Development Plan Amendment Update

TakingUnley-Council-Development-Plan-30-January-2014 a break from Brownhill Creek I thought it appropriate, after advice from our administration, to provide you with a Council Development Plan Amendment Update.

It is a busy time coming up for the Development, Planning & Strategy Committee. For this councillor it will be a good change from dealing with the politics of Brownhill Creek.


DPA 2 – The portion east of Goodwood Road has been progressed and we expect that the Minister will authorise this before the end of the year.  The remaining areas to the west of Goodwood Road have partly (Anzac Highway) been captured in a ministerial DPA. Areas in Everard Park, Black Forest and Clarence Park are wrapped up in a Part 2 (West) of the DPA.  This is currently expected to be pursued by DPTI, but there is no urgency (yet), and there may be a review of some elements required, particularly Leader Street in light of the Corridors DPA described below.


District Centre Zone (Unley Central) DPA – Consultants have been appointed and will be meeting with the DSP Committee on 21 September to discuss the proposed Community Engagement Plan for this DPA.  This DPA looks at changes to the District centre Zone to more overtly encourage residential development, and possibly make minor amendments to the zone boundaries.  It is anticipated this DPA will be completed by early 2017.


General DPA – This DPA was designed to address a number of anomalies and required updates in the Development Plan.  Many of these have now been captured in the Ministerial DPA’s.  Council resources have been diverted towards providing feedback/input into the Ministerial DPA’s (which was unplanned and extensive) and consequently the General DPA has not progressed significantly.  Once it becomes clear the exact extent of how other DPA’s have subverted this one, it may need reconsideration of whether, or how, to proceed with this DPA.


Where we are with DPA 2

Further to my post on this website today about Council’s program of Development Plan Amendments I can comment more specifically on where we are with DPA 2.


After the strong contribution to DPA 2 by you, particularity those residing in Back Forest and Clarence Park, we conducted a preliminary review prior to the Council caretaker period for the November 2014 elections. The elections unfortunately delayed further progress until a complete review was presented to the new Development, Strategy & Policy Committee and then to Council in April 2015.

The review took on board your contribution and in respect of Black Forest and Clarence Park has all but recommended we maintain the status quo. In other words the proposed changes have been withdrawn almost in their entirety. Higher Density is still contemplated for the aged accommodation precinct at the South Road end of Norman Terrace, Everard Park.

Council also agreed with a suggestion from DPTI to split the Residential DPA into two parts:

Part 1 – east of a line along Goodwood Road, tram-line and East Avenue for final approval by the Minister for Planning

Part 2 – west of a line along Goodwood Road, tram-line and East Avenue for approval to release for re-consultation.

Part 1 was submitted in June 2015 for approval by the Minister for Planning. Approval is anticipated later in August 2015.

The necessary preparation of a revised DPA Part 2 (for the western areas – excluding Anzac Highway and Leader Street as these areas are now part of the Corridors Ministerial DPA) is being prepared.

Conclusion and submission of a revised draft DPA Part 2 to the Minister for approval to release for public consultation should occur by August 2015. The timing and coordination of the public release of the Residential DPA Part 2 will need to be considered in the context of the Minister’s Corridors DPA, and also with the Council’s General DPA, to avoid confusion and convergence of resource demands.

Where we are with DPA 2 right now. Watch this space as time marches on.

Where are we with our Development Plan Amendments

With the recent announcement by the Minister that he plans a wide reaching Development Plan Amendment (DPA) focused on Activity Centres it is timely for me to report how we are going with our Development Plan Amendments.


The three current DPAs being pursued by the Development, Strategy & Policy Committee I chair are progressing as follows:

1   DPA 2

This has been split into 2 parts as you may remember from previous posts on this website.

– Part 1 (EAST) submitted for Approval of the Minister – June 2015. We await his rubber stamp on this.

– Part 2 (WEST) is being prepared for submission for approval to release for further public consultation, probably in August 2015. I will comment further on this DPA in a separate blog post. If you live in Goodwood or Clarence Park Wards this should be compulsory reading.

