East Avenue being resurfaced

The resurfacing of East Avenue (north of the rail line) has been coming for while now after the road suffered significant disintegration as a  result of DPTI works on the rail corridor.

Patch work has all but held the road together up until now but it is full steam ahead.
Residents at that end of East Avenue and adjoining streets have been mailed alerting them to the works. For those of you not on the mailing list or who did not get the letter, like me (yet) please note as follows:
·                    Ø   Road surfacing treatment will commence on Tuesday 10 June for a 4 day period.
Ø  The Traffic Guys will be dealing with the traffic situation
Ø  All signage will be set up by 6.00am (apart from East Ave & Mills St closure to allow north bound traffic until 9.00am)
Ø  Full closure from 9.00am until 3pm
Ø  At 3pm south bound traffic will be allowed (removal of road closure at Leah St & Everard Tce and Leah St & Norman Tce)
Ø  25km/h Speed restrictions apply through site (day shift)
Ø  40km/h Speed restrictions apply through site (after hours) 

Have a great weekend guys ad celebrate East Avenue getting a face lift. I trust no-one is too inconvenienced in the short term. 

Canterbury Terrace Finally comes before Council

Just in time from my return from a short holiday the long awaited and much debated solution to make Canterbury Terrace safer with the advent of the bike riders from the Government’s Greenways Project is set to come before Council at our upcoming meeting.

After much public debate we (the elected members) we have two options to decide between. One of these will be (from memory) option 3, the extension of the Greenways bike track which will relocate the trees further out from the track. This option you will recall is a two way option, keeping the left turn from East Avenue.

Since the consultation however our admin have secured what they believe to be reliable data of bike traffic movement using Canterbury Terrace. Word is the traffic volume, even if 5 times more than what it is, does not warrant doing any work other than cleaning up the East Avenue crossing to facilitate bikes and pedestrians getting safely across east Avenue to Cromer Parade, which no-one is yet to see.

So the second option, which is the recommended option (Option 1 in the agenda), will be to leave Canterbury Terrace as it is, except for changes to alignments at East Avenue. This of course is far from what the consultants felt would be necessary and it goes without saying will also keep the left hand turn from East Avenue.

Sounds like a suitable solution/recommendation eve though our Administration were not keen to let you know about it first which provides little opportunity for you to determine if there are concerns or not. I am not happy that this is the case but I reckon the vast majority of you will probably agree with it.

Here is a link to the report on the Council Website the meeting agenda, providing you with the opportunity, albeit fleeting, to advise any concerns you may have before it is considered by Council.


If you do have concerns let me know.

Once Upon A Time – coffee style

Once upon a time, instead of going to the movies or watching TV, people would gather to listen to someone tell a story or recite a poem. This was a custom that celebrated the beauty of the spoken word and engaged the community. The City of Unley has brought the oral storytelling tradition back to life by presenting live poetry performances in local Cafés.

In the lead up to Double Shot Unley Coffee Fiesta, five local cafes will host performance poets working in their spaces for around two hours. Writing, reading, performing and chatting you can meet, listen to and drink with professional poets.
Then, join our poets at Double Shot on Sunday 16 March for more action!.
Full program to be announced. Watch this space.
Participating cafes are:
  • By Blackbird Coffee and Desert Cafe, Shop4, 100 King William Road, Hyde Park
  • Hyde Park Bakery, 1 Mitchell St, Hyde Park
  • Pellegrini Café, 169 Unley Road, Unley
  • Lunch Club, Unley Shopping Centre, Unley Road
  • Carnevale Coffee 114 East Avenue, Clarence Park
This project is an initiative of The City of Unley’s Where Business Meets Art project in conjunction with Friendly Street Poets and SA Writers Centre.
All enquiries please contact Matthew Ives [email protected]  83725134
View the photos from the 2011 Coffee, Tea & Poetry project.

Sublime for January 7

The west in Unley is in for a Sublime Coffee experience.

As I noted on the 20th in this blog site the third coffee shop is due to open soon. I called in today, the door was open, to talk to the owners and their volunteers as the scramble to get the shop ready for opening.

The word is, all going well, they will be open on January 7.

Leah Street Speed Humps

Two of my recent blog posts have referred to the recently installed speed cushions in Leah Street. The report on Kate Ellis’s recent street meeting and tonight’s post on the budget.

