

Clarence Park Community Centre

The Clarence Park Community Centre celebrated their 2011 Christmas Party last night. There would have been in excess of 200 people there.

The Community Centre is alive and filled with excitement; a sure sign that that we have a very successful and well patronised  Community Facility here in the Goodwood South Ward.

Father Christmas visited us during the party and provided all the kids with presents. It was great to see the smiling faces of not only the kids but the mums and dads too. Next year I might be able to return, not just as a councillor but a grandparent – Pa Don.

Ruth Zilm was thanked for her 26 years with the Centre and there were lots of wet eyes as she received a presentation from Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ashley Campbell.

Well done both the management and the staff of the Community Centre. Have a merry Christmas and we will see you again in the new year; ready again to provide a valuable service to the resident’s of Clarence Park, Millswood, Black Forest and surrounding suburbs.

Clarence Park Community Centre Food Cooperative

Also in the money is the Clarence Park Community Centre Food Cooperative.

The CPCC is about to celebrate their 30th Anniversary by:

– recognising their community building tradition by sharing ‘thank you’ gifts of Food Co-op produce and items, made from Food Co-op ingredients, with community members, and

– host a party incorporating the Co-op’s healthy food ethos in the catering and activities.

– Celebrate 2012 being the UN ‘Year of the Co-operative’ with an information display about co-operatives, how they function and their place in the community.

This is the same theme as the kindergarten I blogged about earlier today. Both of these projects are not only steeped in community involvement but address another area that Council is keen to promote and encourage and that is food sustainability.

Well Done CPCC.

Clarence Park Community Kindergarten Community Garden

Clarence Park Community Kindergarten applied for a grant to grow their vegetable and herb garden into a community garden in the recent round for community grants.

Their application was approved at our City Strategy & Policy Committee meeting, accepting the recommendation of the Community Grants committee. It does need to be rubber stamped next Monday night but there is no reason to believe it won’t be as approval by the City Strategy & Policy Committee is usually a forerunner for approval at the next full Council meeting.

It is expected to plant in this area.

The aim of the garden is to upgrade their vegetable and herb garden so they can cook their produce and encourage families and the local community to engage with their services.

Well done Clarence Park Kindergarten. In a world where food sustainability is under threat this is a great move. Let’s hope we all get behind them and make it a success.

Churchill Avenue and Spiers Street

Work at upgrading Churchill Avenue and Spiers Street is nearly complete.

Churchill Avenue has been re-surfaced. Spiers Street has been realigned, and new footpaths constructed.

                                     Spiers under construction                              Spiers now

It is great to see works such as these, and Page Park (refer yesterday’s post), in our little neck of the woods. We will soon be sitting down to start the process of determining the budget for next year and Jennie and I will be looking to ensure Goodwood South Ward continues to receive the funding to see results such as these.

And doesn’t Churchill look a picture.

East Avenue rail Crossing

As I reported some time ago now I alerted DTEI, through our administration, that the rails the rail crossing on East Avenue was loose.

A big thank you to DTEI for commencing works on rectifying this.

Little did I realise the work entailed in effecting the repairs however. The crossing was closed at 6.00pm last night and will remain closed until 6.00 pm tomorrow night. And what a team was present to make it all happen.

Scenes of the work

And while the road may have been closed to allow work to proceed safely, the trains kept running with the worst of the work beign doen once the trains went to bed for the night.

The rail line will now be safer. Congratulations to all involved.

Post Script.

The yellow boxed lines I promised would happen earlier by DTEI. Not now, at least by them. We will be programming this work ourselves in the near future. Then hopefully cars will not bank across the rail line in peak traffic conditions.

Kelvin Avenue Update

Submissions from rate payers and residents on the current scheme for Kelvin Avenue were due by today.

These responses will be tabulated by our administration and a report prepared for council to consider, I trust, in December.

Jennie & I will view each response prior to this so that we can identify, not only the mood of our rate payers, but also to identify issues raised that require more consideration before it is decided on.

I thank everyone who has taken the time to put in a submission. Your contribution is invaluable.

First Year Completed


A year ago this weekend I witnessed the vote for elected members of Local Government and witnessed the provisional declaration that the good people of Goodwood South Ward of the City of Unley had placed their faith in me to represent them and advocate for them on Council for the first time.

I look back on this first year and wonder where it went. It has been a hectic introduction to the life of an elected member as we dealt with so much during the year. The comments from others still ring in my ears that it is not usually like this; it will calm down.