2   General DPA

The draft proposal was examined during this committees workshop in May 2015. We are now refining some of the proposals and the final draft being prepared subject to resolution of Minister’s DPAs on Activity Centres and Corridors.

The recently announced Activity Centres and Corridors Ministerial DPA’s will however affect the General DPA non-residential zones proposed revisions. It may slow this one down. This in turn may slow down DPA 2 as well as we had planned to take both out together to the community for your input.

3   Unley Central Precinct DPA

Our statement of Intent submitted in January 2015 was approved by the Minister on 31 May last. A tender is currently being processed to appoint a consultant team by August 2015 to engage stakeholders and the community and to prepare a draft DPA. We would expect to see this being completed by say March 2016. This is presuming that the Ministerial DPA I spoke of back on the 26th May does not require us to redirect resources to contribute to the Ministerial DPA.

The committee is poised ready to work through the next stages of each of these Development Plan Amendments.

New General DPA delayed by DSP committee

My DSP committee on Monday night voted to delay making any recommendations to Council on the General DPA. Rather than recommend it go to the Minister for approval for Public Consultation the Committee wanted more time to understand the detail in the DPA.


The DSP committee is, as readers of this blog page would be aware, is a new committee with 4 new specialist independent members. At the very least these members wanted time to disseminate the detail. I believe the elected members on the committee wanted this too.

So while the DPA was work-shopped for elected members this was back (from memory) in 2012 so the information is new to them as well.

The committee therefore agreed to re-workshop the DPA and our next scheduled meeting will indeed be a workshop rather than a formal meeting to facilitate this. This will be on May 18.

There are a  multitude of recommendations in the report.

They include but are not limited to the following:

Laneway housing, which allows for ancillary housing on allotments of land without subdivision, public notice changes, complying and non-complying development review, car parking review with dispensations for various concessions, shop/office floor area review, advertising signage review, and facilitating the commercial adaption of buildings of heritage significance.

Each have some depth to them and more thought needs I suggest to be given before we confuse the public with them. Each have the potential to be significant in their own right and to impact the City, taking I would suggest some pressure off the high rise focus that we currently have.

It was good to see the input on the night by our independent members. I look forward to what they will be able to contribute when we start something new rather than address something that is well down the track. The Unley Central DPA which should be coming up soon will likely be that opportunity.



DSP Committee to consider revised DPA2

As alerted in my blog post in the evening of 9 April the Development Strategy & Policy Committee (DSP) will consider this coming Monday evening the revisions made to DPA2 after your observations were taken on board by Council.


The first issue to come before this committee is the return of Development Plan Amendment DPA 2.

Our administration have compiled the responses from our community and have responded in turn with these observations to the Minister via his department, DPTI. Council has, in other words, taken on board the majority observations made during the public consultation. Our administration has worked diligently to document the results of the consultation, to implement them into a revised DPA, and to consult with DPTI over these changes.

Having said that, they (DPTI) are not particularly keen with the changes that the public consultation has prompted.

Keen to not miss out on the opportunities however this DPA2 presents in the eastern suburbs of the City of Unley DPTI have in a letter to our CEO recommended “that the policy that received limited objection through the consultation process be finalised for approval as a priority”. They go on further to say “As previously discussed it is recommended that the DPA2 be split to enable this to occur. This will allow progression of uncontentious development opportunities in the short term”.

So one of the first jobs our committee has is to determine what they will recommend council do; persist with the changes now or agree with DPTI and put the western components on hold while we deal with other more productive opportunities.

The options we can consider are as follow:

  1. Recommend endorsement of the revised DPA2 and splitting into 2 parts. The 1st part for submission to and approval by the minister. The 2nd part to go back out to public consultation limited to the western area.
  2. Recommend endorsement of the revised DPA2 and splitting into 2 parts. The 1st part limited to the smaller eastern area for submission to and approval by the minister. The 2nd part to go back out to public consultation to all araes except a limited eastern area.
  3. Abandon the DPA2 entirely leaving it to this minister to determine, noting it is his plan and he can, at the end of the day, do as he chooses.
  4. Any other option the committee, in its wisdom, may consider.