These cushions were approved at a meeting of council late last year. I put my hand up and confirm I was one to vote for them, believing the work of the local Ward Councillors and our staff had consulted far enough to be certain it was a move the locals truly supported.
Jennie & I have both found since their installation that many people within the two wards (Goodwood and Goodwood South) were not consulted and not impressed. Indeed there is quite some rage about their installation and the lack of consultation beyond Leah Street. Yes! The consultation was apparently confined to Leah Street.
The main focus at Kate’s street meeting at Everard Park was the concerns of Goodwood Ward residents other than on Leah Street, mainly First, Second & Third Avenue residents on the west of Leah Street and Charles & Essex Street on the east, about the negative impact the newly installed speed cushions.
Many residents in Goodwood South have complained to me personally. In very recent times I have heard that at least one Leah Street resident is having second thoughts, although this may be influenced by the heavy vehicle traffic using the street currently.
On the evidence I think it is fair to say we got this one wrong.
Will removal be right answer? Then we go back to the problems that installation of the cushions were designed to address.
Recent traffic counts indicate that the speed in Leah Street has been drastically reduced. So they have achieved their initial goal. The volume of traffic is also down, which on the surface may also be good news in that maybe traffic has been diverted from the area. Having said that, much of the traffic has been diverted locally to First Avenue, creating another problem that now needs addressing.
So what is the answer?
In the budget due for approval in June we have currently allowed for a LATM (Local Area Traffic Management) survey of the whole area surrounding Leah Street. The purpose of this is to prevent us simply making more decisions on the run, without taking into consideration the impact a decision may/will have on surrounding streets.
Of course a real solution and one I have commented on previously, it would be great of the State Government found a way of preventing the southern rat runners from entering East Avenue, Clarence Park at Cross Road. Am I dreaming?

East Avenue Pedestrian Refuge Delay

Since I reported back on June of the delay in deciding on proceeding with the pedestrian refuge we have determined that it would be presumptuous to proceed with it at this time.


Because we have (as previously reported) approved in this years budget a local area traffic management study. If you have an interest in this it is reported on in previous blogs.

It makes no sense to install a refuge until this study is completed, It can then be part of  a suite of actions to address whatever comes out of the study.

Black Forest Road Safety Finally on the Agenda

An election issue raised as I pounded the streets in October of 2010 is now on the books.

I am happy to report that a Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) survey is about to commence in Black Forest. Looking at traffic safety in this area was raised by a number of residents and it became one of my election platforms.

At last months council meeting the LATM was approved to proceeed iun this years budget.

Our road safety committee meeting, which I attended as a spectator, discussed it last night and all is ready to proceed. Our Road Safety Committee wisely have determined that while we proceed with this survey that it would be prudent to delay construction of the East Avenue Pedestrian Refuge (refer previous posts this year on this one). Whilst I was looking forward to seeing this proceed it makes sense to delay it just in case the LATM reveals reasons to reconsider where it is most needed.

Amongst issues identfied that need to be investigated include school traffic generated in side/suburban streets as a result of the construction of the South Road/Anzac Highway underpass and the Tram Overpass. Also to be looked at will be the concerns experienced with the speed reduction strategy in Byron Road.

With the State Government’s Rail Electrification project set to commence in January of next year it would be prudent to have the survey completed by the end of this year. It is envisaged that will have a number of street meetings and that we might form a working party including resident representatives to work through the information gleaned from those meetings.

When I know more about when those meetings will be I will post appropriately.

By the way….on the East Avenue Refuge. Once it becomes apparent where is the best location for the refuge it is likely we will proceed with it because it is in our budget.

East Avenue pedestrian refuge awaits approval

The East Avenue pedestrian refuge has yet to get past our Road Safety Committee after an alternative proposal, suggested by our Administration, was not accepted.

After two public consultations, one originally at the current location and one recently adjacent Dunrobin Street, we now await some finessing on the design and advice from admin on what further public engagement will be legislatively required.

The Road Safety Committee should be in a position to make a recommendation to Council next month. And then the original aim of providing safer access across East Avenue for school children heading west to Black Forest Primary or east to Goodwood Primary or St Thomas will have been addressed.