They say the first year is very much a learning curve with so much unfamiliar and they were right. It has indeed been a very steep learning curve. I give thanks to my co-councillor Jennie Boisvert for her mentorship, guidance and encouragement. I would like to think we worked together well, not that we agreed on everything.

As we deal  with the biggest local issue to be addressed  during the year right now (Kelvin Avenue) I reflect on a first year which I believe I have enjoyed some success representing and advocating for you.

Most of the big or controversial issues were outside our ward. But while this was going on we nibbled away at many smaller issues in Goodwood South, (Black Forest, Clarence Park & Millswood), making it a better place.

I have enjoyed working for and on behalf of you and look forward to the remaining 3 years of this term.

It is ALL ABOUT YOU though.

The biggest pleasure I have had is helping a number of you solve those personal issues you have had like barking dogs, unsafe footpaths, light and noise issues from neighbouring properties; just simply ensuring our Administration respond to you and communicate with you in a timely way.

I ask you to contact me on any issue you may have that is Council related and I will do what I can to ensure it is given the attention it deserves.

Kelvin Avenue Update

The consultation letter, complete with a drawing of the current scheme is being delivered mailed out today. I expect this means you will, if deemed to be affected by the project, will receive it tomorrow.

This scheme is very different to that previously proposed.

The new design will see a narrowing of the roadway with the remaining area not required for vehicle and pedestrian access to be landscaped. It is very much a shared roadway concept rather than a pocket park.
The design is aimed at reducing the hard surface of the road reserve and incorporating a proportion of green, soft area for planting and creating vegetation biodiversity.
All residents who receive this letter are encouraged to respond to the survey so we can know your views. Jennie and I will both be available to channel your views as well.

Road Safety in Goodwood South Ward

This blog is written with thanks to a concerned resident who identified a safety issue in Clarence Park

You, our resident and ratepayer, are the eyes and ears of the City of Unley.

As a result of this one observation we will soon see a give way sign at the junction of Ripon Road and Lorraine Avenue and Homer Road. This an awkward little junction which we agree needs some form of traffic control.

A “give way” sign will soon be installed on Ripon Road encouraging all north bound traffic on Ripon Road to give way to east-west bound traffic on Lorraine or Homer.

Mills Street Traffic Controls

I can now report that a raft of measures is about to become realities in little ol’ Goodwood South Ward.

1    Work is scheduled for November in Mills Street as follows:
       a)    Aditional line marking to address concerns raised in teh Kelvin Avenue consultation.
       b)    An additional no left turn sign will be installed likewise.
       c)    Changing the angled slow point adjacent no 21 with a plateau (this should be out for consultation now).
       d)    The problems with the median strip at the junction with Goodwood Road in that cars are doing unsafe manouvers including U Turns will be addressed also.

2    Yellow Box markings are scheduled, subject to the loose rail lines being resecured, over the rail crossing on East Avenue.

3   A “KEEP CLEAR” message will be installed on East Avenue at the junction with George Street to allow vehicles to turn into George Street. DTEI will not permit a similar initiative at the East Avenue, Mills Street jnction.

Kelvin Avenue Update

Advice from our administration suggests that the compromise solution for Kelvin Avenue is likely to go out to consultation with those affected by the project in around two weeks.

You will know if you are considered as affected by our administration if you have previously been consulted on the first draft.

Remember Jennie and I are keen to know your thoughts on the attempt by us to address what we believe to be the legitimate concerns previously expressed.

For anyone reading my blogs for the first time and with an interest in Kelvin Avenue, I have around a dozen previous blogs on the subject. Feel free to go back and read them so you can see my understanding of how this project has unfolded.

Trip Hazards a never ending battle

One of the things I have found most interesting since representing the good people of the Goodwood South Ward is the number of occasions I have sent a request to our depot to fix trip hazards. I have lost count of the number of hazards I have reported, all of which up to now thankfully have been fixed.

I have been gratified by the response from the Depot. They acknowledge my request within 24 hours and generally the hazard identified by me has been fixed within a week or two.

A couple of weekends ago while delivering the ward newsletter to houses south of the rail line I identified some 50 hazards. That is a huge number but I expect our depot to repeat their history of fixing them up. All but a handful of these related to our brick pavers. The bitumen footpaths and there are still many of them in Goodwood South.

As we look to our footpath replacement scheme I raise this question, in light of this history.