Should be a good night.

This is a public meeting so you are welcome to come along and hear the debate. It will be held in the Civic Centre commencing at 7.00 pm.



Development Strategy & Policy Committee. First cab off the rank

The Development Strategy & Policy Committee, the committee for which I am the Presiding Member, is the 1st section 41 committee to meet.


The first meeting of the Development Strategy & Policy Committee will be on Monday 20th April in the Civic Centre.

As I have previously reported this committee has the biggest forward agenda and biggest challenge of all Council’s section 41 committees. We have some urgent business to contend with as well.

I am looking forward to working with the members of this committee and Council’s support Management &  Staff. We have what I consider to be a strong committee, with the necessary cross section of skills and experience to provide Council with sound and constructive advice. To see who is on this committee check out my blog post from earlier today.

The agenda will be available on councils website from next Thursday.

One of the first issues to come before this committee I expect will be the return of Development Plan Amendment DPA 2.  So stay tuned to this blog site for news on where DPA2 is.

DPA2 Galvanises Community

The community of Clarence Park and Black Forest has been inundated with Government & Council intrusions that have tested many recently but also galvanised us and help to build a stronger community than the one we believe we had before the train corridor upgrade.

Never before has this one small community had to deal with so much over a prolonged period and its still happening. I trust this is not my ding because it has coincided with my time on Council. Maybe this is why I was lured into taking on the role, to be there with my community to get the best deal we can from all being thrown at us.

This time it is Councils DPA2 that is galvanising the community. When I say Council’s DPA I really should say the State Government’s DPA via the Minister for Planning.

Anyhow, we (Council, acting on behalf of the Government to achieve accommodation for the expected population growth in the 30 year plan) have received numerous submissions. There have been many resident meetings and Jennie & I have met with many.

As a member of the committee that will receive these submissions I am expecting a lot of reading. I expect too a long night on the 16th June at the Unley Civic Centre when we hear verbal submissions in support of the written submissions received.

I have seen one or two submissions already be having been copied into them. And what i can say tho those who prepared them, well done. They have been well researched and they have been constructive and helpful to finding solutions.

There is one thing that I am keen to find out as we move toward that public hearing and that is what population numbers will this plan provide the Government. During this whole period of public consultation I have not seen what the numbers are that we are trying to accommodate.

I will be looking to find out how many the new R zone in our Ward will generate. Separately I will be looking to find out what numbers the RR zones might generate.

I don’t know about you but I quite frankly suspect this DPA will make very little contribution to the Governments targets . The more I look at the R zone the more I wonder how much the DPA is different enough to create the numbers, particularly when the reverse has occurred in part of Black Forest where property ratios have actually increased.

Interesting times ahead as this one moves forward to maybe a conclusion before Council goes into Care taker mode before the next election.

DPA2 Reminder

This is just a reminder that if you want to make a submission to the recommendation contained in the current Development Plan Amendment you have until Thursday this week.

Remember also that this is the best opportunity you have to influence the sort of development that can occur next door to you or indeed that you yourself can do.

Please have your say.

So Just what Do I think?

While Jennie & I have been out there talking to you and your neighbours about the Development Plan Amendment DPA2 we have been met with a question that I hope I can answer here.

We have been out on the roads and footpaths meeting you at your doorstep with the aim to ensure you:

ü  Are aware of the proposed DPA2.
ü  That you recognise that it does affect you (if you live west of East Avenue that is)
ü  That you understand it.
ü  That you tell Council what you think about it, whether positive or negative.

We are doing this so that we can be as informed as we possibly can be so as to understand what you think of the proposed changes to residential zoning in Goodwood South. Your reactions do differ and this reinforces that we are doing the right thing in getting out to meet with you.

For these of you we have not yet seen, feel free to contact either one of us so express your views and to seek help in properly telling Council what you think in a way that will allow you to be properly heard.

So back to the question. What do I think?

I think your views are important. Important enough to find out what they are. I am developing views as a result of listening to what you have to say. And some of these are coming out in my blog posts.