East Avenue Pedestrian Refuge Update

Well Done to our Road Safety Committee. They have requested more research not the best location for a refuge that our community consultation reveals is desirable for this precinct.
I attended last night’s Road safety Committee and was pleased at their approach to the question of where to put the refuge.
The location adjacent Dunrobin Street got the thumbs up from our recent public consultation. Trouble is locating it so close to a bus stop has DPTI concerned. The rightfully have pointed out that people may feel they can alight the bus and walk behind it and access the refuge without looking out for cars.
So after going out to consultation we find we have not done our research prior to consultation meaning we have egg on our face. Sounds a familiar storey for people in the Goodwood South Ward.
Two options are being looked at in light of this, one north of Fairfax and the other between Meredyth and Irwin (opposite Forest). Trouble is the design presented for the later (and preferred model) is schematic only and we cannot be sure it is workable.
So the committee quite rightly have sent it back for a more detailed analysis so we don’t go out again to the public and find we can’t do what we have promised and got approval for.

East Avenue Pedestrian Refuge Update

An alternative location is being proposed for the East Avenue Pedestrian Refuge after the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) expressed concerns with the proposed location because it would be placed in front of southbound buses and indicated they would not support it (this location).
The results of our public consultation were 13 in favour and 6 against, a total of 19 responses from 50 letters sent out.
Those in favour indicated it would assist pedestrians to cross East Avenue during morning and afternoon peak periods. Those against were concerned about the impact on private property access and the loss of 5 parking spaces. Two adjacent properties had particular issues regarding accessing due to the need to manoeuvre a caravan or trailer as the case may be into their respective property.
Whilst there was a majority in favour we will need to look elsewhere given the advice received from DPTI. As they would support a refuge south of the junction with Meredyth Avenue, meaning pedestrians would be clear of both north and south bound buses; our Road Safety Committee will have to consider when they meet next Wednesday recommending to Council that a new round of public consultation be commenced.
I hope this is not a repeat of Kelvin Avenue.
Goodwood South Ward could do with a project without enduring controversy.

Graffiti Management at work

Many people in Goodwood South Ward would be well aware we were attacked in a wide way two weekends ago. Tags were found all over the place in the near vicinity of East Avenue and into Goodwood Ward, Leah Street and Leader Street.
Our response was swift and full, removing all tags on infrastructure we are responsible for. It was all gone within 48 hours. Thanks guys.
Now we just await the efforts of DPTI to rid our stobie poles of this blight. Hopefully they are going to do their little bit?

An election issue may impact on the 2012-13 budget

Jennie and I were informed at a ward briefing this week that our Managemnt intends putting a budget submission prepared for a Local Area Traffic Managment project for 2012/13 for the area bounded by Train line, South Rd, Forest Ave and East Avenue.

We asked for this for the curent budget in repsonse to requests from residnets in this area during the election.

We also understodd that it WAS included in this year’s budget and are seeking clarification of why they beleive otherwise.

Watch this space!

Additional line marking in Mills Street scheduled for installation, together with an additional no left turn sign into Millswood Crescent for December
Our team is meeting with line marking contractor today to discuss on site prior to installation of line marking in Mills Street and Millswood Crescent.

AND….. the line marking contractor has confirmed that the yellow box markings over rail crossing will be installed in mid – February subject to availability of TransAdelaide rail controllers.

These initiatives came from the public consultation process on the Kelvin Avenue project and to which I referred in my last Kelvin Avenue Blog.

Yes! Public Consultation does work. Initiatives prompted by residents are taken on board and this little ducky feels good about the process we underwent, even though I was frustrated by the time it took. But I guess that is local government.

A Victory for the People once again. And thanks to the resident in Frederick Street that prompted me to look at the East Avenue, Mills Street, Millswood Crescent network. And thanks to the East Avenue observer of the problems with cars stopping on the rail line in peak hour traffic.

East Avenue Pedestrian Refuge a step closer

Those of you who have received the consultation letter from us will know that the consultation on a proposed design, recently completed is currently in progress regarding the proposed refuge just north of Dunrobin Road .

Outcome of consultation will be reported to the Road Safety Committee at their March meeting. A recommendation will then be put to Council for consideration.

East Avenue rail Crossing

As I reported some time ago now I alerted DTEI, through our administration, that the rails the rail crossing on East Avenue was loose.

A big thank you to DTEI for commencing works on rectifying this.

Little did I realise the work entailed in effecting the repairs however. The crossing was closed at 6.00pm last night and will remain closed until 6.00 pm tomorrow night. And what a team was present to make it all happen.

Scenes of the work

And while the road may have been closed to allow work to proceed safely, the trains kept running with the worst of the work beign doen once the trains went to bed for the night.

The rail line will now be safer. Congratulations to all involved.

Post Script.

The yellow boxed lines I promised would happen earlier by DTEI. Not now, at least by them. We will be programming this work ourselves in the near future. Then hopefully cars will not bank across the rail line in peak traffic conditions.