New Management Team has the Goods

I am impressed with the current Management Team that has been put together over the last twelve months by our CEO Peter Tsokas.

I am happy to confirm that one of the core businesses of council, keeping our infrastructure in good condition, is in goods hands. Under the tutelage of our General Manager Infrastructure John Devine I believe we are getting road, footpath and kerb & watertable infrastructure recognised for repair or replacement unlike previously.

We are also seeing this work done on those sections requiring it rather than for the full lengths of roads. This is perhaps the key to getting the work done that needs to be done because the money is available by not being unwisely spent .

A road with what I believed to be significant kerb and watertable issues and which was ignored by the previous regime is now in the process of repair as we speak. At my request John saw a resident affected earlier this year and low and behold work is happening.

Thank you John for looking after the residents of Frederick Street, Clarence Park. And this on top of a number of similar projects in and around Clarence Park recently.

Children Present Signs due in Frederick Street

“Children Present” signs are due to be installed in Frederick Street Clarence Park, adjacent the Scout/Girl Guides hall.

After seeing evidence of unacceptable speeds in the southern end of Frederick Street in Clarence Park I pushed for us to look into what we can do to make this area safe.

Our traffic staff investigated options and it seems a number of initiatives I would like to have seen applied were not possible under the guidelines of the State Govcrnment Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure. The one thing we can do is erect signs in an appropriate location to remind people that this is an area where kids are present.

Hopefully this will see car drivers slowing down a bit.

Frederick Road Kerb and Watertable issues

Earlier this year I notified our Administration of concerns I had with the localised flooding occurring in Frederick Street due to irregularities in the kerb and water table.

The issue became apparent to me as I door knocked residents to get their input into the Kelvin Avenue projects.

I was subsequently advised that the footpaths were due for replacement in 2026/27 but they acknowledged that they were in poor condition. Beyond this a study had already been programmed into the state of our roads and kerbs.

This assessment has not yet been completed. I expect some advice shortly as to whether the consultants engaged to make this assessment agree with me or not and whether therefore the programming for heavy patching of the kerbs and water table will remain for the year 2019 or whether it will be bought forward.

I hope to have something to tell you all late next month or early in August.

Goodwood Scouts Street Safety

Council has recently conducted an investigation into traffic volumes and speed in Frederick Street Clarence Park after my observations of the last survey taken.

The last survey raised my concerns that traffic speeds are unacceptable given the presence of a scout and girl guides hall at this end of the street.

I expect to get the results of this new survey late next month. If the results warrant I will be advocating for a solution that will make the area safer for our kids.

Other Frederick Road Issues

Concerns by both your councillors over a period of time have been picked up by our Asset management team.

As the footpaths have already been brick paved they are not due for replacement until 2026/27. It is recognised now that they are in “bad” condition particularly on the east side.

We are advised the street will be inspected to look at lift and relays for whole segments, even the whole street because it may be beyond spot maintenance.

We have also been advised that, as part of ongoing inspections of our council wide footpath network, footpaths in poor condition are being assessed for renewal treatment. This renewal will form part of of the programmed maintenance for footpaths going forward.

In response to other concerns I have raised heavy patching programmed for Frederick Streets kerb and water table for would you believe 2019 is now likely to be brought forward.

Frederick Street Speed Solution

A Concern raised by me recently about excessive speeds in front of the Scout/Guides hall in Frederick Street is being addressed by our traffic section.

In response to my concerns my co-councillor suggested we paint zig zag lines either side of the Hall. Our traffic section will be investigating options in the last week of this month.

I look forward to hearing their suggestions.

Local Street Speeding

Our administration has responded to a concern I raised at the last City Strategy & Policy Committee Meeting about speeding in our local streets.

Strategies to reduce speeding traffic in Frederick Street near the scout hall are being investigated.

As I noted in my blog of the 14th of this month I have concerns about the speed of vehicles in residential streets. Streets that should give priority to pedestrians and bike riders. Streets where our families (and kids) live. Traffic date indicates 85% of vehicles travelling past the scout hall at 47kph, well above the legal limit.

I eagerly await what strategies they may come up with.

Traffic Data highlights concerns for Goodwood South

Council received recently a copy of traffic data provided to our Road Safety Committee. Reading through this document was very revealing and I believe warrants further action to address some areas of concern.
I was moved by some of the data to attend the road safety committee meeting this week to voice my observations to them. I trust this has encouraged this committee to examine and evaluate the implications behind the data.
Of particular concern to me is evidence of the need to review the Byron Road precinct. This is an area, along with adjoining streets that residents expressed concerns over during the election campaign some sixteen months ago and which I have championed since taking office. Whilst I understood a study would be undertaken in the current financial year I have been assured that next year’s budget will have sufficient funds to explore the safety on the roads in this precinct in the coming twelve months.
The statistics in Byron Road indicated a reduction in the number of cars using the street of around 10% over 2 years. The speeds however have remained 15% above on average the limits we have hoped to achieve for the area. This is a clear indication that the recent speed control devices have not worked. Given we have received complaints about cars travelling down the centre of the road, encourage by these devices, (refer previous blogs on this) we clearly need to reconsider what we do in the future.

Another disturbing statistic is the speeds being recorded in Frederick Street in Clarence Park. Regular speeds also 15% over the signposted speed is of high concern given the date was taken from the southern end of the street where the scouts and girl guides hall is situated.  At 7.4m wide it is one of the narrowest streets around and a street that speeds need to be kept to a minimum for the safety of the children using that hall.

There is other date that warrants further investigation. These are the two that worry me the most at this stage. If you want to check the data out for yourself it can be found on the City of Unley web site at via this link.