Dunrobin Street Streetscape consultation.

The results of the consultation on the Dunrobin Street Streetscape are in.

There is a clear majority NOT in favour of removing the trees in this street and replacing them with a new species. Not that I was around way back but I believe this is in keeping with a previous survey some years back.

We have also received summaries of the independent arborist report on all the trees in this street and the building inspection report on cracking in houses suspected to be caused by trees in the street. These reports indicated

1    That two trees do need removal due to poor health and structure and some need pruning.
2    The concerns regarding cracking are ill founded.

Jennie and I will be discussing and reviewing this at our ward briefing later this week with senior management from Council’s administration.

Dunrobin Street Street Trees

If you live in Dunrobin Street you would already know that residents have their chance to have a say after the receipt of an Arborists Report and a Building Inspection Report.

The aborist report I can say has identified two trees that should be removed. The Inspection report has indicated the adjacent trees are not causing structural interference to the houses that were thought to compromised.

Anyone in Dunrobin Street reading this post and has not sent in their response to our survey, please do it now because you only have until Friday of next week, the 2nd November.
To cut to the chase what we are asking people is three questions:
Would you support the removal and replacement of all (or the majority of) trees with a new species of tree, decided in consultation with Dunrobin St stakeholders?
If no then you don’t need t say anything else.
If Yes to above would you prefer:
A Staged approach to removal & replacement (potential 3 year program?) OR

All trees removed simultaneously in Year 1?




Dunrobin Street – Closer to a Solution

After an arbicultural assessment of all the trees in Dunrobin Street and a structural report on two houses in this street thought to be damaged by trees, we should soon be in a position to move forward on the issues raised with the trees in Dunrobin Street.

I had forgotten to write about a briefing Jennie & I had a bit over a week ago until talking with one of the residents in Dunrobin Street earlier today.

We were (Jennie & I) given a plan of the trees showing which ones needed attention, including only two who would likely be recommended for removal and replacement. We were also given a verbal briefing regarding the structural status of the two houses.

I expect we will soon be in a position to have a recommendation going forward that we can put to the residents in the street.

Dunrobin Street Update

An independent report is to be conducted by the arborist Michael Palamountain from Tree Environs into the trees in Dunrobin Street.

Inspired by concerns from residents in this street we are undertaking this assessment, notwithstanding a similar assessment was carried out some years ago.

We will be guided by this report before taking any further action. If the arborist report indicates that these trees have the potential to contribute to cracking in adjacent homes we are likely to then inspect the buildings in question to ascertain what if any damage has been done.

This is a process that will take some time.

While it is happening I ask all residents to appreciate this is NOT council driven and that we have to respond to concerns expressed by your neighbours.

Dunrobin Street, Streetscape Review

The Residents are Restless it seems in Dunrobin Street.

Last year we had concerns raised by residents in Dunobin Street as to the impact on the structural safety of their houses by street trees at the eastern end of this street.

Jennie and I raised this concern with our Administration agreed, given the history surrounding preservation of trees in the street, that it may be prudent for a streetscape review so that we could hear the comments of all residents in the street.

It sounds like we may have upset some residents who it seems thinks we at Council have an agenda to remove their trees.
It has subsequently been suggested that an independent arborist be commissioned to establish the health of the trees in this street.
In light of this I have asked if we could simply call a street meeting so that we may hear from the residents the arguments for and against and take action based on the feedback we get from that process. If there are specific trees causing a problem we can identify them rather than taking a street wide approach.
A recent street meeting in nearby Fairfax Street shows that such an approach can work very well. Indeed we discovered issues relative to that street that were not known to us prior allowing us to address them.
A solution that works for all is the aim as far as I am concerned.

Dunrobin Street, Streetscape Review

All the residents of Dunrobin Street will get a say about the future of their street
In December I blogged about an upcoming consultation of the future streetscape of Dunrobin Street. I am advise letters are going out tomorrow regarding this opportunity.
As I indicated in December we have received a number of differing views about the trees in this street, particularly those at the eastern end of the street. This project will provide us all with an opportunity to jointly discuss and agree on where to from here.
Our arborist team will assess the health of all the trees in the street as part of this exercise. At the end of the day however we want to know what you think, as a whole street.
Looking forward to your feedback.

East Avenue Pedestrian Refuge a step closer

Those of you who have received the consultation letter from us will know that the consultation on a proposed design, recently completed is currently in progress regarding the proposed refuge just north of Dunrobin Road .

Outcome of consultation will be reported to the Road Safety Committee at their March meeting. A recommendation will then be put to Council for consideration.

Dunrobin Street, Streescape Review

Our administration is recommending to include Dunrobin Street as one of the streets for a total streetscape review next financial year. We have already received differing views on actions to be taken in the street and they feel it appropriate to conduct the review.

A total review will include a risk and condition assessment of each tree. It will include a full consultation process with residents of the street. This will enable all views to be heard and ultimately lead to an outcome that satisfies most residents.

Jennie & I will receive a briefing on this next week at our monthly ward briefing and I expect a preliminary letter to the residents of Dunrobin Street to be sent to them shortly explaining our intentions.