When it comes time to vote I can best represent and advocate for you. I cant do that if I don’t know what you think. Once I understand what your position is and what is important to you I ca be best able to represent you and advocate for you.

When 3 storey is not 3 storey- when it does not deliver

One of the principles underpinning the development plan amendment in what will become the new Residential Zone within Unley is the opportunity to potentially have three storey development in this zone.

Will this provide the Government what they are after by way of extra people into the inner rim councils?Unlikely!

Will it create widespread  redevelopment with substantial overlooking? Again Unlikely!

The inclusion of indicating 3 stories is possible has frightened a number of home owners and I believe has panicked a number of them.

Here is my take on the situation.

Very few opportunities will exist without large scale amalgamations of properties to achieve any level of development allowing three stories that will in turn have any impact on the governments need for accommodating numbers of people. As I drive around the streets of Black Forest and Clarence Park I find little evidence that three storey development that can bring about increased residency can be achieved.

In my travels I hear similarly from residents.

So here is one option I think anyone with a concern with this development plan amendment could put to Council and that is to simply remove PDC 9 from the amendment. The reason is it is illogical to have a provision that will be hard to fulfill due to other constraints that will limit it significantly, sufficient to make it ineffectual in providing the higher population density being suggested.

Any specific site that could achieve it now could be identified within the plan, just as has happened at the Fisher Street site known to locals as Julia Farr Centre. This might include the Housing Trust Site in Dunrobin Street, or the nearby ECH site. Co-incidentally both these sites are in the Residential Regeneration site.

Why Acknowledge Local Heritage and then create a Regeneration Zone around it

Having spent a bit of time in the north of Black Forest in the last week I have a resounding question I struggle to find an answer to?

Why would we earmark a section of a suburb that has some of the more expensive properties of the suburb, and an area with local heritage houses be earmarked for the new regeneration zoning for Unley. I spoke with one resident earlier this week about his house, one of those listed as local heritage, who is likewise confused.

He receives a letter from Council one week that confirms his house has been listed as local heritage.

A few weeks later he gets a letter asking for his opinion abut his house now being in the residential regeneration zone, which will allow redevelopment of 3 storeys and more all around him.

This is clearly a question that warrants answering before council submits their thoughts to the Minister.

DPA wondering continues

As many of you would know Jennie & I have been out door knocking to make sure you, who are affected by the Development Plan Amendment you were notified about from Council in writing recently, know what it means to you it is important you do.

This is a big task and we implore you to check it out for yourself and check with us about concerns you may have. We cannot guarantee we will get to all of you. We will be back out this afternoon, starting in about an hours time.

If you live west of East Avenue 
YOU ARE AFFECTED —- in one way or another.

Most properties will be prone to being able to be redeveloped with a higher density of living (some quite significantly), all to help Unley meet the Governments demands for an extra 10,000 people to be accommodated over the next 30 years. Your street may be one of the affected streets.

You can make a difference if you have concerns. This can only happen however if you first take the opportunity to understand what the amendment proposes and subsequently what potential redevelopment could occur in your street. Your understanding of the amenity of your street could possibly inform the final solution that Council puts to the Government.

We are after your written submissions and for those who do and wish to reinforce their submission they can speak at a public forum.
The submissions must have merit and have a logical argument to them, rather than you simply claiming you are picking on us because we are seen as easy picking, or we are the poor part of Unley why not pick on the rich.
Make no mistake that submissions cannot simply be back off and get out of our street because the Government will be only too happy to step in and finish it for us — and you will not be happy with the result. I have taken the opportunity to find out that the Government Department (DPTI) at their end have argued loudly for more than we are currently offering them but that they have (thankfully) made some concessions already.
More are possible if we can demonstrate that changes to where some zones start or finish are not going to impact on their numbers much.

DPA 2 – Your last chance to be informed

The second and last of two forums explaining the tail of the development plan amendment council must pursue for and on behalf of the State Government is this afternoon.

If you live in Black Forest or Clarence Park, west of East Avenue this is something you should familiarise yourself with.

