Seven Stories for Unley ! What next asks FOCUS?

The FOCUS group (Friends of the City of Unley) will host a meeting with our parliamentarians next month. Their aim to discuss the implications of the new 7 storey building proposed for Unley Road.


FOCUS for those that don’t know them out here in the west are a group formed way back in 2003. Their aim is to promote planning policies that ensure retention of existing amenity: character, gardens, open space, and trees throughout the City of Unley. They are incensed with what is occurring with the governments changes to the planning regime in this state.

If you share their concerns and want to be involved in the conversation with the parliamentarians go to their website for information about where when and what.

Friends of the City of Unley Society, Inc, (FOCUS) on Facebook

The Friends of the City of Unley Society, Inc, (FOCUS) has joined the ranks of Social media, having now a presence on Facebook and Twitter.


For those in the west who may not know this organisation the Friends of the City of Unley Society, Inc, (FOCUS) was formed in October 2003 by residents concerned about preserving the historical character of the City of Unley. It incorporated in June 2004.

They have a website you may wish to check out. More to the point as the heading of this blog indicates they now have a Facebook presence. If you are on Facebook (or twitter) go and check out their respective page. Their Facebook page can be found here.



FOCUS on medium density housing

Council’s Principal Policy Planner Mr David Brown will be addressing a meeting organised by the Friends of the City of Unley (FOCUS) about Amending Unley’s Development Plan.

FOCUS has organised an opportunity for residents and rate payers to get an understanding of the proposed changes to the development plan to match the State Government’s 30 year plan.

It is a special opportunity to meet David and hear how the City of Unley has negotiated to meet the State Governments objectives of the 30 year plan.

David will provide insight into:

        The background to the proposed amendment of our development plan
        Investigations informing Council’s decisions
        Principle Provisions of the amendments
        Importance of Community Input

The session will be held at the Unley Citizens Centre in Arthur Street on Thursday 7th February commencing at 7.30pm.

Planning Alerts now available for Unley

The Friends of the City of Unley (FOCUS) have announced on their web site a link to a register that allows you to keep track of all Development Applications within a 2km radius from your house.

The following is a link to their site, from which you can link to the register.

If you have an interest in development in your area this may be of interest to you.


This coming Tuesday night is the AGM for a group called the Friends of the City of Unley Society (FOCUS).

If you have not heard of this group before you might wish to attend the AGM and hear the guest speaker, Mr Tim Horton of the Integrated Design Commission talking about the Greater Adelaide 30 year plan. It will be held at the Unley Citizens Centre on Arthur Street, commencing at 7.30pm.

Come and find out what they are about.