The bitumen footpaths, many of which are in quite poor condition are not presenting as requiring attention to correct trip hazards. The brick pavers though, even footpaths that might be considered generally as being in good nick are presenting trip hazards all too frequently.

Should we reconsider replacing the remaining bitumen footpaths with brick pavers given these observations.

The photo on the left is a typical movement in bitumen paving adjacent a tree. The one on the right is typical of movement adjacent a tree in brick pavers.

I ask anyone reading this blog what your thoughts are. Are we on the right track.

As council considers the continuation of the brick paved footpath program the elected members representing you need to know……If you have a bitumen footpath that is, in your opinion, in need of replacement; would you prefer to have a new brick paved footpath or a new bitumen one.

Fairmont Tennis Club commences a new season

I had the pleasure today of opening the new season for the Fairmont Tennis Club.
The Club is a social club for people who are retired and is around 70 years old. They have been located in the Goodwood South Ward of the City of Unley for its entire history, now residing in their third venue, Page Park on the corner of East Avenue and Cross Road at Clarence Park.
                            speaking at lunch time                         60’s thru 80’s and beyond enjoying life
A fantastic group of people, some Unley residents, others from other areas have been enjoying using one of our parks. We may not have many parks but they are well used. Indeed another group was using the park today to, I believe for the purpose of blessing their dogs.
The club is a great example in a time where councils are faced with helping to address the needs of an ageing society. We can all learn by following the example set by these “youngsters”.
Thank you to the club for the opportunity to kick start your new season. Have fun guys.

Electricification of Noarlunga Rail Line Update

DTEI have advised the first works on the Noarlunga line are unlikely to begin until July 2012 at the earliest.
The project team from DTEI will provide a project update and a written briefing to elected members in December, and with a subsequent presentation to elected members in January/February.

So it looks like no news for a while.


The picture on the left – a green corridor along Cromer Parade

On the right. Parker Terrace trees – will they survive?
Good news however is a rumour that the infrastructure will not need to be as wide as first thought which is encouraging as this reduces the chances of losing our trees (or having them significantly pruned) along Cromer Parade and along Parker Terrace Clarence Park/Canterbury Terrace Black Forest.

Mills Street Traffic Controls

East Avenue Intersection
We have been informed by DTEI that a “KEEP CLEAR” line marking message on East Avenue cannot be installed. They have indicated that they can and will be providing yellow box markings at the rail crossing when they repair the loose rail. This will assist in preventing cars stopping on the rails lines in peak hour traffic.
I can report that Council will be providing the additional yellow lines, along with an additional no left turn sign, is to be scheduled soon on Mills Street.
Angled Slow Point adjacent no 21

DTEI supports the proposal to replace the angled slow point in front of no 21 with a plateau. Community notification should have commenced with construction to occur shortly.

Kelvin Avenue 3rd Option goes to community consultation

Yes, the alternative option I have recently blogged about has been put before council and we have determined that it should go out to community consultation.
In seconding the motion proposed by my co-councillor I was keen and promoted so to my fellow elected members that the Clarence Park community deserved to have an opportunity to participate in the decision as to whether the project proceed or not. The alternative would have been for the project to have been abandoned which a handful of elected members felt was appropriate.
To abandon the project after our administration put a valiant effort into finding a solution that might work, that responded to concerns raised in the last consultation would have been a slap in the face to the administration.
As all who have followed this project and know my position on it will realise I have, from the very beginning, indicated my vote in the chamber will be in accordance with the majority wish of the people I represent. Last night many of the elected members indicated likewise.
So now it is the people’s turn.
Let democracy work!

Kelvin Avenue agenda for Monday night meeting

We have received our agenda for Monday night’s City Strategy & Policy committee meeting and Kelvin Avenue comes back to us for further consideration.
We have three options being put to us by our administration for consideration including the original option, which remains administrations recommended option. The second option is to not proceed and the third option is one that administration has worked on to address the issues raised during the consultation process and to address issues with ETSA’s transformer.
This option is for a single lane road opening up each end to allow two way traffic. This concept apparently provides ETSA with enough room to access their transformer as and when they may need to and does leave enough room for greenscaping (for want of a better word).
If the original option is Council’s preferred option then it will go back out in time to consultation from DTEI, as I understand it.
If the revised concept gets up then WE will go back out to consultation with the outcome being reported to Council at its meeting on 12 December 2011.  Jennie and I are keen that all people with an interest in the outcome contribute and we will be looking to catch up with each of you in the time available to us.
Watch this space for the result of Monday night’s meeting.