This amendment to the Development Plan is designed to encourage the potential for denser development allowing many properties an increase in their value in that there will be potential to build two houses in lieu of one, or maybe three where you can only now achieve two.
In some streets, including maybe yours there is potential for redevelopment of your property or properties next two or adjacent you (or to properties behind you fronting the next street) of up to three stories. This will impact significantly, if and when any development may occur, on the amenity of your property as you know it.
In particular there are three zones within Goodwood South that have the potential for 3 storey development, namely adjacent the Emerson Railway Station and north of there into Dryden and either end of Aroha Terrace, trespassing south to the next streets.
As I have discussed with a number of residents already this is your best chance of influencing the sort of re-development you could do to your own property or that your neighbour might contemplate. 
Please find out what is proposed and if you wish to make representation to PO Box 1, Unley, or to [email protected], or fax to 8271 4886. You have until May 22 to make your submission. 
You will also have the opportunity to elaborate on your submission by presenting to the Development, Strategy, and Policy Committee (of which I am a member) at a public meeting to be held in the Unley Civic Centre at 7pm 16 June 2014.

This could affect you so take the time to participate.

Attention residents of Black Forest (again)

No not the LATM but DPA 2. DPA stands for Development Plan Amendment is this is the last of the amendments the Government has been looking for Unley input on as part of their 30 year plan for Adelaide.

After a concentration on Unley and Greenhill roads and protecting our heritage this amendment focuses on the outer Unley suburbs.

It was released today for public consultation and which will be for  a period of 8 weeks.

The DPA focuses on protection of valued neighbourhood character, while targeting new integrated development in areas of mixed character and areas of renewal adjacent to strategic locations, ie close to public transport infrastructure, centre facilities and services. 
Revised and new policies affect major areas of the city and include:
·          Minor expansion of the Residential Streetscape (Built Form) Zone
·          New residential zones – Residential Streetscape (Landscape) Zone, Residential Zone and Residential Regeneration Zone – to replace existing zones
·          Revised Council Wide Residential policy
·          New Council Wide Hazards policy module to consolidate relevant policy
·          Revised structure and format of the Plan
·          Edited maps, figures and tables to reflect the new zones and policy
The regeneration zone is what I wish to bring to the attention of residents. These zones (as far as Goodwood South residents are concerned) occur at both ends of Aroha Terrace and the streets adjacent the Emerson Crossing.

In these zones residential development of up to 3 storeys (4 at the South Road end of Aroha Terrace) will be possible when approved.

I will be catching up soon with Jennie to discuss how we can help you understand what is being proposed and how you can respond. This email is the first step in that process.

You may see it as a good thing, adding value to your property. You may be concerned on the other hand at the thought of having a three storey building on your neigbours property. Either way your feelings need to be expressed so that Council can be confident in what they put forward for approval to the Minister.

The DPA, and further information, may be viewed on the Unley web-site – Your Say or Development/Development Plan Amendments – or inspected at the Council office and libraries.
Information Sessions where staff will be available to explain the DPA will be held at the Unley Civic Centre at:
        – 1-5pm Sunday 6 April 2014
        – 3-7pm Tuesday 8 April 2014
Written submissions are due by the 22 May 2014 – either by post to PO Box 1, Unley 5061, Fax 8271 4886 or E-mail [email protected].  An on-line feedback form is also available on the web-site.

Who Owns a Development Plan

Following from my recent post regarding the upcoming Development Plan Amendment DPA2 I feel it prudent for you to understand who owns the Development Plan attributable to a given Council and the process behind how it evolves.

Is it Council?
Is it the State Government Minister for Planning?
Or is it you?

We all own a part of it but at the end of the day it is the Minister who “owns” the plan. The Minister has the final say and can arbitrarily determine what is to be included notwithstanding the contribution of Council or its residents and ratepayers.

It is only out of courtesy that he involves council in the development of a plan. As we have experienced with recent development plan amendments we had to fight hard to get concessions on the recent DPA 3A for Greenhill Road and Unley Road. And that was with the help of residents who went public to fight for what they believe.

And we found that the work we did on many a property in the Heritage development plan amendment were simply struck off when presented to the minister through his department (you guessed it-DPTI)

Of course the cynic in me would say, with all the talk of the alternative government proposing to cap the rate increases of councils, get the council to do the public consultation and then we (the government through their minister) what we want.

Here’s the rub guys. If you want to influence what can and cant be built next to you your best and only real chance of influencing it is to get involved at the development plan amendment phase. Yes YOU can be at least a part owner of the Plan.

You are wasting your time if you do a NIMBY and only try to influence it when your neighbour is proposing to build something you don’t agree with.

DPA 2 is on the way.

So, in keeping with my last post on this topic if you live in Black Forest, or in Clarence Park (west of East Avenue) then you need to get involved  now. Public Consultation is on the way and you need to be involved.

If you dont you may be very disappointed when your neighbour wants to redevelop and build a 3 or more storey building next to you.

When People can Influence Planning

Not just a statement, the heading above is also a question. Yes – When is the best time for people to influence planning for the built form in the area in which they live?

Is the best time to challenge the planning relevant to your street? When your neighbour proposes a development you are not comfortable with or when the planning that governs that development is formed.

A leading question I guess, and one I hope to answer in this blog post.

Many people have not looked at the Development Plan operating for their street until they wish to redevelop their property or more importantly when their neighbour does and they feel this will compromise their amenity. And when they do they are likely to find the Council or their Development Assessment Panel (DAP), if the development application gets that far, has a different interpretation of the plan.

On many occasions variances from the plan, noting it is not prescriptive and can’t be, are often viewed by neighbours as exorbitant while viewed by the Council staff and the members of the DAP as minor. If an application is viewed as NOT SERIOUSLY at variance to the plan by the Council Planning Staff or, if it gets there, by the members of DAP the application is likely to be approved.

It can happen that the Development Plan allows for construction that varies from that which currently exists and this can be a challenge the residents in the street. This was the case I believe with one such application at this month’s Unley DAP meeting.

This brings me to the point of this blog post. One application this month is in an area that is likely to have a much denser development and therefore out of character with the existing level of development if it is approved by the State Government’s Minister of Planning. The street in question is included in a new Development Plan Amendment.

With this Development Plan Amendment (known as DPA 2) soon to go out for community consultation I am keen to make sure the residents in this street get the opportunity of knowing what might be able to happen in their street if they do not input into the amendment.

If they don’t provide input into the amendment they could see development occur in the future that compromises their interpretation of the amenity of their street way more than the development approved this week will. And they will likely make representation at the time of the new development application only to be disappointed as I know they were this week, but more so.

And unfortunately they are likely to see the Council and the DAP as irresponsible when in fact the approval is in accordance with the plan they might have been able to influence.

I will be chasing up the residents in this area when the public consultation is approaching to encourage them to participate when they have a chance to influence the type of development that could occur next to them.

DPA 2 back on the Agenda

The Development Plan Amendment (DPA2) that affects the Goodwood South Ward is now ready to proceed to the next stage of Consultation.

This is the DPA that will see block size ratios reduce in some sections of the ward, at least from 350 m2 per dwelling to 300 m2 per dwelling or even less. 
Although work commenced on this DPA prior to the corridors DPA (DPA 3A), the corridors were seen as more urgent by the State Government and the focus shifted to them. Readers of this blog would be well aware of the progress of DPA 3A. This includes today’s post that the Planning Ministers unilateral decision to take planning controls for DPA 3A away from councils will be contested in the lead up to the State election by Councils.
Consultation is expected to proceed between March and June of next year. This will be managed by the Development, Strategy & Policy Committee of which I am a member.
Please, when the opportunity presents itself, we are keen to get your input. This is important to every resident in the Ward as it will shape the neighbourhood you live in for the future. That is whether you own the property you live in or rent. It is YOUR neighbourhood.
A point lost on one of our elected colleagues but championed by Jennie & I. We want to know what you think.

30 Year Plan Update

Following changes to the planning framework for the Adelaide CBD DPTI has, on behalf of the Minister for Planning, commenced re-engaging with us and providing feedback on the various draft DPA’s we have before the Minister on the 30 Year Plan.


It would appear to me that progress we thought we had made in protecting your City may have been ill founded. I report as follows:


Village Living & Desirable Neighbourhoods Development Plan Amendment (DPA) Stage 2 – Residential Character and Growth Areas and Council-wide Policy Review

An initial DPTI yield analysis suggested the growth potential of our proposal was inadequate to achieve the growth targets of the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide. The assumptions for the modelling, precinct density, site suitability and local factors were reviewed and a re-assessment is currently being undertaken.  

When DPTI is satisfied the modelled yield potential satisfies the growth targets, and fundamental zoning changes are not required, further detailed feedback on the policy content and provisions will be provided. The DPA 2 is not the first priority of DPTI however and is likely to take further time to resolve.

Village Living & Desirable Neighbourhoods Development Plan Amendment (DPA) Stage 3A – Main Road Corridors, Centres and Living Vitalisation (Greenhill and Unley Roads)

DPA 3A remains the DPTI first priority. DPTI re-engaged with the inner metropolitan rim Councils, in late June 2012. Through subsequent meetings, detailed feedback has been discussed in an endeavour to resolve inconsistencies with the State’s directions and the module template policy.
A limited number of issues were raised by DPTI and most are believed to be able to be resolved to mutual satisfaction. There are some more fundamental issues however that may be of concern, and will require Council to consider its position, and our ratepayers to be aware of, such as:
ü limitations to public notification, which I presume to mean you will get far less say on 5 storey buildings next to you than you do now with a 2 storey building.
ü increase in shop floor area allowance on Greenhill Road
ü more flexibility on incentives regarding additional building height, whatever that means
ü a 45 degree zone interface building envelope allowance along Unley Road in lieu of what we thought was a responsible 30 degrees.

It is anticipated that Elected Members will be briefed on these fundamental issues in September 2012 and a formal report be considered by Council in October 2012.

Drafted public consultation material will continue to be refined, and coordinated with DPTI, in preparation for the anticipated release of the inner metropolitan DPAs later in 2012.

Local Heritage Places Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

The updated Local Heritage Places DPA, and all of the DPTI final requirements, has been addressed. The DPA is now being considered by the Minister for Planning prior to approval for release and public consultation. Although approval is anticipated to occur shortly, there is no certainty with the Minister’s consideration.
Preparation of draft public consultation material has been undertaken in readiness to proceed with public notification when possible



What is happening to DPA 2 and DPA 3

Progress on Council’s Development Plan Amendments is noted below:

Village Living & Desirable Neighbourhoods Development Plan Amendment (DPA) Stage 2 – Residential Character and Growth Areas and Council-wide Policy Review

The request for consultation approval by the Minister for Planning was lodged in December 2011. The State Government focus has been on the Adelaide City Council, but with the Capital City Ministers DPA coming into interim effect on 28 March 2012, the attention of the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) is shifting to the inner metropolitan rim Councils and feedback on DPA 2 is expected in the near future.

In the interim, preparation of the suite of associated draft public consultation material has been undertaken.


Village Living & Desirable Neighbourhoods Development Plan Amendment (DPA) Stage 3A – Main Road Corridors, Centres and Living Vitalisation (Greenhill and Unley Roads)

The draft DPA 3A was submitted for consultation approval by the Minister for Planning in September 2011. As advised above, the DPTI is beginning to re-engage with the inner metropolitan rim Councils. It is understood the DPTI has reviewed the suite of submitted plans and will initially pursue negotiations for revision for consistency between the Council proposals and the state policy template.

Once again draft public consultation material is currently being drafted to aid preparation for anticipated release later in 2012.


Local Heritage Places Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

The updated Local Heritage Places DPA, including the Brownhill Creek stone lining in the Orphanage Park, is waiting the approval of the Minister for Planning for release and public consultation.

Preparation of draft public consultation material has been undertaken. Although approval is anticipated to occur shortly, there is no certainty with the Minister’s consideration.

The State Heritage Place provisional listing of the Brownhill Creek stone lining in the Orphanage Park was considered by the Heritage Council in March 2012. The State Heritage Place provisional listing was removed.